Met Ball Fug Carpet: Kim Kardashian

Apparently Kim had a tough time finding a dress to wear because of how she’s pregnant, which… y’all, her uterine occupancy level is not a secret at this point. If the people creating gowns for her aren’t making proper allowances for the fact that pregnant ladies’ wombs have the audacity to keep growing throughout the entire gestation period, then they are jerks. But also, she switched into this one at the last minute and then her stylist made them add sleeves because of her arms, or something…? And so on the one side, Kim reportedly has Kanye all mad that she was messing with his friend Ricardo Tichi’s piece of art, and on the other, she has a new stylist who supposedly fat-shamed her pregnant ARMS to the point where they wallpapered them. I want to hug her. Yes, you read that right. Somehow, even temporarily, I am on Team Kim Kardashian and I want to take her out for lunch and be like, “All those jerkwads can suck it, MOST ESPECIALLY for not stopping you from wearing that hideous floral carpet in the first place. JUST STAY HOME and crack wise at the live feed like the rest of us. Way more fun.”

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  1. kathotdog

    I do not like Kayne West but I love your INTERPRETATION OF KAYNE WEST.

    And Kim should not be listening to whoever is supposed to be her stylist, cause that is sad and dumb. She is very pretty (though I cannot stand her) and I feel like she could dress herself better than this without anyone’s help.

  2. Maria L.

    Even if she had gone sleeveless, nothing would have changed the fact that she looks like she is wearing an octogenarian’s couch. This may be the worst thing she’s ever worn – and that is saying a lot. But Ricardo should also share in the blame for having conceived this hideous garment. in the first place.

    • Sandy

      Not a fan of these printed fabrics anywhere, and this would be the reason for burning every yard of it in existence.

  3. Stacie Valentine Dinse

    I think she is the poor person in high school who tries so hard to be “cool” that she has lost ability to think for herself.

    At least I prefer to believe that, versus she actually liked this dress.

  4.  Carolina Girl

    Kim’s uterine occupant aside, this is the second most hideous thing EVER (Erin Wasson’s non-existent dress being first)!

  5. Julia

    So the sleeves, gloves and mockneck were last minute additions and that is why they are whipstitched on with the fabric of the dress and grommets? Got it. They don’t look like an afterthought at all

    Poor Kim. It is unkind to wallpaper a pregnant lady.

    • Julia

      I don’t know what happened to my snarky parenthetical comment after “they don’t look like an afterthought at all” but it’s not there. And now I feel obligated to state clearly that I do TOTALLY think they look like an afterthought. Online snark fail.

      • Alaurable

        Aand then you see that Beyonce had… matching gloves and shoes and it somehow makes this even sadder.

        • Lindy

          No, it makes it HILARIOUS! Doncha know that Beyonce is burning mad that she’s attired similarly to KimK?! Ahahahaha!

  6. Maretha2

    So glad you brought GFY Kanye back from vacation!
    Remember Angelina Jolie’s amazing green dress from Cannes when she was about 8 months pregnant with twins? Could someone find it and loan it Kim?

    • LB

      I loved that dress! And I heard she gave it to Jack Black’s wife who was admiring it during their Kung Fu Panda promo.

      Kim…Oh girl…they all lied to your face…even you deserve better than this.

      • Helen

        No, no she does not. But we do.

        Bear in mind that we’re only looking at this woman because she deliberately distributed a recording of herself having sex. She is trash.

        But we’re not, and we should be looking at something better.

  7. Tiffany

    I don’t feel bad for her. If that is her stylist that told her to cover her arms, then she has every right to fire her if she sees fit. It isn’t like Kim is some hostage to her stylists’ will, they are employees! (and the story came from Life and Style, so theres that). The gloved arm is so awful. In some shots, it looks like she has no arms because it blends in so much with her torso.

    • Heather

      I think it’s more that… I feel like the way people talk about her during this pregnancy has probably beaten her down and beaten in some insecurities that she doesn’t deserve.

      • mary lou bethune

        She deserves a lot of approbation for being vulgar, for her egregious self promoting, hideous clothes,and much more. Those two ego manics deserve each other. The mystery is why anyone is interested in that awful family.

        • Clarence Beeks

          I believe it is Kim’s mission to make herself look as horrible as possible during this pregnancy. I think I have seen her wear maybe 2 things that have been somewhat flattering.

