Happy 10th Anniversary, Fug Nation

Greetings, dear Fug Nation!

Today is a milestone: today, we are 10 years old. Last year around this time, Heather and I had a long conversation about how we were going to mark this momentous occasion with something big. But the first draft of The Royal We was due to our editor today and instead I guess we ended up celebrating by making our deadline.  Which is big. We’d never have gotten to write this, or any of our books, were it not for Go Fug Yourself and — far, far more importantly — were it not for you, our readers. Over half a million comments later, over fifteen thousand posts written, we are so grateful that you are still hanging out with us here every day. There is no better community of readers than Fug Nation. To quote the greatest love story of our time: thank you for being a friend.

Because I am somewhat out of words today, I have chosen to express to you all the feels I feel about our 10th birthday via the artful gif:

George is right. Time to get back to work. See you in the comments.

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  1.  Laura P

    Yay Fug Girls! Thanks for being so awesome and congrats on 10 years!!

  2. Marnie

    Congratulations! I love you guys! And that Brandon Walsh gif made me spit out my coffee!

    • Brittney Garneau

      That was me for the giddy Kate Middleton (when that was her name) GIF!

    • Liane

      My computer is sloooooow. So when I got there it was frozen mid-GIF & I thought it was just a still of Dylan staring moodily into the distance. Which was fine, but not nearly as funny.

      •  Tess

        Congratulations you two! I’ve been reading GFY daily for about 3 years, but did at one point read back through your ENTIRE ARCHIVES, so… Anyway, I’m so impressed by how beautifully this site has evolved, and what a thoughtful, brilliant, hilarious place it is. As my friend Michelle would say, Smart Girl Slumberparty!!! Xoxo

    • Stefanie


      Heather & Jessica, it’s no secret that I love you ladies. I’ve been here almost the full 10 years and this is the ONLY site I still visit regularly. You two are the best and im so happy for you.

      • Lara

        Here, here! You two bring me much joy through the ups and downs of life! It’s personal. I love you guys! I hope you are celebrating this huge achievement.

  3. Betty

    You guy are the best. Thank you – and congratulations!!

  4. Lisa

    Congratulations, Fug Girls! I love this place and being a part of Fug Nation. Happy Anniversary!

  5. attica

    Buttface Fivehead FTW! Happy Fugiversary, you sassy women!

  6. Kristin

    Congratulations on 10 years! I remember discovering this site in college and it’s been my daily treat for myself ever since. Thanks for being awesome, ladies!

  7. Blair's Head Band

    Love this site, love you two, LOVE my fellow Fug Nationals. Cheers to 10 years!

  8. Heather S

    Whoooot! Congrats, keep up the good work!

  9.  ShannonTX

    Congratulations! You are my favorite site on the whole of the Interwebz!

    Also, Monica with the turkey on her head will never fail to make me laugh.

  10. Nat

    Congratulations! And thank you. Seriously, thank you.

  11. Elise

    I first discovered GFY in middle school. Now I’m about to graduate from college and I still read it every day. Thank you for literally half a lifetime of entertainment!

  12. Jenny Smith

    You ladies are the best. GFY is always a mood lifter and I love how you have evolved over time to become a place where we can say “you are a gorgeous person and you are better than those shoes!”

  13. Algae


    And thank you! Thank you for bringing laughter and a bit of silliness to my day. Thank you for fostering a community full of intelligent, witty people that aren’t afraid to admit they appreciate the lighter side of life.

    And thank you for Olympic Abs.

    •  ErinG

      Well said, algae!!

      Thanks for everything Heather & Jessica, y’all constantly provide a bright spot in my day! Happy anniversary!

      And yes. Thank you for Olympic Abs.

  14. Susan

    Congratulations! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  15.  tkangaroo

    Congrats! I don’t think I could have made it through 10 years of work without you!

    •  marie

      Me too. Whenever I feel like I’m about to burst from the stress, I go to this site. Hands down the nicest moderators and commenters in the internet. I have given up on a lot of sites not because of the content but because of the rude comments. This site is like my online happy place. Congrats you guys!

      • KB

        Yes! Best commenters around. Thank you Heather & Jessica for years of laughs, and many many great reads discovered in Fugs & Pieces. You are the best of the interwebz every day!

  16. carol

    Happy anniversary! Thank you so much for making me laugh! Here’s to another 10 years!

  17. Julia

    That is incredible. I have read GFY for a long time – not quite 10 years, but close – and I truly thank you for the countless times you two (and Fug Nation) have made me laugh when I was feeling a little crotchety. You guys have built something special here and I love it!

  18. Gypsy Danger

    Big congrats! I don’t remember how, but I stumbled onto this site a few years ago and after spending a short amount of time here, it became a daily destination.

    Thanks for consistently bringing humor into my day, along with well written commentary on issues outside of fashion and entertainment.

  19. Sarah C

    Congrats and thank you for everything!

  20. Daffodil

    Congratulations and many happy returns of the day! You are my favorite site on the interwebs and that is BULL TRUE.

  21.  Looly

    I’ve been a part of Fug Nation for nearly 10 years – where does the time go?

    Thank you Heather & Jessica for all that you do – you truly are the wind beneath our collective wings.

    We really need to organize FugCon in honor of your 10th Anniversary. Who wants to be on the planning committee?

  22. LIsa

    Thank you Heather and Jessica for ten years of dedication; what you do for Fug Nation is invaluable, from finding pictures of Intern George and Pacey looking hot, to having to sift through who knows how much fugly, all in the interests of Fug Madness, to covering the Oscars and all other major dressing up events, with enthusiasm and gusto! Here’s to ten more years (and many many more) of Fug Nation.

    I hope Intern George drops around later with cake and diet coke so you guys get to celebrate, even just a little bit.

  23. TalleyL

    Congrats & Happy Anniversary!

  24.  Kristabelle

    Happy Fugiversary! Love your girls and the Fug Nation you have created!

  25.  Shannon

    You have been with me through law school and 8 years of legal practice!

    Viva Go Fug Yourself!


  26.  Mrs. Helpful

    Congratulations! And thank you so much for the finest possible entertainment and the best writing on the web! You guys are peerless and this is the most fun ever! I love having this secret getaway from life/work/stuff!

    We should have sent you gifts, but these gifs are all my favorite things — how did you know?

    And how do you do it? What time turning powers enable you to write and read all this stuff, do all your research — and watch so much TV??? it is magical.

    Ten more years! Please!

  27. Squirrel!

    Comgratulations and Happy Anniversary! Let’s see… an appropriate tenth-anniversary gift would be wine cardigans with plenty of wine, yes? Or matching caftans and a lanai to go with? So many options, really. Thank you for fostering a community of wit, intelligence, respect, and good grammar!

    • Squirrel!

      Oh, a typo. *Congratulations. Quelle embarrassing. ;-)

      • Daffodil

        No worries. Intern George didn’t make it in to work today (AGAIN, SOME MORE) and wasn’t available to copy edit.

  28.  Miranda

    Happy Birthday GFY!! I started reading about 5 years ago, so while I was not around for the beginnings, I am certainly glad to be here now. Y’all do such great work. Congratulations on 10 Fabulous and Fugly years!

  29.  LindaD

    You’re our lobster.

  30.  SKS


    Thank you for the laughs, introspective thoughts, and poignant posts over the past however many years I’ve been following this site. It’s been awesome. I also think that a site’s community reflects the creators so…yeah.

    Also, happy Canada Day. ^_^

  31. Katy B

    I don’t think I would have survived grad school and my 9-5 these past few years without you. Thank you both for all the laughs!

    Now let’s go have cheesecake in the kitchen.

  32. Minutiae

    Crying Dawson!

    Oh ladies, this site makes my day on a regular basis. You work very hard to bring the fug, the snark, and the lulz, and I am extremely grateful for it. Happy anniversary and here’s to many, many more!

  33. Jess

    I started a graduate program in the fall of 2003, and rapidly found myself in need of Amusing Things to Read on the Internet. I’ve read every single post on this site (!), and the humor and intelligence and wit of you two wonderful people (and this great community) helped propel me through the slog of my dissertation. I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks a bunch.

  34. Henrietta

    Congrats, Heather and Jessica, and thanks for all the fish, er, for all the hours of fun, history and trivia lessons, and for being my haven when I’m grumpy. You are awesome!

