Oscars Fugs and Fabs: The TV Hosts

Robin Roberts is the best. That is all.

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  1. MKKS

    I LOVE Robin. Love her dress, love the color, love her head, love the jewels, love that the woman’s been sick for best part of a year & her arms could still give MObama’s a run for her money, love the jewels, love love love love love love. And a bit more love on top of that.

  2. Mouse

    Shaun Robinson – holy awesome shoulders and biceps! I covet.
    Robin Roberts looks FABULOUS.

    Kind of jealous of women who can wear those bold jewel tones – it sets off their skin so absolutely perfectly – they look radiant! I’m a pasty white Scottish/Irish half breed and even in jewel tones I can look washed out. *le sigh*

    Maria Menunous always looks like a little girl’s fashion doll to me. She’s eerily sort of generic perfect looking… hmm.

    • mepe

      I was thinking the exact same thing about Maria Menounos entire look…she could totally be Oscars Barbie here!

      • Kristin

        I love the color of Maria’s gown, but in this photo she looks like Paula Abdul.

  3. Katty McNiley Ripley

    I really like the pink dress Maria Menunous is wearing…. I don’t like the styling AT ALL, but it would look killer in some of the nominees… not Anne.

  4. Jill

    This is the best Guiliana’s hair has ever looked. It’s soft and frames her face nicely.

    I love the pink of Maria’s dress but her hair is just a little too poofy.

    Robin’s blue dress is gorgeous!

  5. BrownEyedBetty

    Robin Roberts is GLORIOUS. That is the word. She puts all others to shame on this post (which I have been waiting for because Robin Roberts is GLORIOUS).

    Lara Spencer (hope I’ve got her name right..?) wore a beautiful dress that fit her like a dream, head to toe. But still not as GLORIOUS as Robin Roberts.

    • Katharine

      I agree. I’m still not sure who she is, exactly, except that she has a tabloid cover celebrating her Brave Cancer Journey, but I would call her the absolute best of the night. Perfect dress, perfectly accessorised, perfectly suited to her and her gorgeous face.

      • Katie

        Agree: Robin best of the night. FWIW, I would vote for her for best look if she was in the poll (but thanks fug girls for the abbreviated options).

        • sasa

          I would’ve also voted Robin for best dressed. There weren’t many knockouts at the ceremony IMO.

  6. annmartina

    I’m not a huge Giuliana fan, but the hair is a Giu-normous improvement.

    • Helen

      It certainly is. I wonder why she ever wore extensions! So much prettier here.

  7. Dee

    Robin is a big yes.

    So is Nancy in this dress (which feels weird to type because, well, it’s Nancy O’Dell.). Poor overlooked Nancy. She wore a similar sunburst pattern in oranges/reds several awards shows ago that no one talked about either, although I thought that one was pretty great too. Can you imagine the swooning that would happen if someone like Zoe Saldana or Charlize Theron or? came out in something like this?

    • glee

      Total Amen to Robin’s look. However, the dress to me was pure Nancy because we’d already seen that dress on her. ‘msorry, but she is too cute for words and to be taken seriously.

      On to all the other dresses – except for the Monique L gown, any one of the gowns would have been so much better than what Anne Hathaway actually wore. In NYTimes review, it was called ‘subversive’ because it looked like an apron but the darts made it look as if we were seeing Annie’s nips. Whatevs, it was still awful.

  8. Miss Demeanor

    Well, it’s about time you got around to Robin. I could argue that NO ONE looked better on the red carpet. Her dress is spectacular and suits her to perfection, and she has such a beautiful head that she looks like Nefertiti. I had no idea who she was but I was blown away when I saw her, and that was before I knew her story.

  9. Mara

    Thanks for the Nancy O’Dell love. I thought she looked amazing. THAT is how a dress should fit.

  10. ortenzia

    robin roberts is in my top 5 best dressed, and possibly tied for first with naomi. she looked radiant and that dress is so lush and beautiful.

  11. Jacquilynne

    I’m pretty sure that Nancy’s dress is the only time I’ve ever looked at something and thought “My god, it looks like they painted that thing on” and that was totally a good thing.

    Okay, well, if you don’t count the time I went to Carnival in Rio, because during Carnival half of the costumes *are* painted on, but they’re still spectacular.

  12. Dazie

    I love Kelly Osborn. There. I said it.

    Granted, I don’t watch much TV, so I’ve never heard her speak or anything, but she always looks so joyous and has such a great “I’M HAVING A BLAST!” smile. I even like the purple hair.

    • Helen

      Kelly is DARLING on Fashion Police. She says what she thinks, but almost always could not be nicer about it. She’s why I watch the show.

  13. TaraMisu

    Robin Roberts looked amazing! I just love her and I’m so happy she is back on my tv :)

    The rest are ok, Kelly Rowlands red carpet dress was ugh…. and her bangs annoyed me too.

    • Lisa

      I felt the same way about Kelly Rowland’s bangs (and dress). They were bugging me all night!

  14. Maria L.

    For me Robin Roberts looked the best of anyone at the Oscars; the color, the texture, the slinkiness, her attitude, character, and dignity — no one came close.

    I want to like Nancy O’D's dress but I keep thinking Barbie, or Barbie in a pageant.

  15. Lisa

    Oh my, Shaun Robinson looks like she could kick some ass, anyone’s ass. Kelly Rowland’s casual outfit was awesome, I want it.