          This dress pattern is heinous, the gloves make her hands look diseased, and what the F is the studding down the leg slit and the hemline? UGH UGH UGH

          • ErinE

            I really appreciate Heather standing up for Kim! I feel so sad when they compare her to Princess Kate – they have such different body types, and Kim is short and curvy – I think she looks gorg and wish people would leave her alone! She is trying to make a healthy baby and looks great.

            • Jenn

              I’m about 36 weeks pregnant, big butt, curves and short and if someone handed that dress to me I would say “oh, hell no girl.” and look for something else.

              • bex

                Yeah, but every trashy magazine and website in the world isn’t scrutinizing your pregnant body and calling you a useless, talentless attention whore- I feel like those things would affect anyone’s self-image.

          • Rebecca

            I think a part of her problem, fashion-wise, is that she has no sense of style. Her whole thing is tight, tight skirts and tight, tight tops and staggering heels. She kind of has a uniform, and this pregnancy has thrown that off. She has no idea what to wear b/c she only knows one thing.

        • Honey

          Mary Lou, I don’t think you know what approbation means. And maybe save the angry venom for someone who actually does something WRONG, like abusing his partner or spewing hatred.

      • Tiffany

        Maybe I am too cynical and jaded…
        But it kind of seems like they are intentionally bringing the fug and complaining about the “hate” as some sort of narrative for the show, post-baby weight loss, etc. Some of her ensembles have sincerely been bad beyond belief…I can’t believe she really chose those clothes in order to look good (i.e. peplum pants). They were doing interviews and selling the “poor Kim” angle shortly after she annouced she was pregnant.

        Also, many people didn’t like the Kardashians before she was pregnant. Are people supposed to find her admirable all of a sudden just because she is with child?

        • HKS

          I don’t think anyone needs to admire her now that she’s pregnant. I do feel bad that she’s constantly compared to other pregnant women though.

          BUT…I was just postulating the same theory that you did: what if all this hideous dressing is on purpose? All to create a story after the pregnancy when she miraculously loses all the weight and dresses in all KardKollection and everyone says: Look! Look at how beautiful those clothes are! because they are comparing them to how awful she’s looked these past months. And they win everything. I have decided that they are geniouses now.

          • HKS

            Grrr. Geniuses.
            (Ha! My fingers wouldn’t allow me to theorize that the Kardiashians could be geniuses.)

      • AnnieB

        Then perhaps she should do the world a favor and just stay home for a change.

        • bex

          I can’t believe I’m defending a Kardashian, but I don’t think it’s fair to tell someone to disappear because they are tacky and annoying, even if they are heinously, mysteriously rich and famous.

  8. Brenna

    I can’t stand Kim, and her outfit is heinous, BUT – she should fire the stylist who told her that her arms were so big that she needed sleeves. That’s terrible. She’s pregnant; she shouldn’t be ashamed of her arms. Actually, even if she wasn’t pregnant, if she wanted to wear a sleeveless dress, she should, regardless of if someone thinks she shouldn’t show off her arms.

    The fact that her shoe straps match her dress is terrible too. But at least the heels look lower, so that’s a step in the right direction.

    • Kristin

      And her arms are not big! Nor her legs! Perhaps she might have wanted to cover her upper arms, but not HER HANDS, for Pete’s sake!

      If ever there was a time to wear a goddess dress in a lovely solid color, this was it.

  9. laura

    What the hell is wrong with Givenchy and those horrible matching gloves? I think Beyonce’s was worse, but that is in no way near a compliment to the fuggery that Kim is wearing. Sadly? I think this is the best Kim has looked in ages…

  10. Laurie

    She looks like she just lied down on the hotel duvet cover, rolled herself up in it like a sausage and stapled it together.

  11. Miriam

    Analyze away, but this is seriously all so bad.

  12. coco

    Chanel, not Channel. Riccardo Tisci, not Ricardo Tichi.

  13. Dazie

    Well now I feel bad for my internal snarking monologue. But seriously not that much.


    And thus endeth my Kanye impression.

    I want to get Kim, Christina Hendricks and Lana What’sherbucket together with some really sympathetic stylists and make them all listen until they believe. Any body can be gorgeous.

    (yes, yes- I get the whole “beauty comes from the inside” and all that. But some days you just need to smack people with the outer beauty too.)

  14. Wendy

    Holy crap! She looks like a chintz couch!