  35.  nichole

    Happy Anniversary! I can’t even remember when I started reading GFY, it wasn’t 10 years ago, but maybe 8 or 9? It has been a daily stop for me ever since. You all are smart, sassy, witty, and wonderful.

  36. Teri Rutledge

    You two are the best! Congratulations on 10 years!

    That collection of gifs is epic, magical. Obviously I need to download a bunch of old 90210 episodes because for the life of me, I don’t remember what episode that is from and it is hilarious!

  37. helmore

    Congratulations! You ladies are the best. GFY has been part of my life since my first job in 2006, when you provided much-needed relief from a terrible boss and ridiculous hours, through grad school, and as I’ve come to own my own business. I appreciate your wit and intelligence, and am constantly inspired in my own endeavors by the way you’ve made a living doing what you love.

    Thanks for the laughs, the inspiration, and the community you’ve built!

  38. The Reset

    This is genuinely my favorite website ever. Happy tenth, Heather and Jessica! Here’s to ten more years of fug fashion, diet cokes, and snarky wonderfulness. Let us know when the Fug Nation compound/ retreat is ready.

  39. MM

    Congrats, Jessica and Heather! I can’t believe I started reading you all 10 years ago (yikes! we’re old!). :) Thanks for the laughs, and for being the sweetest fashion-disaster analysts on the internets.

  40. Narshkite

    Congratulations. Thanks for giving us this community of smart, discerning, witty, supportive people (we are, after all, created in the Fug Grils’ image.) I look forward to dropping in most every day to bond over many things, bad fashion among those things, but often not at the top of the list.

  41. Danni

    Woot! Can I interest you (although perhaps others have already alerted you) in some SWINTON and Bowie to celebrate? http://www.vanityfair.com/vf-hollywood/five-bizarre-answers-tilda-swinton-ama?mbid=social_tumblr#/slide/2

  42. Kara K

    Congrats! You two are THE BEST.

  43. Caitlyn

    Been a follower since the early days – congratulations on 10 years of GFY and Fug Nation!

  44. Lynsey

    Thank you thank you for 10 years of straight-up fun and shenanigans on this wonderful site. Now if only they wouldn’t block it at work (“your network administrator has blocked this site because *lingerie;bikini*”). Oh my; how am I supposed to get through a day of work without seeing what Kate would do or what everyone else is wearing? Anyway, thanks for everything you do; I catch up at home after work!

  45. Lisa

    Congrats. Here’s to 10 more.

  46. Kristy

    Happy Fuggaversary, Ladies!
    With the fashion, and the royals, and the hockey, and the love of Pacey, sometimes I think you are an extension of my own heart.
    Here’s to the NAB conference and years of more Royal tours!

  47. ClubJ

    Congrats! You have created a fun and truly great site. Happy Birthday, GFY!

  48. Alyssa

    Congrats, you guys!!! I’ve been here almost since the beginning and I am so excited for the next 10 years, especially all the books you are gonna write! <3

  49.  gf

    Thank you and congratulations!! This website is always my most frequently visited, and has been for years. It didn’t slowly become a cesspool of yuck, like so many sites that seem promising but eventually give in to the internet’s love of sleaze. (In fact, for Lent, I gave up internet reading, but I allowed myself to keep GFY, because how can adoring Kate Middleton really be bad for anyone?)

    I love you guys. You make me smile every day!

  50. Natasha Fatale

    Time sure flies when we’re having fun doesn’t it? Congratulations on the landmark – and thank you both for the laughs, the entertainment, the education and the (occasional) tears. Jessica and Heather – you guys are the best!

  51.  Angela

    Yay! I love GFY and the Fug Nation. Thanks for my daily dose of lol and your awesome writing.

  52. Bajada

    Congrats! You guys are the BEST!

  53.  Alyssa

    Congratulations ladies and Happy Anniversary! This has been one of my favorite sites for the past several years, there’s really nowhere else online that manages to be endlessly funny while also crazy smart. We’ll all be toasting you in our finest wine cardigans tonight!

  54. mags

    Congratulations! Thank you for years of distractions and entertainments. Whenever my husband hears me laughing from rooms (sometimes floors) away, he always knows I’m on your site. Over the years you have entertained us, laughed with us, rolled your eyes with us, and lifted our spirits when we were down, and I thank you both.

  55.  Christina

    Congrats, Jessica and Heather! I started reading this site in 2008 and IMMEDIATELY spent about a week going to back and reading everything on the site! Go Fug Yourself is absolutely my favorite site to visit daily! Thanks for all of your hard work to make my life more entertaining!

  56. JJPP

    Congratulations!!! Thank you for making me laugh out loud during my otherwise boring work day. :-p FugNation is the best!

  57. Elizabeth K. Mahon

    Happy Blogiversary! Here’s to ten more years of Go Fug Yourself! I hope you ladies have been watching Ladies of London. So much cracked out fashion!

  58. Sarah

    You have never NOT brightened my day. Congrats to you on a decade of fug!

  59. Kimberly

    Thank y’all for making me laugh so much during rough times, and further brightening already-good times! I love this place a lot a lot, and as for that magical selection of gifs, “And I, to you, in addition, feel, the same feelngs, that you are, as well.” HUGGYHUGS, FUG NATION AND ESPECIALLY H AND J!!! :)

  60. Rachel

    Congrats! And thank you, Fug Girls, for being here.

  61. Carrie

    Congrats, dear Fug Girls! And thank you for all the amazingness you’ve given us over the past decade! I don’t think I will EVER snort laugh at work as hard as I did at the phrase “poor, sad Fugly Casserole.” http://www.gofugyourself.com/random-fug13-05-2005

    You guys are the best!

  62.  Mo

    Thank you for all the laughs plus Intern George, Pacey, PANTS WHAT, SWINTON, Hola Lovers, GFY Kanye, the Fictional English Mini-Series, and especially Fug Madness.

    Thanks to this blog, I wear at least one bracelet every single day. Even if I’m just home in a wine cardigan.

  63.  Elbyem

    I enjoy you every day. Thanks for many years of entertainment.

  64. Sandra

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful fun, Heather and Jessica. This site is my daily treat to myself.

  65.  Jess

    Huge congratulations! 10 years?!?!?! I found your site through a friend in college, probably around when you started 10 years ago. I have a lot of feelings about the fact that my sophomore year of college was 10 years ago, but mostly, I’m just thankful for your amazing posts! They make me giggle regularly, and have been a daily source of laughs throughout college, and they got me through grad school. Congrats again, and may Cressy’s scrunchie never cease to exist! Fug forever!

  66. Cat

    Happy Anniversary Fug Girls!! You are one of my daily go-to sites– I don’t know what I’d do without you girls!! Thanks for all your hard work!

  67.  Jenna

    Wow, ten years! Congratulations! Thanks so much for all the entertaiment over the years. Here’s to the next ten!

  68. Brita

    Congratulations! This blog has been my favorite way to kill time for nearly 5 years and I always look forward to each new post. You brighten my day :) Thank you for being a friend!

  69. Elizabeth

    Happy Anniversary and Thank you for making my work day much more enjoyable! I found your website because of Lindsay Lohan and a cute pair of shoes she wore 8-9 years ago and I have been hooked ever since.

  70. Anne

    I’ve been here for 7 of those 10 years and like many, many others I’d just like to say thanks for all the laughs! And congratulations on meeting that deadline. You guys must be so tired but happy right now!

  71.  Beatrix

    Congratulations Heather and Jessica!

    I am a long time reader but just a recent poster. You guys deserve every accolade and it has been such a joy to see you both turn into consummate writers. You are funny in every single post, every single day. Your warmth and wit shine through everything you do and you are truly hilarious in such a natural and effortless way.

    Well done!!

    (You also inspire me personally as a young woman and busy mother, to work really hard towards my goals and to never wear nude pumps and always wear a bracelet.)

    Sorry am usually much more British and reserved but if I can’t tell you how great you are today, on your tenth anniversary, then when can I?!

    Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you both :)

  72. Martha

    Thanks for making many schooldays (and now many workdays!) go faster. The day in college four years ago or so when I first discovered GFY was a great, great day.

  73. Christine

    Congratulations Ladies!!! Thank you for 10 years of truth and humor. Keep it up!

