Oh, Ashanti.

If you have such bad whiplash, just stay home.

P.S. Don’t be mad, but I think maybe you’ve outgrown J.Crew’s kids’ store.

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Comments (12):

  1. deee

    Yikes. I almost gave myself whiplash when I cringed away from my computer as I scrolled down this post.

  2. Leah

    haha Crew Cuts!

  3.  HelenBackAgain

    I’m mentally trying to Unfug it, and no. She needed to just wear something else.

  4. Anna Svahn

    Dress is OK but the shoes. No!

  5. jenny

    You know, after her infamous 2012 vaginal sheath that took her so far in last year’s Fug Madness, this is practically a well played. Which sounds like a compliment to this outfit, but is really not given how horrifying that sheath was.

    • ¬†HelenBackAgain

      I’d actually managed to block out the infamous Vagina Sling.

      For anyone else who did the same and Just Can’t Resist Looking, here it is one more time:


      I must say… I’m more kindly disposed toward this silly outfit now.

      • Tiffany

        WOW, I missed that before. Just, wow. I hope Miley doesnt see that post and get any ideas.

      • esther p.

        i had so forgotten about that … time for some mind-wiping vodka!

  6. Kate

    To guard against those persistent narrow, shoulder-height cold fronts

  7. Vi

    It amazes me how often beautiful women in show business allow stylists to dress them in truly unflattering clothing. At least, I HOPE it was a stylist. Otherwise, she is sabotaging herself with this hot mess. And the shoes: NO!!!

    • Chris P

      To be fair, I’m just glad that her shoes don’t spell out “sex.”

      (Also, whoever posted the Vaginal Sling: Thanks. I HAD repressed that memory, and now it all came back.)

  8. Lily1214

    Why is the top part lighter white than the rest of this outfit?