  15. amys

    I can’t believe someone did this on purpose.

  16. TonyG

    I Love Kanye’s tuxedo. One of the best tux-ed men of the night.

  17. sara

    Oh my! I didn’t realize until I looked at the gallery that her hands aren’t in pockets in that first picture. Those gloves are… just really bad.

    • kfletch

      I had to zoom in because I was like, “Omg… OMG… WHERE ARE HER HANDS?!”

  18. Stefanie

    I have thoughts:

    This is so so bad.

    I would have punched the stylist if she told me my pregnant arms were too fat and I needed to cover them up.

    I feel bad for Kim and the way people are ragging on her body. (Lemme be clear, Im ragging on her clothes.) BUT she is making the choice to dress her pregnant body in a way that isn’t very flattering. She should know people loved to tear her down even when her body was on point (and be honest, it really was!) so she was going to be dragged for wearing the crap she’s been wearing now that she is pregnant.

    And seriously, how f’ed up is society when people are saying hateful things about a woman’s pregnant body? (again, Im saying hateful things about the clothes she’s choosing to put on her body.)

  19. lola

    I read somewhere (a while back) that a pregnancy clothing line didn’t use actual pregnant women to model their clothes. They used unpregnant women with prosthetic bumps because as she said “pregnant women are puffy”. Evidently, we have extra fluids (duh).
    It’s a bummer even pregnancy clothing designers can’t accept it even.
    My other gripe (besides all the valid points you made– she looks like she is wearing gardening gloves or is beekeeping and just stopped to walk the red carpet)… Is that high end designers are getting paid enough to MATCH THE SEAMS. I hate seeing a seams so obvious because they couldn’t bother to match the seams. I learned this as a little kid even.
    I think American clothes looks so crappy because they are cheaply made. Surged puckering seams, mismatched fabrics (at the seam) and lacking necessary structure. Stella Mccartney is the classic badly sewn outfit maker. (they don’t even fit).

    • amys

      Yes! It’s funny that my very first thought (after what the &%*$k did they do to her hands!) was that the seams were matched so poorly. On a custom designer gown (!!!), the seams should match or need to at least blend. Bad, bad, bad. God, this get-up gets worse each time I look at it.

  20. Sarah Oehmler

    The backstory is confusing but I’m going to take that with a grain of salt. I’m sure KK is going to wear whatever she wants. I actually think this would be a good dress choice had it not had the matching gloves. That is really weird! But this is much less hideous than I expected.

  21. Gine

    This print is actually hard to look at. It makes me feel like my eyes or crossing or my contacts are going blurry.

  22. Melanie

    Where is her hand? Tucked in the front of her dress, Napoleon-style?

  23. Charlotte

    Pretty sure the last time I saw that pattern, it was on the couches in the lobby of my grandma’s retirement home.

    But ugh, that story about her stylist made my heart hurt. As a (non-pregnant) larger lady, a lot of what’s been said about Kim K (including in some of the comments on this site) has really upset me. Ya’ll may just think you’re just commenting on her clothes, but what you don’t realize is how often criticisms like “it’s too tight,” “it’s too small,” “she looks big/fat/wide” “she needs to hide her stomach” are used to belittle larger women who dare to attempt to wear fashion trends even if (as most fashion trends are) they’re not the most flattering. It’s already incredibly difficult for plus-sized women to find clothes in our size that are fashion-forward; we don’t need people commenting on the size of our arms (yes, I know my arms aren’t toned, but you try finding non-matronly tops with actual sleeves) and snarky comments about larger girls ” who think they have the right to wear cute dresses,” of all the nerve, to contend with as well.

    The phrase “too tight,” especially irritates me when deployed concerning pregnant women. I think it’s fine to suggest that a person could have maybe gone up a size or two for maximum flattery of their body, but I find, both on this site and others, that complaints of Kim’s wardrobe being “too tight” often carry a whiff/stench of “I can see her belly, gross.” I find the idea that a pregnant woman needs to disguise or minimize her pregnancy and attendant weight gain to be really repugnant. If your first thought upon seeing the above photo was “she looks fat” or “she needs to put it away,” YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I hear what you are saying, but ALL BODY TYPES have clothes that are not flattering to them. I am thin, always have been, but if I wear certain types of shirts, I look like a female wrestler. I also do not wear things that make me look as if I have a muffin top.

