Met Carpet Fug Carpet: Zoe Saldana in Michael Kors

I feel like Zoe Saldana read what I said about Lupita wearing a shower cap to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and just laughed and laughed and laughed:

“You want to see someone wearing a shower cap as a dress? I CAN TOTALLY DO THAT FOR YOU.”

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (25):

  1. JJPP

    I like this. It’s pleasingly dramatic!

    • KateL

      I kind of agree – at least it isn’t boring! And it’s not boring in a non-naked non-sheer way on top of that.

  2. Sophy

    Now this is just plain lazy- comeon Michael Kors- you cannot do better than a big shirt with a rubberband thrown in the middle and half a swimsuit to top it?????

  3. Heather

    Little Miss Muffet apparently actually LIVED in her tuffet.

  4. Sue

    I actually really love this. It’s DRAMA!

  5. katb

    The dress is great, the hair is bad, and makeup is terrible

    • Ashley

      I actually love her eyes, but the lipstick is wanting. Had it more closely matched the color of the stone in her bracelet…then it would rock.

  6. Gine

    Definitely not the worst of the night, but I’ve never been a fan of bunching a skirt up like that. It always strikes me as a cop-out on the part of the designer, because you get volume without actually having to do anything interesting or challenging with the draping or structure–and it just looks saggy and sloppy.

  7.  Snowedintoday

    Again: hilarious comments. I can only see shower curtains and caps now. To the point where I feel that someone has stolen my eyes and started using them.

  8. LizeCK

    I would LOVE this dress if it didn’t have the ‘grandma’s lampshade’ thing going on.

  9. Rae

    She is working that shower cap though! I don’t think Zoe Saldana knows how to look bad.

  10. Kat

    If this had just had a normal, full skirt it would have been so much more on theme. I can’t get over how many people missed the theme by miles, it should’ve been an easy one this year (punk I can kind of forgive missing), it seems to be mostly models who really went all out on theme

    • kammart

      This dress’ shape is a near replica of the Charles James “Balloon’ Gown- she’s like ground zero to the theme. Kors, Posen, Marchesa- all ‘inspired’ by James.

      • Esme

        It’s nowhere near as well executed as his version. It was obviously modeled on his, but this looks like a very cheap knock-off by someone who knows nothing about constructing a dress.

  11.  HelenBackAgain

    I just can’t stop laughing at this!

  12. Kitty

    I like this dress as well! Maybe it’s because so many others at this year’s Gala have disappointed, that my eyeball standards have lowered?

  13. Maggiecate

    The skirt is too long, and she needs some diamonds. It’s not awful, but it’s a missed opportunity for certain.

  14. Emster

    I’m just glad it isn’t leopard-print like I feared when I was looking at it on my iPhone last night. The brocade pattern is quite nice! If you can’t be this dramatic at the Met Gala, when can you?

    Needs some dangly emerald or diamond earrings, though.

  15. Pan Jinlian

    I LOVE this, beautiful and dramatic and cool!

  16. MelissaW

    This would have been smashing with a big ball skirt in that patterned material instead of the pouf, IMO. And maybe a little more color in the makeup. But I kind of like this, pouf aside. (and look! bracelets!!)

  17. Cat

    I saw a shot of this from the back and really like it, but I like it less from the front. Too much sternum. She needs more jewelry too!

  18. Peg

    I really like this. It’s one of my favorites of the night. Interesting, different, yet attractive. (Of course, it helps that Zoe is wearing it.)

  19. Billie

    Yeah, I like this too. It’s got some drama to it. Would like a stronger lip and more dramatic hair.

  20. JenLWB

    She really needs to re-think her make up. Not just here, she often looks tired and drained.

    And coming from me, an exhausted nightshift worker, that’s saying something!

    Some stronger colours would help?