New York Fugshion Week: Stuff We Saw on Days 4 and 5

Seriously, watching Coco Rocha walk a runway is really sublime, no matter WHAT she’s wearing.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Jenny

    Kirsten Dunst in Number 18

  2. beth

    Am I just old and cranky? Because I just want to grab so many of these girls and scream BRUSH. YOUR. HAIR.

  3. Jeanie

    Enid Blyton, FTW!

    • witjunkie

      I know! I heart.

      • julyol1972

        YAY!!! Enid Blyton was my favorite as a kid in Barbados. So happy to hear that at least half of the fug girls read her too. Amelia Jane for the win!!!

  4. Lori

    Can someone tell me why I hate Coco Rocha so much? There’s no real reason for it, and yet… Has she done something foolish that my subconscious refuses to let go, or am I just a crazy old crank?

    • Charlotte

      I’m kind of the same way. I don’t hate her, but at the same time she really doesn’t do it for me. Maybe I need to see her in action to appreciate her.

  5. Lori

    Also, yes, Alek Wek is amazing, but that dress felt really 90s to me.

  6. valueofaloonie

    Oh man, those Tommy Hilfiger coats. I think I want all of them. For some bizarre reason, I’m especially enamored with the pinstripey one.

  7. gryt

    Thank god for longer hem lengths, finally, everywhere.

  8. Charlotte

    The cat in 27 makes me super sad, primarily because A) the model isn’t holding the him right (she not supporting the cat’s bottom half at *all*, and, in fact, it looks like she’s mostly holding the him up by the neck) and as a result, B) that cat is really terrified. He looks like he’s clinging to her for dear life – and he probably is, poor thing.

    Designers, animals are not accessories. Not only because it’s cruel, but because they totally distract from the clothes. The dress in 17 could be cute, but I’m too busy worrying about the cat to notice.

    • Charlotte

      Two “the hims,” and then I change the number to 17 halfway through? Not firing on all four cylinders today, apparently.

    • Katie

      I had to stop looking at the slideshow because I felt so bad for the poor cat. He (she?) looks so miserable and frightened.

  9. Mouse

    Derek Lam – WHAT?! What are those outfits?!

    Also – do models get jealous of other show’s models? Like – the ones that have to wear the nun outifts are all jealous side-eyeing the ones who get to wear the totally gorgeous dresses? I would. I would TOTALLY be whining to a girlfriend over that.

    • LT1

      I have a class with a woman who is a modeling agent, I’m asking her that question when I see her this week.

      • witjunkie

        Oh good, tell us! Because I always wonder that too. “All these fabulous dresses, and I get stuck with the weird one.”

  10. catfarmer

    do you think that the model was instructed to hold the cat like that bc otherwise the cat would hide the top half of the dress?

  11. Mary

    OMG, I was so excited when I saw the Enid Blyton reference. I’m 20 and no one ever seems to know who she is but she was MY CHILDHOOD.
    Also, I like a lot of these in a “ooo shiny” way but not in a “someone should wear that” way.

  12. LJcoolJ

    Anyone else really love that tulle cape…? I kind of want one for when I’m dancing around my bedroom.

  13. Rayna

    I like the tulle cape. It looks kind of retro glam.

    “Now, don’t be naughty or I’ll feed you to the models.”

  14. Janie

    The Elmo coat Derek Lam showed made me think of this awesome woman I saw at a rowing competition. She was there supporting Wisconsin, and had matched her sensible pants, loafers, twin set, and pearls with a full-length bright Wisconsin-red faux-fur coat. I hope that she buys the 3/4 length Elmo coat for the days when she is at a football game but not as cold.

  15. Bambi Anne Dear

    I’ve never really liked Tommy Hilfiger menswear but this womenswear is gorgeous.

  16. Sajorina

    I saw the 1st episode of “The Face” last night on Bravo and totally fell in love with Coco Rocha! I need more of her in my life! That 1st dress she’s wearing is awesome! The Hilfiger coats are covetable! And the 1st Carolina Herrera is gorgeous! WANT! Also, thank you Christian for the tulle cape… It made me smile!

  17. Tamburlaine

    The tulle cape makes that rather boring black dress look interesting. Or maybe the dress has to be boring so that the cape doesn’t look too wacky. Anyway, I like it lots.

  18. Tamburlaine

    Oh, and I really like the yellow and black Zac Posen – all that beautiful detail, and the shape of the dress, too.

  19. tigers4us

    1) JLo would buy the green fur-collared Herrera and wear it backwards.
    2) Cats are so not into fashion much less being accessorized. Was PETA informed?
    3) I’m not on board with the concept of “wealthy celebrity as fashion designer”; there are thousands of real designers out there who went to school, interned, etc. AND are still unknown AND design non-hideous, wearable apparel.