      It is about knowing your body, and what looks good on it. Anyone gets ragged on for that- the fat, and the skinny.

      • Charlotte

        I certainly understand that. However, fashion tends to be based on what looks good on a thin person. I guess maybe it’s difficult to understand if you haven’t been there (not a knock, just a general statement that thin privilege exists) but most trends in fashion will only look good on a narrow range of sizes. (And that’s not just “certain kind of shirts,” that’s “ninety percent of clothing for sale on the market today”.) And while a lot of the plus size clothing brands simply make trendy clothing in larger sizes, if those trends weren’t made to look good on larger people in the first place, then they’re still not very flattering.

        Unfortunately, clothing that tends to be specifically made to flatter larger women is often dated and matronly. It’s a real Catch-22: if I want to be fashionable, my body may not look it’s best. If I want something flattering, I’m stuck with a cut from three seasons ago. Why can’t I have clothes that are both cute and current, AND look good on me? I don’t think that’s asking for too much.

        And of course, there’s the issue of “well, what is flattering?” I’m not a thin person, and I feel like it’s kind of silly for me to try to pretend to be one. I have a belly, you know I have a belly, why should I be stuck wearing empire waists and apron dresses trying to disguise that belly? I know that’s just setting oneself up for criticism, but if your basic criteria for “looks good” is “doesn’t look fat”…well, maybe it’s time to challenge that criteria.

        • Laura

          I do get what you mean, but I kind of think that what looks good on you IS what’s stylish. It always looks more timeless, classic, and elegant to know what suits your body and stick to it, not follow passing trends. I see this on undergrads at the university all the time. EVERYBODY wears what is currently in the front windows of the high street stores and it only suits certain people. It’s just a fact that fashions have always suited certain body types. In the 1920s, for example, any woman with boobs and hips lost out when it came to dresses that flattered boyish figures. At least these days it’s easier to wear what you want. And there are always clothes that are relatively timeless.

    • Esme

      “Too tight” is too tight, no matter what size you are; in criticizing some of these fashion choices, I don’t see how else you can explain such a problem with fit. Wearing a fashion trend that is unflattering for whatever reason (no matter how trendy) should be fair game for criticizing–a very small minority of women should be baring midriffs or going shear, for example. And I’ve NEVER read anything on here criticizing a larger person for thinking “they have the right to wear cute dresses.” As a very short person, I sometimes get pissed at how the goal of every outfit is to make a person look TALL, but that’s just the way it is. I think you might be a little too sensitive.

      • Charlotte

        Yeah, being constantly insulted, criticized, and belittled (not by you, specifically, just in general) has a tendency to make one pretty sensitive. And yes, unfortunately, there was a commenter here who said that certain larger ladies dress like “they think they have the right to wear cute dresses.” It was pretty gross.

        I think “too tight” is fair game when it means “you should go up a size” (though, unfortunately, sometime there is no size up to which you can go). “Too tight” meaning “your stomach does not appear perfectly flat,” or “I can tell at some point in your life you enjoyed some sandwiches” can be a little much, particularly when aimed a pregnant woman who has all the reasons in the world to have a tummy.

        And again, when the vast majority of fashion trends are geared towards flattering (or, at the very least, can be pulled off by) thin people, what a big girl to do for fashionable clothes? Avoiding a certain trend because it’s not flattering is fine, and expected. Avoiding all the trends because they were never meant to be sullied by women your size is…well, a little bit constraining. And depressing. And a bunch of other bad “ing” adjectives.

        “I sometimes get pissed at how the goal of every outfit is to make a person look TALL, but that’s just the way it is.”
        Except…it really doesn’t have to be that way. Like, at all.

        • bex

          You are right about everything. I’m actually really grossed out by people’s responses to your comments- your body is your body and there is no obligation to “flatter” it to society’s standards, especially since they dictate that VERY few styles are allowed to be “flattering” on fat people.

          • bex

            And I say fat people because “fat” isn’t a bad word- it is what it is. Everyone should check out for some really great commentary on dressing fat bodies.

            • Kristin

              I just saw a fat girl today who looked FANTASTIC. She had a Louise Brooks bob, strong, almost punky makeup, and was wearing bright knits that fit her beautifully. I wish I’d had the nerve to ask her where she shopped!

