Oscar Well Played, Meryl Streep


It’s always good news when your outfit inadvertently matches your award. I don’t think there’s anyway she planned that, given that she seemed sincerely stunned by her win — as were we, honestly. Viola, I had my money on you.

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  1. Sajorina

    I don’t see the picture!

  2. Julie

    Stacy Keibler looked like an Oscar statue more than anyone last night

  3. Stefanie

    I about poo’d myself with glee last night when she thanked her makeup & hair stylist. I’m dying to know if he was the one who put the banana clip in at the globes.

    • Della

      Stefanie, I heard that her husband actually did her hair for the Globes. Maybe he SHOULD have been played off with the music. (Nah, just kidding, that was such a sweet acceptance speech.)

      • Stefanie

        Wha! NO! I don’t let my husband near my head for anything other than a relaxing brushing, let alone a national televised award show! Her speech really was great.

    • Leslie

      I’m pretty sure she was thanking the guy who does her hair/make-up for film shoots – not for events – so I don’t think the banana clip should be blames on him.
      AND while I’m not in love with this dress, her head looks awesome and she killed the speech!

  4. Aoife

    Only Streep would get away with this.

  5. Bella

    This would be nice if it fit correctly. It looks too big.

  6. Amy

    I too had my money on Viola, but I will never begrudge an Oscar to La Streep. She is 10 kinds of wonderful.

  7. Angela Brown

    She is indeed a lucky woman: an Oscar in one hand and Colin Firth’s face in the other…

    • mepe

      My sentiments exactly! Octavia Spencer had similar luck with Christian Bale.

  8. Melly

    Seriously? Looks like she’s pulled down the drapes a la Scarlett O’Hara and cinched them with a decent belt. However, she looked great behind the podium for her speech. The shoulders and V were nice. But I wouldn’t call this well played.

  9. RD

    I didn’t like the dress, but then Colin Firth showed up. Much better than a banana clip.

  10. BrownEyedBetty

    I will always love Meryl Streep because I think she’s a national treasure…. but I was sad for Viola Davis last night. I thought it was her night. Her perf in The Help will always be academy award winning for me.

  11. The Other Molly

    She picked gold to match the award.
    Gee, anyone think that might be because she knew she would get it?
    She lost at the other two awards presentations.
    This was obviously a sympathy statue.
    The reviews for her performance were lackluster.
    We know who REALLY deserved the award.
    Keep smirking Streep.

    • Margaret

      exactly! she is the epitome of a humblebrag (or a backdoor brag, for you 30 Rockers)…do not like her attitude or the dress. Her acting is overrated. Most of the time all I think is “that is Meryl Streep talking like Margaret Thatcher/Julia Child/Some other person-with-an-accent” And this dress does not even look good. Doesn’t fit well & it’s smug. ugh. so over her.

      • Ms. Chanandler Bong

        I love that you used the word smug! She so is and I too am over her. Plus her Taylor Swifting Oh Gosh, little old me…is getting old.

  12. Sajorina

    I think she looked GREAT! Dress + Shoes + Jewelry + Clutch + Hair & Makeup + Oscar = FAB!!! I love Meryl, but I was one of those people who went “Oh, No! Her again?!” I was rooting for Rooney or Michelle… [Insert Sad Face Emoticon Here]

  13. eee

    I don’t like it, but I don’t quite know why. Bad fit, maybe (it makes her look wide through the middle)? Cheap looking fabric? Bad color on her? I dunno. But I don’t like it.

  14. Lori

    Off topic to the post, but I’m holding my breath and crossing my legs in hopes that you soon will post Judy Greer’s photo. My fave overall of the night.

    • Dru

      I agree, she was one of mine too. I don’t know why that dress isn’t getting more love, it’s unusual and she looked gorgeous.