  74. Ann

    Thank you so much for the giggles all of these years! May the fugs be ever in your favor! <3

  75. janet

    Thanks Heather and Jessica!
    I’ve been reading GFY since 2005 — it’s been a daily part of my life ever since and has made me a better dresser and a more proud viewer of CW shows.
    As Chandler Bing says for the first time to turkey-headed Monica: “Hahahaha that’s so great….I love you.” (AUDIENCE GASP)

  76. val.

    I don’t remember exactly when I discovered GFY, but this is one of the few sites I feel compelled to check every single day! Thank you for all the laughs, and I can’t wait for the new book!

  77. Deedles

    …and I am happy to say that I have been here for all 10 of them! Thanks for the laughs and congratulations!

  78.  Cortney D

    Mazel Tov! I like to brag that I’ve been following you witty ladies since (nearly) the beginning- I can’t hardly believe its been 10 years! Y’all are fantastic and the site keeps getting better and better. Thanks for being so awesome and sharing your awesomesaucieness with us readers. xo

  79. Tetra

    Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! Your sense of humor always brightens my day .
    I also share your hate of jumpsuits.

  80. Andrea

    Happy Anniversary! Your site is one of my daily stops. And if I may quote one of my favorite things you’ve ever written “This is a bucket of deep-fried wack with crackslaw and mashed WTF.” Thanks for that. I use it all the time.

  81.  Steph

    Congrats Heather and Jessica!

    This site is a daily ritual (at least twice a day), and I think I’m better for it. :) Your posts only get more witty and hysterical with each passing year, and the fine Fug Nationals who comment here are a great bunch of people. Despite the fact this site was created to snark (ever so politely) on clothing, it’s a positive and intelligent breath of fresh air in the midst of many other celeb-related websites.

    I have my wine cardigan, bracelets and blue blazer packed… when do we leave for the Inaugural Fug Nation Wine and Fashion Retreat?

    PS: Thank you for George. The baby AND the intern.

  82. Rachael

    Even when I’m only lurking and not commenting, this is a site that I’m compelled to read and laugh along with nearly every day. I love this place. You guys do such a great job fostering a sense of community, and you never discourage disagreement, but when it gets a little contentious, you ably steer it back into more amusing territory. It’s good. It’s really, really good. Congrats on the 10 Fugging Years!

  83. vinniepop

    Congrats GFY!

    And that 90210 gif is the gift of all gifs – I could watch it for hours!

  84. leeapeea

    Happy Anniversary, GFY!! Thank you, Heather and Jessica, for all this AMAZBALLS content you both produce! I’ve been avoiding work/rewarding work effort with GFY for 9 years, and “Spoiled” and “Messy” were my favorite summer reads. The growth of GFY has been truly wonderful (Fug Madness! Recaps galore! Live blogging events! Royals! Weekend WTFs!). Thanks for working so hard (and having so much fun at it). Very excited for the new book and looking forward to many more entertaining years with GFY!

  85. Magdalen

    I can tell you the precise intersection in South Philly I pulled up to while listening to your interview on Here and Now. Robin Young was coyly explaining why she couldn’t spell out the precise URL because theirs was a family show. Not quite ten years ago, but a long, long time. I’m still a fan! Happy 10th, Heather and Jessica!

    • Andi

      OMG, I heard that same interview in the same city and probably not far from the same street corner. Nice to know there is another GFY’er so close by.

    • bettykeira

      And l got my new obsession from you, Magdalen, so I claim that intersection as my FUG Genesis as well.

  86. Gigi

    Much love and praise and gratitude and respect to the both of you! What would I do without your hilariously intelligent and witty cracks on so many of our favorite celebs? Many thanks for the laughs and the smarts. I’ve been impressed with the growth of the blog over the years; the writing and focus get tighter and better all the time, which is how it should be.

  87.  JenniferA

    Congratulations and thank you so much for all that you do! Your wit and humor have gotten me through many a long day.

    p.s. Also thank you for Jon Hamm with the john ham. That’s a delight.

  88.  Bronwen Joyner

    Thank you thank you Fug girls for continuing to make my every day life a little brighter and a little funnier!! Here’s to 10 more! (Seriously guys, I’m not sure how I’d cope without you!!)

  89. Jeanolee

    Thank you for the funniest and most witty web site!

  90. Heidi the Hick

    Happy Anniversary!!!!! I started reading in very early 2006, right after I discovered the blogiverse. This has been one of my absolute favourites ever since. You have cheered me up on some tough days. You’ve got everything – clothes! parties! rock stars! celebrities behaving badly! celebrities being good people! royalty! goats! cultural references! imaginary worlds that are more fun than the real one! recaps for shows I’ll never watch and now never need to!!! – and you’re damn fine writers on top of that. I can’t imagine how much work you’ve put into this. (Especially since that handsome intern just isn’t very effective at his job.) I remember way back when the comments were off until everybody could behave themselves!

    Well, I’m going to get ready for our 23rd wedding anniversary dinner, watch the Canada Day fireworks, and finish reading Go Fug Yourself! Not necessarily in that order. Have a fantastic day, Fug Girls!!!! If you keep this up for another ten years, I’ll keep reading!

  91. katie

    YAY!! Thank you for being so consistently wonderful and such a big, bright part of my work day. And I CANNOT WAIT for the Royal We!

  92.  bdaiss

    Woot woot! Happy big 10! Thanks for all the laughs, snarks, and WORDS. Here’s to many more!

  93.  KarenG958

    Awesome gifs (with a j). Congrats on the big 10 & thank you for making my days a little more fun – heck, a lot more fun.

  94. lenamarie

    Thank YOU, Fug Girls! You are a safe haven for this Crazy World. When I need a good laugh and an opportunity to remember not to take it all so seriously, I pop you up and you always make my day! Here’s to More Fuggerishness to Come!

  95. Christy

    I love you guys. I love this place.
    Mazel Tov!

  96. Portia

    Happy 10th!

    You two work so hard to amuse and entertain us, and it is very, very much appreciated!

  97. Pink streaks

    Congratulations! Here’s to 10 more years… and then 10 more, and 10 more….

  98.  Lerie

    Congrats! I think I started coming here about eight years ago, but didn’t starting commenting (or even reading the comments!) until last year. Fashion discussion can be tedious sometimes, but I like that things here are always light-hearted, funny, and laid-back. :) I have even grown to love-to-hate all the Kardashian posts!

  99.  Michelle

    I just wanted to add my voice to all these wonderful compliments and congratulations. You guys make it so much easier to get through my day, and I am grateful.


  100. Robyn V

    Happy Birthday Fug Nation! Many Happy Returns of the Day!

  101. Janie

    Congratulations on 10 great years! I was a fairly regular reader until you permanently hooked me with Fug the Fromage:The Client List. A masterpiece, if you ask me!

  102.  Legally_blonde

    Wow! 10 years later and you are still my #1 destination each morning at work (and, I must admit, each afternoon and sometimes at night). Your writing and humor is spot on. You are also the only reason I know about such things as Peldons and Phoebe Price, and while I’m not sure I’m exactly better off for that knowledge, at least it has been fun filling my brain with the names of those who professionally (dis)grace the red carpet.

    Hats off to you and enjoy many many Diet Cokes in celebration of your milestone!

  103.  AJ

    Happy birthday! Or anniversary! So thankful for this little corner of the internet.

  104. sp

    You’ve seen me through a dissertation, a post-doc, and the first few years of a new job (with small kids in tow.) Congratulations and THANK YOU.

  105.  Becca

    Congratulations! I’ve been reading GFY for nine years (and read your amazing TWoP recaps before that) and it remains one of my favorite places on the Internet. You two are incredibly talented writers and it is such a pleasure reading your work, whether it’s here, on NYMag, or in your books.

    Cannot WAIT for the Royal We. As someone who studied in England and landed a British boyfriend, the plot holds a special place in my heart :)

    • Jessica

      Becca… did we mention that our heroine is named Rebecca? (Though of course you may be a “Becca,” and she goes by Bex.) ARE YOU FROM THE FICTIONAL REALM?!

      • Becca

        You did not mention that!! I go by a combination of Rebecca and Becca (depends on whether I’m at work, basically). HOWEVER. My mom and one of my best friends, whom I met at Cambridge, call me “Becks.” Are we having a Stranger Than Fiction moment?

        This just absolutely made my week, you guys.