    • Lucasta

      I’m sure this isn’t true everywhere, and I agree with most of your comments throughout, but I do feel like the VAST majority of the “too tight” comments on GFY re: Kim are in the spirit of “holy SHIT that looks uncomfortable for a pregnant lady.” I don’t even think it’s a matter of too tight (I wore tight but – key point – STRETCHY tanks and t-shirts for the whole of my own pregnancy; I saw no reason to disguise my belly) as tight AND made of a fabric and style that is clearly not meant to accommodate a pregnant body, and just looks like it must FEEL awful to wear. I feel like there is a world of difference between saying something is too tight on someone who is not thin (which can have an overtone of “she’s too fat to wear this,” though to be clear I’ve NEVER seen anything of the sort from Heather or Jessica) and saying something looks uncomfortably tight on someone who is clearly pregnant, especially coming from women who have been pregnant themselves.

      I’m probably not saying this very well but what I’m trying to get at is that I am seeing a whole lot more empathy than derision for Kim and her pregnant body in the comments here. I am 100% confident that if Kim were to step out tomorrow in a tight jersey tank-top and tight but COMFY maternity skinny jeans that most of the people (here, at least – I’m certainly not denying that there is an APPALLING amount of Kim Is Fat bullshit going on on the internet and world at large) would be applauding her.

  24. croma

    In some pictures it seriously looks like she has no arms. There are so many better ways to dress a pregnant body. Just look at Duchess Kate.

    • Megan

      You cannot compare Kate’s body to Kim’s, that’s ridiculous! Even myself who was super slim before pregnancy ballooned! & never looked as good as Kate!

  25. Nicole Brenes

    at least she has the self steem to go out to a Major event, looking like that……….

  26. Jessica B

    Thank you for the Ocean’s 13 shout out. I was thinking something weirdly similar.

  27. Cat

    This is just awful. I feel for Kim because I think it’s pretty low that people are ragging on her shape/size at this time in her life– but seriously, Kim, fire all your stylists and hire people that will actually dress you in a way that flatters your pregnant body. I don’t care if the clothes are fitted but at least let them be flattering. No one deserves a dress made out of a couch.

  28. tigers4us

    I thought the Met Ball was a classy affair…

  29. Carol

    Kim brings it on herself, but I too — while deploring the entire Kardashian extended clan of fug — have some sympathy for a pregnant woman … don’t want her to be unhappye during this special time.

  30. Beth C.

    It feels like she thought “Well, if it’s good enough for Scarlet O’Hara…” and ripped down Grandma’s curtains, cut a head hole, and went with it. Seriously, whoever told her that was a good idea should be shot.

    I will give her this, though, her hair and face look lovely. The lipstick doesn’t go with the gown, but it’s good for her and she looks relaxed and happy.

  31. Roz

    I don’t mind the outfit per se, but I absolutely LOATHE it for PUNK theme. It makes me mad. This is probably the most antithetical to punk you could possibly get.

  32. Edith

    On the positive side, these colors are crazy flattering on Kim’s skin tone. But this is a woman who wears black ALL THE TIME. ALL BLACK, ALL THE TIME. Thigh high black leather boots in freaking HAWAII. And yet, when the theme is “punk,” she’s in rose floral. W. T. F.?!?!

  33. Rayna

    Sigh. I have been known to love a print, and a FLORAL print at that, but this is truly hyenous.

    NO ONE deserves a dress like that. Ditto to those who said KK should fire anyone responsible for this thing.

    Mismatched seams – WHAT???

    Come on, Kim, you’ve looked so much better in recent days! We know you can do it.

  34. Lisa

    That Kanye prose could be the best one ever!

  35. elspeththegreat

    Her face and makeup look especially beautiful, though!

    • SisterPhyliss Withe-Litaday

      ….And my best friend did it. That lip is INSPIRED isn’t it???

  36. pocorabbit

    Can I just weigh in with a positive and say that I think her makeup is lovely and that her face looks very pretty?

    Not a fan, btw – but just saying. I really do feel for her too – and the stylist should be sacked immediately. Surely they’re employed to give you confidence, not body-shame you at the point you already feel like and move like a whale? The mind, as we say in the UK, boggles.

  37. hillary l.

    This makes me so sad. A mock-neck is one of the meanest things you can do to a curvy person. And truthfully, so is sleeveless with a high neck (just ask the British WNTW Susannah, who states accurately that it makes your breasts look like poorly made clotted cream, or something. Basically, it visually makes your breasts the widest part, and makes them look quite low). And the gloves…oy.

