SAG Awards Fug Carpet: Julia Stiles

I keep seeing this out of the corner of my eye and thinking it’s Erika Christensen, and I want to have a whole long conversation about how great Parenthood is and how much it makes me ugly-cry every week and how this season’s finale was AMAZING! And Ray Romano! And also Luke Cafferty and his sweet face that I love! And Mae Whitman’s fabulous brows! So many things I need to say. But it’s not Erica. It’s not her at all. It is Julia Stiles:

I am disappointed that I can’t wax poetic about how Parenthood needs to be renewed. But not as disappointed as I am in this dress.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (21):

  1. Rayna

    There is plenty about this dress that I love………..the color, the sparklies, but the vast open range up north is not part of it.

    I adore J. Stiles, but not with this neckline.

  2. Rebecca

    I agree 100%. With a different neckline I would love this look wholeheartedly.

  3. Rebecca

    I agree 100% With a more pronounced v-neck I would wholeheartedly adore this look.

  4. Helen

    To me this is an easy Unfug. I think if about three inches in length were removed from each shoulder and the whole thing hiked up correspondingly (okay, the waist would have to be refitted as well), it would look terrific.

    • Anita

      Precisely. The dress is gorgeous, as is her overall look — aside from the too wide, too low neckline. That color is beautiful, and beautiful on her.

  5. Fawn

    The dress is terrible, but her head looks great.

  6. witjunkie

    I love the color and don’t even hate the neckline, it just needs some fantastic piece of jewelry. I mean, I could do with a bit more up top, it’s a little spare, but this is so pretty. Good color on her.

  7. Mongerel

    On board with the color but the “enthusiastic creeping mold” pattern of the sequins is a bit sick-making. Oh and ladies? We are just not *that* into your sternums.

  8. China

    Is there something really weird happening with her makeup? She’s normally so cute, but here she looks…er, mature.

    • Cucina49

      There’s something about that shade of lipstick that’s bothering me. I think it’s too orange for her, plus her mouth looks tiny, but perhaps that’s just her expression.

    • Kara

      I agree, the first thing I thought when I saw this was that she looked old.

      • Leah

        YES! I saw her in a bar last year and she looked like 15 years younger than this.

    • Sarah

      Yes, her hair and makeup seem too mature for her. Not good.

  9. Brook

    She very much looks like she has done something to her face. Something not subtle and not good. This makes me so sad. She was lovely!

  10. Dazie

    The Lady Bird Johnson hair ages her. And in this particular pic she’s got some serious approaching-bitchface going on, but in other pictures, when she’s smiling, she looked better.

  11. Eli

    Instead of watching the SAG awards, I totally watched the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie she was in at the same time that was a reverse ripoff of My Fair Lady. Those movies are my guilty pleasure because they are heartwarming and also Hallmark airs about 75 commercials during them, most of which make me cry because they touch my cold, dead heart.

  12. Sajorina

    I like the dress and think that her hair looks especially pretty! She looks so glamorous! FAB!

  13. Art Eclectic

    Change the neckline and I love this dress. I agree that the hair and makeup add about 15 unwanted years.

  14. rachel

    i LOVELOVELOVE the dress but she could definitely use some accessories & a better makeup / hair situation.

  15. Esme

    THe color is pretty, but the fabric is horrible! It looks like a Pollack painting. And why does she always look so surly?

  16. Hannah

    Is it me, or does this look like she has it on backwards?