Oscars Unfug It Up/Independent Spirit Awards Fug: Zoe Saldana


My overriding feeling on this is: Not everything needs to look like a pump, feel like a sneaker, know what I mean? Not all Venn diagrams are a fun place to live.

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  1. Feena

    It’s far too short, put it away woman, stop trying so hard…..you’re totally gorgeous.

  2. FashonFopah

    It’s lovely! I do not have a problem with this at all.

  3. Chrissy

    I don’t care for all these dresses with the long sheer overlay on top of a shorter dress, which have been appearing in abundance recently. This one I don’t hate, but it would still be cuter if the sheer part was cut even with the rest. The floral dress is ridiculously short and what is up with all that fraying? Looks like a mistake on someone’s part. Would have been a nice dress at a modest length.

  4. Miss Tee

    Oh my good lord. I do not want to see anyone’s vajay and it’s so so dangerously close! And the strings! What in the hell?

  5. Erin

    Am I nuts or does her Oscars dress look like a very fancy, sparkly diner waitress uniform?

    • Sajorina

      Yeah, it kind of does and I like it! That would be one fancy diner!

  6. Leah

    The dress is the same needlepoint thing that Amanda Seyfried was wearing on the cover of Glamor. It made more sense as a halter top.

  7. Sevi

    Actually, that floral number looks like she took a look at it right before showtime and said “you know what…it has to be MUCH shorter. And then took the scissors to it en some pins.

  8. Ellie

    For a mini length, the rule I’ve always followed is to hem where the tip of your middle finger hits your leg when you relax your arm. Man, she’s like a whole finger AND half a palm away from that.

  9. A.J.

    That second one would be so cute it if it was longer. With the frayed hem right now it looks like something from Project Runway and Nina Garcia would be making her not-pleased face at it.

  10. Softwear

    There is no salvaging the first one. The second one is great, except for the fraying.

  11. Sajorina

    The 1st dress is actually pretty, but it needed to end above the knee (at cocktail length), so I would get rid of the see-through leg curtain! Hair, makeup & accessories are FAB! Now, the 2nd dress is a fabric remnant from the 50% off bin at the Upholstery Fabric Store! It is HORRENDOUS and minuscule! Zoe looks like a mix between Rihanna & Katy Perry, which isn’t good at all! FUG!

  12. Aurora

    Is it just me, or does her face in the first pic recall Hilary Swank’s? Anyone else see that?

  13. CranAppleSnapple

    Start over.

  14. Ariel

    At least she has an open back that actually shows her skin. Is anyone else getting really tired of all of this back netting?!

  15. Molly

    There seem to be long strings hanging off both the front and the back. Don’t they tickle?

  16. Sara L.

    I think maybe it was hemmed shorter (because, well, yeah) and then they forgot to trim off the thread. Which is really dumb, and should be obvious, because whenever I have a thread hanging, I’m like “It’s a spider git it off me git it off me!”

    That might just be me, though.

  17. Sandra

    The black would look lovely if the bottom of it wasn’t sheer.

  18. True_Blue

    Seriously, how does anyone sit down in a dress that short (without flashing everyone within a mile radius)?

  19. EAG46

    Dress #2 needs to be AT LEAST six inches longer. As for Dress #1: cut the sheer stuff off of the bottom and make the shoulders solid satin. Maybe make the dress longer in solid fabric, but that’s optional.

  20. Claire L

    On dress #1 I’d get ride of the ridiculous sheer panels and keep it cocktail length and maybe have the hips a bit more fitted ( they look balloon-ey to me)…. I even like the sheer fabric of the short sleeves….
    Dress #2 ….who are we kidding, that isn’t even a tunic…that is someone’s grandma’s Mother Of the Bride outfit without the skirt.

  21. mepe

    I don’t think the black dress can be saved… if you take off the weird sheer parts you have a pretty but rather boring black cocktail dress which of course would not work for Miss Saldana. The 2nd dress would actually be pretty stunning if she added an inch or two to the length.

  22. Bambi Anne Dear

    What is it with the short dress made to look long by adding sheer fabric? I’ts ridiculous. Make a decision about what length you want to wear.

  23. Guerra

    The second is not that short!! Her legs are just so long! I think the details are catching and unravelling

  24. Mahastee

    I always thought she’d look good in anything. Guess I was wrong.

    Killer legs though.

  25. TereLiz

    Those “hanging strings” on dress #2 look like they may actually be embellishments (like gold trim or chain or something to edgy-up that stuffy print) that probably didn’t hang so low before the dress was hemmed to show off Zoe’s gams. If you zoom in, they look more like loops than just hanging threads.

    SUUUUUPER short, though. If your fingertips are touching bare thigh, how can you even sit down?

    • Loramir

      I think ALL the flowers all over the dress have gold threads hanging off them, including the ones lower on the dress, which is what all those dangling threads are:


      Doesn’t make me like it any more. The pattern and design are quite pretty and unique but wearing it that short is just skeevy and gross, and Zoe does not need to sink that low. Those dangly threads would totally be tickling you the whole time, too. Ugh.

  26. vandalfan

    Yes, the hangy things are embellishments of the fabric flowers, and the white and diamond part has a tuck and roll upholstery look. This should be zoomed to be appreciated. I like the dress but wish there was a bit more of it. Otherwise, we’ll be getting an eyeful of her Bottom Biscuits. The second one has the best use of sheer netting on top that I’ve ever seen; make the skirt solid all the way down and it would be fine, for a less risky dresser. Portman, maybe.

  27. katkin74

    Holy Crap! It’s GOT to be easy breezy up in that 2nd dress. I’d feel totally naked in that. Talk about don’t drop anything…hell, don’t even sit down! She can’t afford the 2 inches that skirt’s going to hike while sitting.

    The first? Chop it at the bottom; get rid of the sheer-leg.

  28. Miss Jill

    The first dress has potential. Were I to get my mitts on it, I would get rid of the sheer material and just make it a cute strapless. Also, I would get rid of those odd little things on her hips as I think they do her lovely figure no favors.

    I am thoroughly unimpressed with the second dress.