  106. Brittany

    Thank you for being the best! There are few websites I check as gleefully and regularly as GFY. Y’all are the best–here’s to 10 more years (and many, many more)!!

  107. Genevieve

    I cannot believe it’s already been 10 years. Thank you, ladies, for a fun and smart website. It’s always interesting, and you’ve managed to attract a great community of commenters. You also always keep me supplied with great links on Fridays with Fugs and Pieces. Congratulations!

  108. Sarah

    I think I have been reading since nearly the beginning! Love you guys and the site so much. Thanks for all the giggles.

  109.  Colleen

    Happy Anniversary!! Y’all consistently deliver the best balance of snark and affection. Here’s to many more,

  110. jean

    Here is to you two and your consistency through births & family deaths and losing your intern to an international superstar attorney. You have given me hours of delight.

  111.  Suzie

    Happy B-Day GFY!

  112. Alexandra

    Happy Birthday, Fug Girls!

    Like all of us, I come here not only for the clothes pics (we could look at them on other sites, I guess), but for your hilarious and smart observations about clothes and … everything, really. Without you, I’d never have learned about cultural highlights like I Wanna Marry Harry :D And everytime I think what it would be like to win an Oscar (IT MIGHT TOTALLY HAPPEN, YOU KNOW), one of my first thought is: “I wonder what the Fug Girls would say about my outfit”. I would wear bracelets, that’s for damn sure.

    In the last few years I’ve pretty much stopped reading gossip/celebrity sites, but I will never give up GFY, because there’s never, NEVER any body snark or body shaming. Not only from you two, but also from us, from Fug Nation, which is the community you created. We are a great community. I am so proud of everybody here, I am actually tearing up a bit right now.

    So, thank you, Fug Girls, and thank you, Fug Nation.

  113. Grace

    It is my favorite part of the day most days to go onto GFY and reading your live blog of the red carpet is half of the reason I love awards shows! You guys are the sharpest, most clever writers around. Plus, I deeply appreciate the rage you share with me over nude shoes!!! Congrats on 10 years and here’s to many more!!

  114. Loren

    Oh ladies, these are precious! Happy Bday/Anniversary, and thank you for so many laughs over the past 10!! Cheers!

  115. ellie

    I have been loving you Fug Girls since the beginning, when I was still at college and probably should have looked into pants more…. and now here I am a married mother of a toddler trying to come up with an excuse for why i’m snorting with laughter without having to explain the term ‘vagina sling’ :)
    You have given so many people so much happiness, and abs. And for that we thank you and look forward to the next 10 years!
    And seriously, a Fug Nation Retreat MUST happen. Compulsory caftans, bracelets, and mai tais for all!

  116. Andi

    Congratulations. And thanks for making me spit my coffee out at my computer screen at least 3 times a week. (Can you say “Hola, lovers!”, boys and girls?) I wish, wish, wish you lived next door. Or down the street. Or even on the same coast. You two are the best. Hope you continue to snark and snipe for at least another 10 years.

  117. swellcatt

    Happy Anniversary! I have been with you since the beginning and you never fail brighten my day with your observations. Things that hooked me were Courtney and Brown Peldon. I miss them everyday…but there are so many fuggily dressed people that you have caused me to fall in love with. NEVER EVER STOP BEING FABULOUS AND AMAZING AND FIERCE AND SMIZING! (sorry, I’m yelling with so much emotion) Love you guys forever and ever. Swellcatt (Catherine)

  118.  Sarah

    THANK YOU!! The past 10 years of awesome posts have been amazing. Here’s to 10 more!

  119.  Amy

    Congratulations, and thank you ever so much for the continued brightening of my day!

    I remember long ago, hearing (not seeing, because I was putting on makeup in the bathroom and listening to the bedroom television) Matt Lauer talking to one of you (Jessica, maybe?) about your website and how you named it before you thought about your mother seeing it…and thought that I would definitely have to check it out. I’m so glad I did – you have been a daily fix since then. I love y’all!!!

    • Jessica

      Aw, thank you!! We DEFINITELY have never gotten to be on the Today Show, though, so it wasn’t Matt Lauer. I wonder who it was! We certainly have said that many a time. (Maybe you are PSYCHIC and Matt Lauer will soon come to pass! That would be exciting.)

      Also: Thank you everyone, so so so much. Heather and I feel very, VERY very lucky to have you all in our lives.

      •  Amy

        Well, darn! Matt SHOULD have had you on…. I’m at a loss now. If I was putting on makeup, it would have HAD to be a workday/weekday morning. My hand doesn’t take the shape required to hold mascara on the weekends!
        Whoever it was, bless them for bringing GFY into my life!!!

  120. Musclegal

    Happy Fab Birthday, Fug Girls! Congratulations on your achievements and for being consistently so fuggin’ fabulous! Rock on!

  121. SugarMagnolia

    Happy birthday/anniversary Fug Girls and Fug Nation! Thank you for the consistent laughs and intelligent commentary!

  122. Michele

    I first stumbled upon your site about four years ago, and I am addicted! Thank you so much, and Happy Anniversary!

  123.  Steen

    I realized I never thanked you for opening up this site to comments. 99.9% of the time this site and the comments contribute SO much to the well-being of my day. Would that all sites were this wickedly funny and helpful!

  124. Amy Lou

    I second everything everyone just said! You are the best and have brightened my day everyday fro the last ten years! Congratulations!!!!!!

  125. Nan

    Mwah!!! Big hugs and kisses to the Fug Girls (I still can’t decide which one of you is funnier/l like better…….so I love you both the same). You don’t know how many times you saved my day and made me smile/laugh/snort. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope we have many, many more years ahead.

  126. Kris

    Ditto on what everyone else said. GFY has been a daily dose of fun for me ever since the Peldon era. Making thousands of people smile on a daily basis for a decade adds up to doing a lot of good overall; y’all should be proud of yourselves.

  127.  GlenCoco

    This site gives me LIFE!

    Congrats, and thanks for bringing so much enjoyment to so many!

  128.  crookedE

    Congratulations Fug Girls! You provide a solid majority of my LOLs. I can’t remember life without you!

  129.  Amy A

    Congratulations, and hooray and YAY! and good for you gals! And good for us! I still read you every day, 10 years on. What would we do without you, I shudder to think.

  130. Leslie

    Congratulations! May the next ten years be just as amazing (for you and for us)! Here’s to you wonderful ladies, and all the fugs and fabs of the past ten years. And to Prince Muffincheeks McSquirmypants.

  131. annabel

    Yay!! Happy birthday!!

  132. Maggiecate

    I’ve only just discovered you, but I can totally understand why you’ve lasted 10 years cos you’re lovely :-) Congratulations and here’s to many more!

  133.  Maria L.

    Congrats and best wishes for your continuing success in this and all your endeavors!

  134. Jean Genie

    Congratulations! I just delurked to tell you I’ve been reading this site pretty much every day for pretty much 9 years. Thanks for all the laughs!

  135. Karen

    Happy Anniversary and THANK YOU, Fug Girls!!!!!! GFY is one of my absolute favorite things about the internet.

    You guys are the best.

  136. Elfrieda

    10 years?! I’ve been around for most of them, and look forward to the next 10!


  137. Jessica

    I love you guys.

  138.  camille

    I love you guys so much. That includes Fug Nation. We should have a Facebook group or something so we can plan the Fug Symposium and hang out all the time.

  139.  Heather

    CONGRATS!! Thanks for all your hard work, that lets ME blow off steam at work when I need to.

    What is the source of the second one – Emma Stone I think?

  140.  Becky

    I’ve been following you faithfully from the very beginning because the content is just really entertaining. You have managed to create a witty, intelligent, and very relevant site about something which, at its core, may be frivolous (fashion – often bad fashion) – but your end product is smart and often thought-provoking (see: lengthy discussion prompted by your post on Diane Krueger about Little Women and Grease).

    What also draws me to your site is the fact that in this age of anonymous vitriol, poor grammar, and bashing of others, you have maintained a sense of decorum, charm, and good nature – and your readers do the same. That is huge! I mean, snark is important and should be applied when needed, but you always keep it above the belt.

    Brava!! Here’s to another 10 –

  141. Kristan

    Many many congratulations!!! Happy anniversary! Proud to say I’ve been on the other side the screen for these past 10 years as well. Here’s to many more years of jumpsuits, sheer skirts, cracktabulous hats, polterwang, beige heels, pantalunacy, Fug Madness and Fromages, side & under boob, and your next intern (I vote for Jon Hamm or Colin Firth).