    The fashion industry’s approach to women’s bodies makes me crazy. You know it’s pervasive when the “real woman” challenge on Project Runway comes around and 3/4 of the designers have NO CLUE how to dress a woman with existent breasts.

    Since every woman has breasts (even smaller-cupped women become larger when pregnant or breast-feeding), this drives me crazy. And it drives me crazy because we let designers get away with it.

    And stylists often don’t know better themselves. If you look at half of the things they dress their curvy clients in, you can tell that their main strategy is hide, hide, hide. That, or to “celebrate” the curves in the most unflattering-way possible (remember the Jessica Simpson Mom Jeans of 2009? She didn’t have to look that bad). Wendi and Nicole Ferreira get it right (they dress Octavia Spencer), but they’re certainly in the minority.

    It’s a horrifying combination of ignorance and passive-aggressive fat-shaming under the guise of fashion.

    Feeling very stabby right now.

    • Charlotte

      “And stylists often don’t know better themselves. If you look at half of the things they dress their curvy clients in, you can tell that their main strategy is hide, hide, hide.”

      THIS. This a million times.

      Who’s dressing Adele? They get it right. She wears relatively body-con stuff, but she still looks great.

      • hillary l.

        Adele’s been working with Gaelle Paul since 2009, and you’re right, she’s had some great looks. Her Golden Globes Burberry was perfect.

  38. Anna Svahn

    At least she got to go to the Met Ball. I seem to recall that in past years, AW was determined that KK would never grace her ball. I guess after meeting her at a private dinner, AW was swayed.

    • Miriam

      I read that Kanye was performing so she was his plus one. Do they have performances there?

      • Courtney

        I can’t help but think that Anna Wintour is trolling Kim — only let her come to the ball the year that she is having a fashion challenged pregnancy!

        • Charlotte

          I would seriously not put that past A-Dubs.

          Whatever, we all know that Kim’s going to end up on the cover of Vogue sooner or later. YOU CAN’T FIGHT THE BABYE, ANNA.

  39. SilkyPants Joshi Malik

    I really like this on her… I just think she’s looked way worse during her pregnancy and this isn’t that bad. I mean ALL over floral could look infinitely worse than this, especially on a short pregnant lady.

  40. Michelle

    I think Kim must have heard AW was gonna wear floral and was trying to suck up.

  41. Helen

    Hee, hee at “SLANGY SHAKESPEARE.”

    This truly is an awful pattern for curtains (I simply cannot believe it was ever intended to be made into a dress) by any standard and for any occasion, but for me the worst part is the side seam where they didn’t bother to line it up with itself. It looks so cheap!

  42. Elizabeth Corey

    Totally with you on the sympathy for the poor woman, and the fire the stylist point, but the gloves and matching shoes are still terrifying.

  43. Stacie

    I am kind of worried about how she went to the bathroom with sewn on gloves. Because pregnant ladies can’t last all night with out a potty break.

  44. Bella

    With all the gorgeous maxi dresses that are showing for spring, I do not understand why she looks like this. Seems to me it would be rather easy to dress her pregnant body.

  45. Julia

    Possible Explanations:

    1. Ricardo Tisci and Kanye are more than friends. When Kanye asked him to dress his fake girlfriend, Ricardo clenched his jaw almost imperceptibly, but covered quickly. “Of course. She will be unforgettable.”

    2. Kim is pulling a Cher. “Make me beg and grovel until you finally deign to invite me to your stupid party? I’ll punk you!” Except she is not so smart, so it backfired.

  46. Maria 

    I’m no fan of Kardashians (Kim or otherwise) but one thing I’ve always given Kim credit for is rocking the curves. She should be rocking them even more now — in something that is
    flattering and pretty instead of in slipcovers from the couch on Blanche Devereaux’s lanai..

    The good news here is that her face has never looked lovelier. Gestation obviously agrees with her. I just wish her outfit celebrated that.

  47. Maggie

    Let’s remember she dresses this badly ALL THE TIME. Now, she is just dressing this badly with a different figure thanks to her pregnancy ~ so we are all responding to it as if it were new. I do think she’ll be a contender in the Fug Finals next year.

    Truly, truly hideous.

