Fugs and Fabs: Tom Ford’s Cocktail Party

Not, like, at his house. This was a benefit for Project Angel Food (an excellent cause). He still wore sunglasses in all of his photos, however, because he is Tom Ford. (No offense, Tom. I thought everyone in A Single Man, including all the furniture, looked amazing.)

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. margaret

    Rita has a royal bib on. Was this a lobster feed?

  2. cathy

    rita and tom hanks have been married for 25 years. that is awesome !!! one my favourite celeb couples. and she looks awesome here i like this neck thingy.

    tom ford wears the hell out of this tux.

    allisons dress is super cute

    • Blythe

      How romantic! Too bad Hanks was married to his first wife when he was fooling around with Wilson; kind of takes the shine off things, I think.

  3. JMo

    Whatever is happening on Gabrielle’s head makes her look 50 years old! Is it the make up or the severely pulled back hair? I don’t know, but her head deserves better!

  4. h² fashion

    I’m obsessed with Allison’s look! She looks great!


  5. Jen

    Why are all the shoes so boooooooring? Some of the clothes are cool (and Tom Ford’s suit looks gorgeous), but taken all together, with all the black, it’s kind of an elegant snore.

    I do like Henry and Gina as a couple. :) She kicks ass.

  6. glee

    Tom Ford’s pants look surprisingly poorly tailored – and the jacket is weirdly bumpy. Still so handsome.

  7. lavonspants

    Why are Garcelle Beauvais’ feet in jail? What did they ever do?

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaate those booties.

  8. Zulk

    Anna Paquin just had twins, right? Well, she is going into the same room that I’ve put Claire Danes in as new moms who are being rude by looking so good so soon after having kids.

  9. Anna Svahn

    Tom looks wasp-waisted. And the pants don’t fit properly.

  10. lefty

    “Jeremy Piven looks great!” – me, re: Tom Ford

    • Sajorina


    • Ladyblahblah

      Lefty – I thought the same thing – Piven! But like in those Microsoft commercials where the person in the ad is recounting how they invented Windows 7 and in their memory they are better looking, thinner, taller, etc.?

  11. Gigi

    Tom Ford is beautiful and I want to have multiple drinks and dish with Rita Wilson.

  12. Callie

    I WANT Allison Williams’ entire outfit so badly. I would also accept Anna Paquin’s.

  13. Rayna

    Just hand over Rita’s necklace scarf, and no one gets hurt.

  14. Vandalfan

    Allison William’s dress: Come to mama!

    Not to worry, there are other photos showing her standing straight with good posture and a lovely smile.

  15. Sajorina

    I covet Allison Williams’ dress! COVET, I tell you! ♥

  16. mary lou bethune

    There are very few who could wear Gracelle’s yellow dress. She looks fabulous.

  17. Helen

    I know, it’s a jumpsuit, but I think Patricia Clarkson looks terrific.

  18. pantsonfire

    Anna P. looks tremendous, period, and she looks downright miraculous for having birthed some babies recently. I think this is, fundamentally, one of her better moments, even if I’m not loving the facial expression or particular hair style (I will never understand that hairstyle…it just looks like she hasn’t washed her hair in two weeks). Her skin looks good, that particular shade of blonde is working for her, and I think she’s making that dress work, despite it’s weirdness (it’s not really my style, but I kind of like it, and that’s probably all on her). The makeup could make use a tweak, but overall, good job, Anna.

  19. Sarah B

    Not so sure about the tastefulness of Anna P. I feel like I can see a hint of panties.

  20. Lola

    Rita Wilson and Patricia Clarkson–two more old broads with ridiculous long, flowing locks better suited to a teen–make it stop. They look like homeless witches.

    • Helen

      As long as it suits her, which in both these cases it does, there is no reason whatsoever why a mature woman should not have longer hair.

      I think they both look great, and perfectly age-appropriate.

      • witjunkie

        Seriously. Lola, you are welcome to chop all your hair off when you turn 40, but I’m keeping mine, thanks.

  21. Hima

    Dear Fug Girls,

    I am afraid that you all might have some sort of “Stockholm Syndrome” thing happening re: jumpsuits. Recently, I keep hearing things like “yes, it’s a jumpsuit, but…” There can be no buts about jumpsuits. (Insert some pun about large butts and jumpsuits here).

    While Patricia Clarkson didn’t look TERRIBLE wearing this, I need to point out Heidi Klum during fashion week. She looked awful here. http://gofugyourself.com/new-york-fugshion-week-stuff-we-saw-on-days-2-and-3-02-2013/project-runway-runway-fall-2013-mercedes-benz-fashion-week-4 And yet, your comments were generally positive. I am worried. Jumpsuits can’t get a pass. Please.

    Wide-hipped girl afraid for the future.

    • Hima

      Oops. I think I made this same comment last month. Clearly my alarm at the softening stance on jumpsuits is getting to me.

  22. jean

    Everytime I see Alison Williams, I think she would make a great Kate Middleton in a Lifetime Movie. She is SO the Charlotte of her generation. Perfectly pretty and non-threatening. And the dress is great. Perfectly great. I prefer Anna’s edgier look although maybe some lining would have been nice. But everything is contained and she certainly has the figure to pull it off.

  23. Mo

    I am a huge fan of Anna P’s lunacy. She looks SPECTACULAR.

    Also, Rita Wilson gives great face.

  24. Neil

    Wow, is Henry Cavill the most handsome young actor in Hollywood right now? I think he may well be. He does look good in a tux too.