  16. Rayna

    Robin is resplendent. The dress, and the color, suit her perfectly.

    And yes, that last dress would have suited AHath SO much better than what she wore.

  17. anna s.

    Lara Spencer’s look was obviously head and shoulders above the other TV personalities — she looked better than about half the actual attendees. Very pretty, very appropriate, well-fitted, and youthful without being age-inappropriate. Full props to whichever wardrobe tech dressed her, she looked amazing.

    That said, I have to give second place to Nancy O’Dell. Nothing about the dress conflicts with her Cali-girl image, but it’s beautifully fitted, it’s an interesting color, it shows a lot of leg and yet it doesn’t look trashy, and I like the lighter blue accent color on it. Well done, madame. Guiliana wishes she could dress to look so breezily confident.

    • Jane

      For a second there, I misread your post as saying “…conflicts with her CALL-girl image…” and went “Whoa, I didn’t know that was her image!” :-) Actually, I think she looks like she’s competing in a Miss Texas pageant.

  18. Karen

    Robin Roberts looked spectacular. She’s gorgeous, the dress was gorgeous, and seeing her out and about was nothing less than wonderful. Truly, maybe the best thing about the whole night.

  19. Daffodil

    Amen to Robin Roberts. She looks stunning. (I think a large part of what makes her so beautiful is her strength and humility, though. Without those, she’s just plain old pretty.) I think the velvet would have been too much on anyone else, but on her it just reads so gorgeously. It’s very luminous, and her smile is too, and they very much belong together. She’s just awesome. I’m glad she was the cover shot for your slide show.

  20. oohsparkley

    Robin is always so nice and genuine and she looked fabulous. Love her. Nancy O’Dell looked like a pagent contestant/beauty queen, which is not an insult in my book. Laura Spencer looked great, but I am so BORED with white, skin colored, greige, etc. dresses. More color please. So I was impressed with all the colors in this group.

  21. Dee

    Greige is now my new favorite word.

  22. Sarah

    I love Guiliana’s but didn’t lilt that dress. Too much going on. And her makeup seemed to age her a bit? Or maybe she just, gasp, getting older? Lol

  23. daphne

    Robin Roberts.. standing ovation!

    I’m embarassed to admit I had no idea who she was before I saw her picture for the Oscars 2013 best-dressed lists… but I’m going to look her up, now!

    “she wore blue velvet”, indeed! beautiful—- and a beautiful, beaming smile

  24. Kjb

    I lived Lara Spencer’s dress. And Robin indeed looked fabulous. I have been cutting Giuliana some slack since her own health issues happened.

  25. Helen

    These are almost all at least good, to my eye. Louise Roe’s choices, not so much… Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana are both a little buried in theirs, but still look pretty.

    Top marks to Robin Roberts, Shaun Robinson, and Nancy O’Dell. Those three look GREAT.

  26. Rita

    I can never take what Nancy O’Dell wears seriously, because every time I see her, I remember that on the first season of Project Runway she picked Wendy Pepper’s design to wear to whatever event it was, thereby sending Wendy Freaking Pepper to the finale and sending Austin Scarlett home.

    Obviously, I have trouble letting go and moving on. Sorry, Nance. I know you didn’t know that Wendy was the embodiment of evil.

    • rb

      Ha! True, yet… Nancy O’Dell and Lara took it. They ARE entertainment TV. They ARE the wonderful daily messengers of trivia that I crave. Thea Andrews is right up there, as well. Nacy always looks better than anyone she interviews, and she’s not intimidated by nor rude to anyone. I’m looking at you, Andy Coop.

  27. Sandra

    Robin Roberts looks elegant, timeless AND bangin’ hot! I’m afraid the nuns are in for another round of throat-punching. Anybody find a pic of the back of it?

  28. Josephine

    I haven’t the first clue about Robin Roberts, but she was certainly one of the very best dressed people there. That is some by-the-book Fancy done right.

    As for O’Dell: I get what you’re saying, and the fit is great, but…pageant dress. I actually said “whoa, pageant dress!” out loud when I got to her picture.

  29. G

    Nancy O’Dell is a California Barbie, but that dress evokes waves in a glorious fashion- so I have to give it to her; it’s perfect.

    And I don’t know a thing about Robin Roberts (I don’t watch any “host” type shows), but I recently randomly saw some headline about her reuniting with her dog after some month-long medical isolation, and it made me squeeze my dogs a little tighter. So from one dog-momma to another, I hope she maintains her health and keeps the spirit people seem to truly love.

  30. Jane

    Robin looks spectactular, and it’s so good to see her looking so healthy. I get the sense that she’d be a lot of fun to hang out with. Wouldn’t it be great if somehow she were to read the comments here about how amazing she looked and how pleased people are for her recovery.

  31. riga

    Actually, it was 100 days after the transplant when she and her dog were reunited. I get antsy when my two dogs are at the groomer’s for like three, four hours, so I seriously can’t imagine what it was like for her. She’s far stronger than I am, but that seems painfully obvious, considering.

  32. Diana

    Several of the TV hosts could easily have been best dressed of the night (Robin,Lara, Maria).

    That said, I do find it a bit odd that the TV hosts are as decked-out as the actors and actresses. When did this start? Seems like a fairly new thing.