  15. Jen

    It’s not what I’d have hoped for her, and when I first saw it on the red carpet before the ceremonies, I found it a bit too “playing dress-up in Grandma’s bathrobe,” but y’know, I think she pulled it off. For one thing, the belt is SO much better than the “weightlifting belt” of awards gone by, and it hits the casual approach to dressy that she seems to prefer. Plus, she seems to have FUN with the ceremony, unlike many of the celebs!

    But kids, don’t try this at home — I think you have to be Streep, and have a collection of gold statuettes, to make it work…

  16. neiges

    The dress was unconfortable, cheap fabric. But she is, I have to admit, lovely. When she admitted that everybody must be thinking “her? Again?”, my mum gave me the look “she is right AND she is awesome”.

    • Megan

      YES to the cheap fabric. It looks like it will tear and unravel if you so much as breathe on it. I’m sure it actually cost a small fortune, but it just looks like cheap fabric you get at the big-box craft stores in the remnants section.

  17. neiges

    I meant the dress LOOKS unconfortable, I did not wear it, I swear.

  18. tigerstripes

    Meryl fashion-wise, this is the best of a bad bunch, because her red carpet look is consistently ‘English teacher on a date’. I love her, but her loyalty to her stylist can be the only thing that explains all the dowdy frocks. But she does look nicer here than usual.

    I’m trying to decide if a necklace would’ve helped. I guess with those art-project earrings, a necklace would’ve been overkill.

  19. Xene

    No banana clip – hoorah! This is sooooo much better than Meryl’s usual award gear. And such lovely decolletage! <3 her.

  20. Kit

    We all shouted “oh no!” when Meryl won. We so wanted Viola to win.

    Despite that, Meryl’s speech was lovely and she looked beautiful.

  21. Nancy

    She needs to stick with Chris March, who dressed her a few years ago for the Oscars and another awards ceremony. It was simple and elegant – just like Meryl.

    • Kara

      Yes! That white dress was great, and what a coup for Chris, who didn’t always get the respect he deserved on his season.

  22. Dru

    Heather and Jessica, I hope you’ve got some well-deserved love for Glenn Close tonight, I liked what Meryl had on but Glenn was Queen of the Best Dressed among the Best Actress nominees this year, she totally Helen Mirren-ed it up and I LOVED the result.

    (and I love that fact. I love it SO MUCH).

  23. TonyG

    I was so sad Meryl won (I wanted Glenn or Viola), but it’s so hard to not like The Streep. Her acceptance was charming, self-deprecating, and seemed so genuine. Congrats Meryl! (on both the award and the dress!)

  24. Kris M

    I wasn’t a fan of this, I’m surprised to see it getting a Fab vote. No jokes about gold lame bedsheets?

  25. Amber

    I was not a fan of this dress, either, and not just because I’m not a fan of Streep herself (I know, I know, she’s a national treasure, yada yada yada). But this dress would have been hideous on anyone.

  26. ~Lori

    It’s hard to go wrong accessorizing with Colin Firth….

  27. Daffodil

    There was a lot of gold last night. It’s like half the crowd got the urge to go as a Ferrero Rocher.

  28. AP

    i hate this dress. too much fabric! baggy and unflattering and yuck.

  29. fritanga

    Someone somewhere else said this dress was lovely from the waist up, but below that it looked like a bath towel. That about sums it up. Much, much too bottom heavy with way too much material.

    I’m sure Streep didn’t give a damn about her dress though, except that it was comfy, forgiving and covered up all her less-than-perfect bits. On that score she did well.

  30. Carrie

    Gaudy and cheap. Bleh.

  31. Ann

    I hate this dress. This looks like Liberace’s reading gown. And she’s NOT working it.

  32. Jenny

    @The Other Molly She’s won a bajillion awards in including two previous Oscars, so I doubt it’s sympathy statue. She probably won because they voted for Octavia Spencer in the supporting category and since the Academy generally likes to spread out the acting Oscars between different movies that meant Viola Davis was out of luck. My problem with the dress is it’s the same dress the last time she was nominated except in gold.