  48. nmlhats

    I think this fabric looks beautiful on her, and her makeup and hair work, too. The mck T-neck is a little much, perhaps, as are the gloved fingers. I wish the slit started just above her knee instead of just below her crotch. Overall, I will give it to her.

  49. Diana

    I’m not understanding why it is so hard for Kim to find maternity clothes. I mean, she could go to The Gap today and come out looking great. It’s pretty easy to look great while pregnant these days.

    This is to be the absolute worst cut for a pregnant woman. Fitted throughout? Has her stylist not heard of an empire waist?

    Kim’s choices have been bizarre – not just for this event but every outfit i’ve seen during her pregnancy. And she looks so unbelievably uncomfortable in everything.

  50. Carolyn

    What I find unfathomable is that the woman wears black and leather to walk around the streets and the one time that those looks would have worked for her she is dressed like my aunts sofa.

  51. Guerra

    At first I was like god, she looks like a couch but the more I like at it the more I like it! Without the gloves & shoes. I love the make up with it as well!

    I’m so tired of people bad mouthing Kim, it honestly makes me like her more. A softer lady would have been broken by now.

  52. Kate

    Yes! Stay home if the dress you planned to wear wasn’t working. It’s not a stylist’s fault. Heaven knows Kim couldn’t possibly ever really be taking the advice of a stylist with all the crazy getups she’s prone to. Isn’t this the event she’s been dying to attend but from which she has been ‘banned’ in the past? So she finally maneuvers her way in and this is what she wears. Anna must be doing a told ya so dance. Kim has practically lived in nothing but black leather for the past year but she chooses an event where the theme is punk to break out the little floral couch number? At least Kanye knew enough to ditch his usual slob casual look and dress well, if not punky.

  53. Claire1http://gofugy

    Her face is flawless and her hair is so super super shiny!
    I hope her water breaks on the carpet/leather appolastry/ of whoever did the rest of that to her.

  54. Laura

    Can someone please just take KK to Target and get her some Liz Lange? She can’t dress her un-pregnant self and clearly finds it challenging to dress her changing body. Also, her stylist hates her like poison. I dearly wish that Clinton and Stacey would go out with a bang and take her on because OH MY GOD. Someone call them right now.

  55. GVB

    I love this! It’s a costume for the Costume Institute and it has a cool surreal effect. It’s experimental without being gross.

  56. Beeper92171

    I’m so sorry – but this is bad. I’m not a hater, but this is bad. Maybe not trying to be a sex bomb and more of a MOM would work better.

  57. renee w

    She looks like wounded Peeta trying to camouflage himself in Nana’s living room.

  58. Bambi Anne Dear

    I think she’s an idiot for even believing her stylist- high neck, sleeves, gloves and shoes. The fabric is hideous even for a sofa.

  59. Lynnlynn

    I just can’t with her anymore. Yes, it can be hard to dress sometimes when you’re pregnant. I’ve been there. However, when you have kajillions of dollars and the ability to hire the worlds best stylists at your fingertips, it should be NO PROBLEM. Instead, this twit lets her fashion-challenged boyfriend dictate what she should wear, right down to the sewn-on gloves. I mean, SEWN-ON GLOVES, Y’ALL. And really, it doesn’t matter who actually picked this mess, because she WORE IT. She put on grandmas curtains, and wore them out in public for the world to see, at a FASHION EVENT, no less. I’m not a fan of the Kardashians, but her sister has been pregnant twice, and looked positively lovely both times. Cute, flattering, stylish outfits every time, without fail. So what I’m saying here is, GET IT TOGETHER. It’s possible to not look like an idiot Every. Single. Time.

  60. JAJenks

    Wait. This bitch has a stylist?! HA! HAHAHA!

  61.  Janice

    My mother actually has a couch in a similar fabric — the pink flowers are much bigger.

    When I inherit, it’s going to the Salvation Army.

  62. Vandalfan

    I cannot stand her hairstyle. I cannot stand the sleeves, the gloves, or the mock-neck. She needs softer, longer hair, matched seams, a sleeveless v-neck, and a slit stopping around knee level. The she’d rock those kitchen curtains!

    But darn me, I love the stupid matching shoes.

  63. shadylady

    I don’t get why she gets a pass b/c she’s pregnant. She’s still the leader of the Kartrashian pack. Unless you count Kris, which I don’t.

  64. Stacey
  65. Candy

    I know we’re probably all commented-out on this one but I HAD to share this:

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