  142.  Aspasia

    Happy Anniversary, GFY! You are one of the best ways I spend my time online and certainly one of the most enjoyable.

  143. Erin

    You have been a part of my work day for so many years now (not quite ten but close) and I THINK YOU ROCK! Thank you for making me laugh and for teaching me some differences between fashion foolery and mind blowing looks. Leggings are not pants and never will be.

  144.  fiatluxury

    without you guys, I would know next to nothing about ice dancing, and that would be a shame.

    without you, I would also have not known how to enact the Britney Rule in my own life, and that would also be a shame.

    also, congratulations! you are the wind beneath our wings. long may you fug, Lovers!

  145. croma

    Thanks for making me smile every day!

  146.  roser

    Heather and Jessica forever!

  147. sharjem

    Thank you so much for the site and all the laughs! It’s a comfort to come to a place where people understand 90210 references and legitimately enjoy people in turbans. You guys are as sweet as Donna Martin and as smart as Andrea Zuckerman. I can only wish that someday, you will be as rich as Dylan McKay with none of the smugness of Brendan Walsh.

  148.  Louise

    My all time favorite blog. Proud to call myself a member of Fug Nation. Also, that Hamm ham gif is THE best.

  149. Red Scorpio

    Happy 10th!! A tween going to teen!

    And from one Cancer to another …. Woohoo!


  150. Emily

    Congratulations!! I have wasted many an hour enjoying your site – and actually now follow Hart of Dixie and Nashville solely through your Fug the Shows. I especially love those occasions when I see a crazy outfit somewhere else then rush to the site, and not only have you posted on it, but you’ve picked up exactly what I was thinking about it – like it’s dialogue with a silent partner!! Keep up the sassiness.

  151.  lori

    Oh so many lovey comments!! Thank you for making me laugh out loud every day!!! In this world, that is something to truly be proud of!! Hugs from Austin Texas!

  152.  Stavra

    Congratulations on 10 amazing years! GFY represents the very best of the internet, and I visit every day, as I have for almost the whole 10 years. Amazing work, Heather and Jessica!

    •  Stavra

      Ugh, two amazings. I’d like to think that is representative of the truly dazzling nature of GFY rather than my disturbing lack of creativity today.

  153. Kirsten

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! 10 years is pretty awesome especially since after these 10 years you just keep being so very very funny. Please do not ever stop. Lots of love from Amsterdam

  154. Erin

    Happy Fuggerversary and many more SWINTONS to come!

    •  Christy

      I’m totally going to start throwing this out into the world instead of wishing people good luck and best wishes and the like. “May you be blessed with many Swintons!”. SO GFY!

  155. pb

    Congratulations, Fuggers. I love you unreservedly. And I must say that Princess Pretty Hair looks especially pretty in gif form.

  156. Vi

    Happy 10th!!!!….it’s mine and my husband’s 18th Wedding Anniversary…:)
    MEANT TO BE!!!!
    LOVE you gals!!!!!

  157. Andrea

    I started reading in 2006 and have never stopped. I had the very worst job in 2006, just out of college, and your website was the best part of my day. Thank you for getting me through that year and for countless other laughs along the way.

    All the best!

  158. ChiTownSteph

    Yay! Happy 10th birthday!

    I just want to say that you ladies haven given me hours of fashion, laughter, anger (why is EVERYTHING sheer?!?!?!), and everything in between. You also have given me one of my favorite ways to respond to something so utterly ridiculous that it renders you practically speechless: WORDS. In fact, I was helping a friend with their resume and I wanted him to put more info so I wrote in the place – “WORDS” and it made me smile. :)

  159.  Cecilia

    Happy Anniversary!! Than you both for all the times you’ve made me laugh, have expressed my exact thoughts through WORDS and thank you for all the Pacey!!
    Here’s to another 10 years! I hope y’all will never be without a bracelet!!

    •  Cecilia

      If it was possible I would give you the end of nude heels and sheer dresses!

  160. Suzy Q

    Oh, my dearest Fug Girls, THANK YOU BOTH for every day making my life a bit lighter and fuglier. As you know, I particularly enjoy your Royals posts, and you never fail me.

    Many congratulations on your new book and your continued success! You each deserve a Starter Cartier, AT THE VERY LEAST.

    I am right now watching the USA-Belgium game, and I raise my wineglass in salute to you. Cheers, lovelies! xo

  161. witjunkie

    I discovered you all via The Cut and I was so mad that it took me like a year to figure out you had your own site. I haven’t been here all 10 but I know it’s at least 8? And I remember when you opened the comments and that has made it even more fun. I feel like Fug Nation really is a unique and special group of people, and you two make me grin (and laugh, and snarf my coffee, and weep for humanity) every single day. There have to be days you just don’t feel on, you’re writing chapters of books and must be exhausted, and yet you pull it out of yourselves – just for us. THANK YOU! Love you! xoxo

  162.  Linda_AZ

    Congratulations, Jessica and Heather! You are a huge and lovely part of my day, and gfy.com is the nicest place on the internet. Thank you so much for being so fabulous!!

  163. Suzy Q

    I imagine that the Kate gif is of her saying, “It was very romantic!” during that first engagement interview.

  164. mirna

    Happy 10 years fuggers.
    I can’t remember how I found GFY (cca. 4 years ago) but I am unbelievably glad I did. Cheers

  165.  aemom

    Two of my favorite things have a birthday today. GFY IS 10 and Canada is 147.
    Happy birthday to you both and many more!!!

  166. mekko

    I’ve been reading for 6 of the 10 years, and haven’t commented before, but thought this was a good time to start! Thank you for writing a funny, witty, fashionable, and all-around lovely blog for this time. Congratulations. :D

  167. Christine Christine

    Allow me to add my thank yous. I have gotten through hundreds of hours of boring conference calls with this site! I feel like we’re all friends!

  168. AliceBlue

    There have been days in the past year or so when I needed nothing more than a good laugh and GFY has been there for me. Keep it coming.

    Thanks and congratulations! FUG GIRLS RULE!!!

  169.  Snowedintoday

    Hurray Hurray Hurray!! Read you in another 10!

  170.  Rowynn

    Oh frabjous day! Calloo, callay! (I always wanted to say that to someone.)

  171. mcrathburn

    Congrats gals! This has long been my favorite place to escape to on the internets. Thank you!

  172. Sonya

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday Fug Girls!! My daughters (19 and 20 now – yikes) and I have loved reading you for years. YOU ARE THE BEST!

    Love xxx

  173. Diana2

    Happy 10th, GFY! This blog is always a bright spot of entertainment in my day. Here’s to another glorious ten!

  174. HelenBackAgain

    Hermione and Harry was where I started sobbing…

    Thank YOU, and Happy Anniversary, and congratulations on making the book deadline!

  175.  Betsy

    Y’all are the BEST! Happy birthday!

  176. Jocelyn

    Congratulations and thank you both for the recaps, the forehead slaps and the drool worthy frocks!

  177.  ringthing

    Happy anniversary GFY! Thanks for being here, all your hard work and for being so much fun

  178. yunkstahn

    Yay! Congratulations and thank you for ten wonderful years. GFY has been the most delightful part of my daily internet routine for years now, and my life has been enriched for it. You are the best!!!!

  179.  S

    happy anniversary! You got us a lot of fun posts. We didn’t get you anything. ;)

  180.  Mel

    Happy birthday GFY! Whenever an outfit, good or bad, catches my eye (on a celebrity that is) I look forward to you and my fellow fug nation people validating or arguing my opinion. I am happy to say I’ve been here long enough that I can almost always predict when a person or an outfit is going to be featured on the site.

  181.  jerkygirl

    I started reading this site fairly close to the beginning I think (2004 or 2005, can’t remember) and as much as I loved it in the beginning, I think it has only gotten better over time. I don’t know how you come up with as much funny stuff as you do every single day, but I’m so thankful that you do. GFY is the BEST blog ever and Fug Nation is truly the best community on the web. Congratulations on 10 years and best wishes for many, many more!!!