  33. maryse

    oh wow. people are harsh. i thought she looked great. the neckline is beautiful and if there’s anyone who can carry off that kind of draping, it’s meryl. it’s age appropriate and sexy.

  34. Shiitake

    Gold sack: check
    Banana clip: check
    Oscar: check

  35. vandalfan

    I wish it closed in some other fashion, although I can’t figure out exactly how. The side closure plus short in front / trailing in back gave it the Eau de Exquisite Bathrobe.

  36. Anita

    Colin Firth sure knows how to rock a tux.

  37. Molly

    The picture of her caressing Colin Firth’s face with one hand and holding her Oscar with the other may in fact be my favorite picture ever. (Hell, if Colin Firth is involved ANY picture could be my favorite ever.) But the dress..I just. Have concerns. It’s not inherently bad it’s just not very good.

  38. Eli

    It looks like something that Blanche Devereaux would wear on a fancy date, and so therefore it is awesome.

  39. Carrie

    Can I *please* gently caress Colin Firth’s face? PLEASE??

    As for the dress, in that particular picture it seems to fit her fairly well (unlike in some of the others). Maybe it’s the Colin Firth magic touch?

  40. Rebecca

    I really like the style of this dress, but I HATE the fabric. Someone on the morning news today compared it to a table runner you’d use for Christmas and now I can’t un-see it!

  41. Anne B

    I predicted she’s show up in a green bathrobe. Okay, Meryl: GOLD bathrobe.

    Still, she looks good. She’s got moves I’ve never seen, this one, especially with one Mr. Colin Firth. She snuck in that kiss at the podium earlier this season, and look at her here, copping a feel. Nice work, girlfriend!

    Only question I still have: what’s Meryl doing with all these Oscars? Using them as TP dispensers in her Major Actress Bathroom, or what?

    • Sajorina

      I think they are perfect paper towel roll holders for the kitchen, laundry room & garage! She’s going to have to win another one for the mudroom!

  42. jean

    I think she looks glorious. Her skin! She just glows. And if the dress seems oh so slightly bathrobey …well, she didn’t want to wear spanx. That’s Helen Mirren’s cross to bear. Meryl is keeping it all loose. And did you see the four inch heels on her! Wow.

  43. Denise

    I, too, bet on Viola, and miraculously still won my oscar pool $XXX due only to our particular tiebreaker query of Kuala Lumpur’s temperature high last Thursday (91 degrees F). However, Meryl totally deserved her Oscar, and to have Colin Firth as a photo mate — it’s enough to make me wish fervently I had gone into acting rather than graphic design… God but that man is dreamy!

  44. guerra

    i liked this dress!! it could of been a lot worse!

  45. MelissaW

    I loved her speech, especially when she said she looked out at the crowd and saw her career, all the people she’s worked with and will work with. She’s so good at being gracious AND bubbly.

    And a hit with the dress. :)

  46. MG

    I’m sorry, there’s a dress in the picture? All I see is FirthFirthFirthFirthFirthFirth…

  47. CJ

    Chris March!….thank you, Nancy! My mom and I were wracking our brains trying to remember his name. Yes, indeed. Chris March’s dresses for Meryl were her absolute best.

    At first, when I saw this dress in close up, I thought the dress was a little too bold, but you have to admit: it looked great on stage. I would have liked it to have fit a wee bit better in her shoulders (it looked like it kept falling off and that she had to adjust her shoulders repeatedly) but boy, she looked great. But I don’t know HOW you could think that she didn’t think she was going to win. She matches the statue! And as for the surprised look that looked so genuine, well, there were times I actually forgot I was looking at Meryl Streep while watching Iron Lady. An actress that good could pull out the “oh, me?” look in her sleep.

  48. Patrick

    She really doesn’t know how to dress. Better than the cowgirl outfit, but not by much.

  49. Jennifer Dellis

    can we please forget about the dress and instead speak of her husband??? dude ain’t too shabby looking. he can leave his slippers under my bed anytime, if you know what i mean (hint hint, jab jab)

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