Fugs and Fabs: The “Girls” UK Premiere

You guys may think I’m crazy, but I’m not actually mad at any of these. Well, perhaps at you, Richard E. Grant, you burnished scamp. And Zosia’s jumpsuit and I are going through some strained times. Okay, so things aren’t as rosy as I thought, but doesn’t Lena look good?

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  1. Kate

    Yay Lena! I hope she keeps skipping the strapless dresses, they don’t flatter her figure the way she deserves, and I think this looks great on her.

  2.  ErinB

    Allison Williams proves the “better to be overdressed than under-dressed” saying to be true. She looks wonderful!

  3. scone

    Hooray, Lena! She looks fab.

    Zosia looks terrible again, sigh.

  4. Lisa

    That dress is pretty flattering on Lena, better than 90% of her choices. I cannot past the horrible color of Zosia’s jumpsuit, it is awful. But her head does look good. Allison does look WAY overdressed and the orange lipstick is a little harsh.

  5.  A.J.

    I had to call over my co-worker who is in love with Richard E. Grant so she could see his tanning bed accident.

  6. Sandra

    This is definitely a Better Played for Lena. She doesn’t get Well Played until she stands the hell up straight or explains that she has an orthopedic condition that prohibits it.

    Zosia wins from the collarbones up. The rest is so unfortunate.

    Allison may not be event-appropriate, but she does look good.

    Richard E. Grant needs to…..stop whatever he’s been doing lately. He looks ROUGH.

  7.  Berrig

    I love Richard E. Grant, but WTF??? Doesn’t he know that I like my Englishmen pale and interesting?

    • Mrs. Julien

      In his delightful book, With Nails, he described Madonna as “sepulchrally pale”. I’ve been borrowing that line for years.

      • Anne

        Can’t he just have been out in the sun too much? I’d prefer thinking that to thinking he uses a tanning bed.

        • Fat Desdemona

          That doesn’t look like natural sun. That looks like bronzer orange. But maybe the color is off on my monitor?

          • Jules

            It definitely looks fake, and his forehead seems to have doubled somehow. Not his best look, I don’t think.

  8. Fat Desdemona

    I’ve loved Richard E. Grant since I saw Bram Stoker’s Dracula in theatres waaaay on back. First of all, is he on Girls? I’ve never watched it, but he doesn’t seem the type per se. Secondly, why is he doing that to himself? Whywhywhy?

  9. Claire

    So THAT’S where my labia costume went! Hopefully Zosia will return it before Halloween.

  10. Stefanie

    Lena looks great. I love the dress. I love the hair. I love the makeup. Well played indeed.

    Zoisa looks good considering she’s wearing a jumpsuit.

    Allison looks good too, I guess. Over dressed, yes. A little harsh with the hair and the collar, yes.

  11. holly

    Puce: the color that looks as awful as it sounds.

    • Mrs. Helpful

      Right? honestly it is one of the worst “colors” I have ever seen made into a garment. it is hideous. But her face and hair look pretty.

      Lena looks great because she is a little more covered up than usual. We usually get too much flesh from her. Plus, yes, good makeup.

  12. laura

    Finally!! Yay, Lena. Well done.

  13.  anno

    Somebody needs a nap. The only positive is that Lena’s doily dress seems to fit. These are all fairly awful

  14. Jenz

    Lena looks cute as does Alison. Zosia.. I’d give that a pass if it were in ANY other color than taupe.

  15. Eric Rezsnyak

    BETTER, Lena. Better.

    Zosia is smiling! What a delight! That complicated pantsuit is…not a delight.

    Williams looks like one what would happen if one of the Robert Palmer Girls became the manager of an Old West brothel. That is to say, I’m into it.

    Richard E. Grant has become human jerky.

  16. Stacey

    Lena! This is the shape to flatter your figure. Keep doing this shàpe. Also, càn I have it when you are done. I think we might be the same size. Thanks.

  17. Ruth

    Richard E. Grant looks like a Will Arnett impersonator, down to the orange skin.

  18. Mrs. Ditter

    I know all y’all hated Paula Patton’s GG dress with a white hot hate (for a hot white dress HA), but I actually prefer it to the pantsuit thingy worn by Zosia. Patton at least looks delighted in her photos.

  19. Philippa

    I want so much to be able to look at a photo of Lena Dunham and NOT see that tattoo. But it — and her posture — grab my eyeballs every time, and my Inner Mom has a meltdown.

  20. Gayle

    I like Allison’s dress but all I could think was ” well someone wants to be noticed”

  21. EmilyAP

    Today I learned what the Irish flag looks like. Yay for being educational, fug girls.

  22. Vanessa

    Hooray for Lena! Love the red lip!

  23. Mina

    Hmmm. Maybe some modifications to Zosia’s jumpsuit would make it better? The first thing that popped into my head was silver heels. Would silver heels elevate this jumpsuit?

  24. Janice

    um, am i the only one who thinks zosia’s jumpsuit looks a wee bit gynecological? eek.

  25.  IB

    I am old, an ugly too big tattoo messes everyting up.

    • Kristin

      I googled Lena’s tattoo and it appears to be a toile-like meadow scene. It’s perfectly nice in close-up, but at a distance it looks gangrenous.

  26.  hillary l.

    YES!!!! Lena’s dress is a print (well, it’s lace. But the effect is close enough), it’s cocktail length, and suits her so much more than the giant bland ballgowns that eat her alive.

    So…this is a win. I hope she keeps them coming.

  27. Bambi Anne Dear

    Richard E. Grant has a very lovely jacket on and a very large forehead. Looks like a lot of brain space too.

  28. Bambi Anne Dear

    and, Zosia looks lovely and Alison Williams looks amazing. I’d love to see the coloured part in detail.

  29.  mepe

    I’ve always kind of assumed that the rest of the girls prank Alison Williams quite often. She just seems so pretty and well behaved that they probably can’t help themselves. But she does look great here so maybe the prank is on them!

  30. Erin

    Lena looks LOVELY. Appropriately dressy for her but casual and the whole head is nice. Zosia’s… might be better if it weren’t in such a blah colour? If it were a deep blue or black it could be okay. Her head is awesome, imo, especially the hair!

  31. Sajorina

    Lena looks FANTASTIC! Beautiful dress… Very flattering! And great hair & makeup! And I love Allison’s dress! She always looks FAB!

  32. kate

    lena looks stunning! :-)

  33. KK

    Hooray for Lena wearing something reasonably flattering and not having lipstick on her teeth. Now I wish she would STAND UP STRAIGHT.

  34. TonyG

    …”the right third of the Irish flag.” That was good…so good!