  182. Laura

    Congratulations!! I can’t believe it has been 10 years since you started this site – I’ve been reading since the beginning (and TWOP actually!). Thank you, Heather and Jessica, for creating such an amazing site and community. This is my favourite corner of the internet and it’s all about what you girls have fostered here. I hope you will be kicking back and celebrating tonight – two amazing milestones in one day!! Happy anniversary and Happy manuscript day!

  183.  ohsohappy

    Happy Anniversary, Jessica and Heather! There is a saying, “Do what you love, you will be better at it.” It is crystal clear that you both love what you do! It was one year ago today that I found you all. My oldest child left to start his life and I was a sobbing wreck and you all made me laugh thru the tears. I will never forget that. And then you kept me occupied until I could calm down over the next few days and come ’round to finally (kind of) dry my eyes. Thank you for all your hard work, dedication, extraordinary writing and very clever wit. And many more, Ladies!!! Taunya :D

  184.  Constant Reader

    Congratulations, Fug Girls! Thanks for all the laughs over the years!

  185. Elizabeth

    Happy Anniversary and congratulations, you guys!! I have laughed (and grieved poor fashion choices) with you since stumbling across your blog when it was about a year old, on its anniversary, I do believe. I’ve followed you through getting married and having a kid and getting cancer and living through it–and I swear if there wasn’t patient-access wi-fi so I could follow Fug Madness that year, it would have done me in. (Some indignities are simply too much to bear, and I suspect that would have been one of them.) But no. You were there. So I straightened my caftan, added ice to my drink, and soldiered on with withering scorn for all pantsless transgressors everywhere. Thank you for all those years, The Fug Awards, and two great novels. Can’t wait for the third.

  186.  Emily

    For some reason, in Feedly the photo for this post comes up as the one of Pacey holding the umbrella over Krugs at the Golden Globes, and I felt that was very apropos. Happy anniversary!

  187. allisankelly

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! GFY has given me years of laughs and I appreciate all the hard work.

  188. Lori

    Thanks Heather and Jess! This is by far my favorite site. (Fun fact: I missed a week when I was on vacation. This is the only blog I’m bothering to catch up on.)

    I’m proud to be a Fug National. You guys are the greatest community!

  189. Philippa

    Dear Fug Girls, you don’t just make me gasp (in horror or admiration), you make me THINK. I learn stuff here. Congratulations on 10 years and thanks for being forever fab.

  190.  GeoDiva

    Congrats! I only discovered you a few months ago, but I am totally hooked!

  191. blancheingram

    Happy anniversary to my favorite lady bloggers (blogesses?). Nobody does it like you. Thanks for ten years of unwind material!

  192. Joanie

    Congrats, ladies!

    Thank YOU for keeping us entertained and making the internet fun again.

    P.S. The only thing that would make the collection of gifs even better is if Intern George were playing a tambourine in that last one. (Hey, you have your fantasies and I have mine. Let’s not judge, okay?)

  193. Samantha

    You two are the best! I can’t believe it has been 10 years.

  194. ANK

    I’ve been reading this blog since 2007 and this is the first time I’ve commented – to give a well-deserved THANK YOU on a momentous occasion. Thank you for teaching America that leggings aren’t pants. I love you ladies.

  195.  Dani

    Augh… congratulations!! I think I’ve been around for 8 years and read pretty much every every post, which is a scarily large amount of my time, but I don’t regret a minute of it! Thank you for serving up so much laughter on the regular!

  196. lynn

    I check this site every day. TY for having it.

  197.  Christine

    Thank you for making the days more fun for the last ten years! Congratulations!

  198.  Brooke M.

    Happy Anniversary and many more!!! This blog is an important part of my day, and I really appreciate what you guys do. Thank you and keep fugging the fug ladies!

  199.  JanetP

    Congratulations, and happy anniversary! I cannot look at a photo of Drunkface McCord without thinking of you or hear someone referred to as a “widow” without wanting to call her “The Widow Longoria”. And, of course, CAPSLOCK KANYE FOR THE WIN. You guys are the best — thank you!!!!!

  200. Lily1214

    A very congratulations and another 10 years!!

  201. nobody much

    <3 <3 <3

  202. Tiffany

    Congratulations! You are truly BRILLIANT and your writing brings so much joy to my life. Thank you so much!

    Signed ~ Tiffany, who now always remembers to wear a bracelet and lipstick.

  203. Alanna

    Thank YOU for being a friend. I’ve been reading since almost the very beginning and you keep me coming back every day. I found you guys via TWoP and you are my favourite! I’ve read your books and can’t wait for the next one. Cheers to both you smart, funny women!

  204. ShannonPNW

    Happy Fuggin’ Birthday!!!!

    When I was introduced to y’all it was back in the day, when you ladies were QUITE a bit meaner. The college friend who first led me here was kind of an Edgy Mean Girl and I remember thinking that GFY was a bit more her humor than mine. Now I know you are two of the funniest, most nuanced, intelligent, and eminently readable (and hardworking!) blog voices on the whole of the internet. I couldn’t live without your TV fugcaps and my boyfriend also thinks you two are absolutely hilarious and incisive. Here’s to the next Fug-cade!

  205. Boudicca

    Congratulations from a long-time lurker. GFY is my guilty pleasure. It gratifies my love of fashion and passion for wit and brilliant writing. May you continue to fug for many years.

    P.S. As your .gif clearly proves, Hermione should have married Harry.

  206.  doublett

    My sister got me started on gfy and it’s one of the best gifts she’s ever given me. Thanks for getting me through some tough times with your hilarious writing, and for inspiring me through your continued humanity and wit. To many more awesome years!

  207. Dianne Fehr

    Thank you both for giving me ten years of great reading. I know all of us in Fug Nation have gone through some stuff in the past ten years (wow) and having Go Fug Yourself has been a day brightener. Please keep writing.

  208. shebrihart

    Happy Birthday GFY!!! Thanks for making me laugh so much over the years. I’m so thankful to have stumbled upon this blog many years ago. Keep up the good work!!

  209. Stephanie

    Happy Anniversary! I am a faithful reader who doesn’t comment (I don’t consider myself qualified; I don’t wear heels, let alone an entry-level Cartier) but I enjoy reading the comments as much as the posts. I work at a newspaper, and the trolls get me down. I love having this troll-free site to check after work. Congratulations on a decade of fab!

  210.  Donna

    Congrats, you two! I’ve loved this site since I first found it—no idea when that was, but you still had the old blogspot address. Raising a glass even as I laugh at autocorrect’s attempt to change “bloodspot” to “bloodsport”—hey, whatever it takes.

  211.  TL

    happy anniversary! I started reading you almost from the first, I think, although I’ve only just started commenting after all these years. Because we’ve hit that level in our relationship where now I just let it all hang out, right there in front of you. The romance may be gone, but the solid, enduring fug underneath remains. Many more decades to come! Slainte!

  212. Sarah

    Happy 10th! I’ve been a reader since your TwOP recapper days and love your site. I still laugh over the JLo/Hola Lovers, “Love, BRITNEY!” Fug Letters, and a particularly impassioned plea to Jonah Hill that if you see those shoes one more time “they’re going in the fire.” Love you ladies.

  213. Peggy

    Happy Anniversary! 10 years AND meeting your book deadline totally deserves an entry level Cartier. Totally.

  214. kage

    Ladies, I have been following your amazing work since TWoP days, and still regret not being able to meet you at your ‘Summer of Debauchery’ (I don’t think that was the actual name, but you will know what I mean) meet up many years ago. Very hearty congratulations on your achievement! Thank you so much for brightening many days for me with your excellent content.

    • Jessica

      The Summer of Excessive Drinking and Inappropriate Behavior!!! That was ALSO like 10 years ago OMG. I was excessive and inappropriate. I don’t regret it.

  215. Amanda

    Chiming in to add to the chorus of praise — I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the wit, intelligence, humor, and thoughtfulness of the commentary on this site. So often (take, as but one example, the porntastic Glee GQ cover), your thoughts perfectly reflect my own. I was trying to recall how long I’ve been reading this site, so I decided to look at some early 2004 posts to see if I could find ones I remember. I’m thrilled and immensely proud to report that, thanks to The Bow, I can say with certainty that I’ve been a Fug National since the beginning! :) Many thanks and congratulations!

    Many thanks and congratulations!

  216.  Lena

    Happy birthday!

    I have been reading for pretty much the whole ten years (the site, I’ve been able to read for quite a bit longer than that), and I love the community you created. I actually sent my very first, and possible only, fan email to you, and you responded (which I did NOT expect) with a very friendly email, and won my heart completely. To many more years!

  217. Lori

    I found you guys through TWoP (RIP, *sniff*) and have been a faithful reader ever since. Here’s to 10 more years and beyond!

  218. Teresacakes

    You slay me like St. George’s dragon every day. So much love for carving this niche and then growing it into a hilarious, connected, global community that plays by the rules of civility and respect. Happy Anniversary!!

  219. babyB

    CONGRATULATIONS on a decade of great work. Your website continues to be one of my most visited and enjoyable places to come on the internets. Here’s to 10 more years! Cheers!!

  220.  Amelia

    Congrats on 10 years! I’ll never forget finding this site in late 2005 (I think because the WSJ covered you guys and reading the article intrigued me), and how it became such an endless source of shrieking laughter and procrastination for my college roommate/BFF and me. We would be sitting at our desks in our tiny dorm room when one of us would hear the other first snickering, then laughing loudly and uncontrollably, and the other would ask: “Are you reading GFY? OH MY GOD IS THERE A NEW POST UP???” We now look forward to Fug Madness on an annual basis (even if we don’t always agree who should go the distance to #1!), and if one of us gchats the other with news of a “Fug the Fromage” posting, well, there go both our work afternoons. (And, though we certainly didn’t need anything more to make us love the site, as proud Notre Dame grads, we were that much more stoked when we learned that Heather was a fellow alum. :D) Congrats again on a great decade and hoping for many more!

  221. BrownEyedBetty

    Congratulation FugGirls from a long-time follower (at least 8+ years). I first heard about your blog from a list-icle in a UK newspaper…checked you out and have been dropping by daily ever since. The blog has definitely evolved over the years and, while I don’t laugh as much as I used to, I still appreciate all that you do, the quality of your writing and the wonderful community. It’s a comfort to know so many link-minded people are out there looking for a laugh to get through the day or a tough time. For a site devoted to such silliness you’ve actually achieved something of great integrity and value. Cheers M’Dears!

  222. Samantha

    Cheers to 10 more years! xx

  223. Rosemary

    Congratulations!! Your site is my first stop everyday and its one of the things that helps me EASE into my work… gives me something to look forward to. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do… Love it ALL.

  224. TonyG

    Happy 10th Jessica, Heather and Fug Nation!

    This is one of the wittiest and warmest places on the web and I’m grateful to be a part of it all.

  225. Maya

    love y’all so much. and may i commend your selection of gifs. here’s to 10 more years!

  226. ljmabouttown

    A Fug Anniversary and Canada Day – two great tastes that taste great together. Congratulations ladies!

  227. jen310

    Congrats, Fug Girls, on the best ten years ever!

    You are both so exceptionally awesome and no day (or night) would be complete without a visit to one of the best sites on the Internet. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I am so proud to be a member of Fug Nation and have you and Heather serve as our fearless and witty leaders.

    Here’s to the next ten years multiplied by 100 (you two will be a hoot as old broads)! Viva la Fug Girls! Viva la Fug Nation!

  228. K

    Thanks Fug Girls! I may have read almost every word on this site. And I think of your general beliefs often (hem your pants, don’t pick boring shoes, wear a bracelet) and apply them to my life x

  229. Cory

    All the feels I feel indeed! God how I love both you girls and your charming sense of humor. I look forward to your commentary on the clothes of pop culture more than any other news of the world, parenthetically not News of the World because WTF. And yes I forced the word parenthetically into a sentence because I love your use of the word. You’re both delightful and you make even the best of days better. Keep writing, and I wish you all the success pop culture can bring you.

  230.  Stephanie

    Congratulations Heather and Jessica! I’ve been a proud citizen of Fug Nation since year one and I’ve loved celebrating all your success — the site, the books, the guest blogs on some of my other favorites sites — you’re two of the funniest, most creative, and talented writers I’ve had the pleasure to read. Even better, you’re both two of the nicest girls I’ve never met, but I feel like you’re old friends — cheers to the next decade — may it be filled with sparkle!

  231.  arumanda

    i have never commented here before, but i think after many years of reading your blog daily from the land down under, it’s high time i did. i LOVE your blog, i love your words words words and i love the spirit in which you both write them. i thank you for your entertainment and humour, and i particularly love when you cover fashion happenings (or un-happenings) here in australia.
    congratulations to you both on this monumentous occasion :)

    internet high fives for everyone!

  232.  alamedapeg

    My day is not complete without the Fug Girls and the wonderful community you’ve fostered. Thanks and looking forward to more!

  233. Jade

    Happy Anniversary, GFY!!

    But surely a display of gifs can’t be complete without a Buffy gif?

  234. Morris

    Happy 10 years, lovely ladies! Thank you so much for all the laughs, the fashion lessons, your warmth and wit and enthusiasm, everything!
    I too love Fug Nation and all the hilarious and interesting comments and stories that come out when commenting on a ridiculous celebrity outfit.
    On a personal note, having been home for the last year with my first baby, there were many dark days where my only light was this site. Thank you so much xxx

  235. Calliope Jane

    Happy 10th anniversary, you two!! Like many others, I’ve been reading…since close to the beginning (I started at twop :)). I can’t believe it’s been 10 years, but they’ve been amazing, funny, Pacey- and Intern George-filled years. I also have to say that , while there isn’t a post or feature I don’t enjoy on this site (and the advice! NAB! Tights are not pants!), I adore the Friday link round-up (and now royals round up!). You make Fridays extra amazing and special.

    Hallmark says the modern 10th anniversary present is diamonds, but all I can offer is a gif of Joan Collins…wearing diamonds (probably) and holding what can be imagined as a very large diamond :)

    Congratulations!! And thank you!!!

  236. trintring

    Congrats Fug girls. Thank you for being awesome and giving me so much joy. Love

  237.  lacondesainvierno

    I echo the sincere congratulations and true friendship behind all these posts. As has been written there are more important things to think about than clothes, but not when getting dressed for dinner. This site is about the clothes but so much more: beauty, lust, feminism, talent, humor, modern culture, good grammer! and the list goes on. 10 years does not happen without luck and a lot of work. I am glad that success has come to two such nice and interesting people. I look forward to sharing more in the future.

  238. María

    Hey Fug Girls!
    happy anniversary from Spain! I’ve been a proud member of Fug Nation since 2005, and I’m sooo thankful of this beatiful site and community you have created. Such intelligent, sensible, funny people you have around here ;)

    Reading your posts is one of my daily pleasures, and you have helped me lots with my English (my eternal work in progress…). The best comments on the Internet are here, both on form and content. So so happy you opened up the comments again.

    Here’s to many more years!

  239. Sandi H

    I started reading this blog when I was 19 and in university – cut to nine years later and I’m checking in each day and really loving getting to sit down to Fugs and Pieces on a Saturday morning. It is a real pleasure. Thank you.

  240. Alison C

    Intern George’s wiggly eyebrows made my day.

  241.  Angela

    I came to the Fug Nation after an interview you gave to BBC Radio 4′s Woman’s Hour years ago. Your smart, funny and warm blog is a daily treat for me. I always leave your site a happier woman.

    Happy Anniversary!! And many more witty, funny perceptive years to come!

    Thanks Girls. xx

  242.  Arz

    YAY Fug Girls! Yay Fug Nation! Happy anniversary!!

    I love this website and even catch up on past posts when I’m back from off the grid holidays. :) Looking forward to more and more!

    *cling* of Diet Coke cans!

  243. Katie B

    Congratulations from a UK fug fan – you have been brightening my life for about two years now, keep up the good work. And the HILARIOUS gifs, thank you!

  244. Lerie

    I will also take the opportunity to post here (where else would I?) that I dreamt about Bag last night. !?! Haha! Kim was in there too, chomping on her gum in strategically ripped jeans, but Bag was the star.

  245. Sajorina

    YAY!!!!!! *acts like she’s drinking champagne*

    Congratulations on meeting your deadline & Happy 10th Anniversary, Heather & Jessica! I’m so proud of you and all you have accomplished in 10 years with your amazing ingenuity, vast intelligence, inherent wit, excellent writing, great sense of humor, genuine caring, and wonderful friendship! Thank you for being a friend to us, your dearest Fug Nation! We’ll ALWAYS be here for you and support you in everything you do! Luv ya, Fug Girls!

    And the GIFS are AWESOME!!! This is how I feel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFNLbAs3KAU ;)

    • Sajorina

      Oh, and a well deserved shout-out and much love to Kat Dennings for bringing GFY into my life! I’ll be indebted to her FOREVER! ♥

  246. Debra

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! champagne flowing and I am wearing a turban in your honor…cant tell you girls how many people I have told about your site and will continue to do so…KEEP ON FUGGING!!!!!

  247. Not Amish Daphne

    There are only two sites* on the internet that have excellent comment sections. One of them is GFY, so hurray!!!!! I love you.

    If I weren’t so short that it would envelop me beyond recognition, I would buy a caftan to celebrate.

    *The other is Ricochet, which is a politically conservative website that would probably make most of Fug Nation blow a gasket… sorry. I happen to be a libertarian who ALSO loves fashion and smart discussion. ;)

  248.  tejasmom

    Love y’all to death. Keep up the good work. I live for Fug Madness.

  249. cebec

    I love this site as much as I love Anne of Green Gables and her puffed sleeves (so you can imagine how overjoyed I am whenever you mention them on here!). Never change, GFY, NEVER CHANGE!

  250. KarenB.

    You gals were my lifeline to sanity when I was home with wee little babies 10 years ago. We’ve been through a lot of fashion together and I just love you two! xxxooo

  251. Beth

    Just wanted to say that I’ve been with you guys since nearly the beginning and you are the thing that has gotten me through many shitty days at work by making me smile, laugh and think of the absurdity in the world – thus getting my head back on straight! :) You guys rock. This page get better and better. And I hope you never stop. Best to you from now to your next ten year anniversary!

  252. Sweetsinger

    Congrats ladies, and thanks for the thousands of laughs, smiles, and beautiful images you gave me over the last decade.

  253. Laia

    I never comment but I’ve been reading GFY almost daily since late 2004, I can’t believe it’s been so long! Thank you so much for the laughs and (inevitably) good fashion advice over the years, here’s to ten more!

  254. Kiti

    A day late to the party, but I’m proud to say that I’ve been reading since 2004. I don’t recall what month, but it was pretty close to the very very beginning. I can’t explain why I love GFY. I just do.

    When/where is FugCon?

  255.  Cat

    Congratulations Heather and Jessica! You are smart, funny, snarky and forever have my heart! Been a loyal reader for 9 years, have both your books and I´m looking forward to the Royal WE!

  256. BootsRVA

    Fug Girls — you are the best. Thank you for never giving Fug Nation a reason to say “HAHAOMGWTFBBQ” about either of you!

  257. terre

    happy anniversary! we’re with you as long as you want to do it and love it! best!

  258. Andrea

    Yeah Fug Girls! Discovered your site 7 years ago and so glad I did! I’ve literally shed tears of laughter so many times I can’t count! Loved all your clips. I can vividly remember seeing almost every one! Keep up the hilarious work!!

  259.  Hillary

    Happy birthday, GFY! I’ve been reading your site for 9 years and you’ve still got it, babies. Your books are great, too! And I am SO GLAD you’re doing recaps! RIP TWOP!

  260. Popcouver

    Congratulations Heather, Jessica, and Fug Nation! May NAB, WORDS, and Intern George live on for another ten!

  261.  AlyssaFromOK

    Congrats! I’ve been reading for 8 or 9 years now…when I found your blog, I went back and read all the archives. I come here *nearly* every day, and enjoy your hard work!

  262. Anna

    Y’all are the absolute BEST. Because of you I get to procrastinate at work all the time. Thank you for all of your hard work, and cheers to the next 10!

  263.  Izzy

    Can’t say anything more than has already been said, just chiming in to say THANK YOU and Congratulations! Cheers to 10 more years of fug & laughter :)

  264. Kelly Booth

    CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for watching things on TV that are awful so I don’t have to! And also for all you do. You are awesome.

  265. Amy

    Congratulations, Fug Girls! I too visit daily for a dose of laughter and clothes envy. Love this site and Fug Nation!

  266. Ann

    Thanks so much for all the work you guys put into this wonderful site! Sometimes it’s the only thing that makes me want to go to work in the morning. (My daily ritual upon arriving at work is to login, let email load, check GFY, grudgingly start work.)

  267. Lori

    Congrats! Here is to another amazing 10 years!

  268. Tess

    Late to the party but: yay!!!

  269. JenniferM

    Congrats on 10 years Heather and Jessica! I discovered you both from Grazia magazine while pregnant with my son (10 in October). You have brought light, smiles, laughter to my day for 10 years. You have let me know what’s cool to watch, what’s cool to wear, and what’s cool to read. You have seen me through toddlerhood/childhood of my 2 kids, an international move, job move, breast biopsy, and horrible bosses. I’m so glad you’re still thriving and I can’t wait until my tween daughter can read your books! Viva Fug Girls!

  270.  Natalie

    Congratulations ladies – 10 years feels like it has flown by. I’ve been reading since 2004 as well and it’s testament to your skill and humour that I haven’t dropped off ever during that time. GFY is one of my favourites sites to check, every single day.

    I also agree with everyone else here that the Fug Nation community that has developed over time has also contributed hugely to my enjoyment of the site. What a funny and cool group of people… I can only live in hope that one day there’s a massive party somewhere and we’re all there.

    Love you lots from Australia x

  271. Jamila

    I don’t remember when I discovered you or what the first posts I read were, but I do remember the moment I fell totally in love with you. It involved KFed and manpris and it was a WHILE ago. I remember laughing until my belly ached and forwarding it to everyone I knew. Let’s just roll the tape, shall we?


    And it’s only gotten better. This site has been a part of my daily life through numerous jobs, kids, boyfriends/husbands. Thank you. THANK YOU.

  272. Patti

    The previous 313 entries stole and/or expressed many of my praises. Two days in, and I still cannot cleverly impress and/or bless you both as my “Critique Comrades” have before me. That said ….

    Fug Girls – LONG MY YOU REIGN !!

  273. J

    I love you guys! Here’s to another 10 years! Congratulations!

  274.  RoseRed

    Coming in a few days late – sorry – just wanted to add to the chorus of thanks – I’ve been reading for a long time, maybe nearly 10 years, and you just keep getting better – especially the Royals. Love! Thanks to you both.

  275. Janine

    I’m a bit late but – happy happy anniversary from Germany! :) Thank you for brightening up my uni / work days and being smart, hilarious, and awesome ladies!! x

  276. Moo

    Congratulations, and Thank-you for many great years of fugging.

  277. PHX

    Congrats! Keep fugging the good fug!

  278.  Dana

    Congrats!!!! I can’t believe it has been 10 years, boy does time fly. I’m looking forward to the next 10 too.

  279.  Rachel

    I’ve been without Internet access for a few days so missed this — but a belated happy birthday. I found you via Fametracker and TWOP many years ago, and you’re an essential part of my Internet life. Saturday mornings now mean a cup of tea and a biscuit (Brit), Bits and Pieces (so good!), and a Royal Roundup. Thank you!

  280.  Janice Dixon

    Congrats, ladies! I still remember the day I heard that two of the writers from TWOP had started their own fashion-shaming site on the side (perhaps in an X-Files recap? That detail I don’t remember. Though I seem to think it was Pamie who mentioned it in a GG recap) and heading right over to read it. I thought the name was so clever. And now… 10 years later, still checking in and loving your site, and your books!

  281. SandraGee

    Chiming in late to say congratulations on 10 years of GFY – you guys are sincerely the greatest, and Fug Nation is an awesome reflection of that.

  282. tygerstripes

    TEN YEARS?! Holy fug, girls!
    Late to the party as usual, but so happy to be here! Now Imagonnadotheperiodthang:
    Best. Fashion. Website. EVAH!! Y-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ayy!!!

  283.  LOU

    And this is even later, but it must be said…Congratulations, brilliant, delightful and talented ladies! I’ve been coming to GFY for around 7 -8 years now – following a link on the Guardian news website – and what a revelation! My vocabulary has fuggingly improved. The intelligence, wit and the lovely relationship and rapport between the two of you are a winning combination.

    It’s also been wonderful to feel and see you get bigger and better in the most positive ways! May there be many more great years to come.

  284. Lindsay-Jean

    Hooray!! Congrats congrats on 10 years!!!