Fugs and Fabs: The Dudes of the Independent Spirit Awards

I’m going to be so sad, now that Dudes In Suits season is over.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty]

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  1.  KLeewrite

    I want to give Jacob Tremblay a hug and invite him over for a playdate with my son (they’re the same age).

    Oh, hello, Idris. Good to see you. You can come for a playdate with me.

  2.  dee

    Am I the only one who always accidentally mis-reads “Applause” as”Applesauce”?

    Oh and everyone looks great.

    •  laulau

      Every Single Time.
      Like, I really thought one day I’d be a grown up and not do that but… Maybe the problem is I never really became a real grown-up, just an over-age young adult.

  3. Katty Mcnilley Riple

    YES! Please!
    Keaton as Kors in the biopic of a lifetime, only at Lifetime:

    “She looks like a transvestite flamenco dancer at a funeral : The Michael Kors Story”

    •  Anita

      I would watch the hell out of that! And because it can’t be said enough, nice job growing older, Michael Keaton!

      All the guys look great, and like they’re all attending the same event, something that seems elusive for women.

    • Lesley
    • BlairSylvester

      I seriously looked at the picture thought put on more self tanner and give him a black v neck and he could be Michael Kors and then I read the caption.

  4.  Fawn

    Well, I didn’t think it was possible to improve on perfection. But Idris Elba actually does look even hotter in sunglasses. If he’s not People’s Sexiest Man Alive this year, I call shenanigans!

  5. Jane


    •  Jess

      …looks like he smells like whiskey sweat these days, but I’m still totally into it.

      • Little Bow Wow

        I just can’t stop seeing him with tiny fangs. Did he wear some for a part or something? Why do I have this image in my head?

        • alyson

          You are probably thinking of the first solo Wolverine movie, in which he played Sabretooth.

          • Emperor Cupcake

            I’m really impressed that you intuited what she meant! Fug Nation is a land of many talents. : )

        • Elin

          Me too! And yeah, it’s from him being sabretooth. But I also think his face just looks like it should have fangs – and I mean that in the best way possible. It just seems natural on him :)

        • Kristabelle

          Ha! I can only picture him in Wolverine since then!!

  6. Kathleen

    I love that so many men seem to be stepping up their game these days!

    • Gine

      I was going to say the same thing! It seems like more and more are branching out and trying new things (which has to be challenge with menswear), and it’s really nice to see.

  7.  RobynS

    Cannes is in May so there’s at least that to look forward to.

  8. Eliza Bennett

    Hahaha “She looks like a brioche!” Fug Girls, you are my Prozac.

  9. Amanda

    Zoe Kazan’s hair always looks so dry to me. I just want somebody to make sure she’s using conditioner on a regular basis.

    • Mikki

      I know, her hair doesn’t look right to me either.

      I just checked her age, and she’s 32! Every time I see her picture, I think she’s about 19. She looks very young.

  10. nannypoo

    I hope someone is taking good care of Jacob Tremblay and making sure he gets to be a happy little kid and become a real-world teenager.

    And as for Idris Elba, always hotter than fire, he is the handsomest man living.

  11. phxalba

    Michael Keaton embodies the “fine wine gets better with age” cliche.

    I’d also put Mark Harmon, Tom Skerrit (sp?), and even Intern George in that wine cabinet.

  12. Buffy

    Some of these dudes need to up their shoe game, but other than that, yeah, most of them look nice.

    And how is dudes in suits season over? Men can wear suits any time of year. They do here in Dallas; I work in a part of the city that has lots of law firms and other places where suits are welcome, so there are dudes in suits everywhere all the time.

    • greatwhitenorthchick

      re: the shoes. I love that a lot of these guys are wearing casual shoes. In fact, I would totally totally wear some of them myself, in lady size.

  13.  theboss


    •  theboss

      … was in too much of a tizzy to post properly. Strong work, gents!

  14.  TaraMisu

    Idris!! *swoon* Does he EVER look bad?
    And little Jacob, I will miss seeing your face on the red carpets.

  15. Wags59

    There is no such thing as a successfully casual three-piece suit for gentlemen. They aren’t meant to be worn with those shoes.

  16. Am

    Between the Idris and the Elba, there lies Eden.

  17. Emster

    A) I LOVE Jacob Tremblay’s smart guy glasses.
    C) Kumail Nanjiani can get it.
    D) I feel like a certain personality is required for a brown suit. Paul Dano is that guy.

    •  Rachael

      …that is exactly what I was thinking about Kumail Nanjiani. Hottest he has ever looked.

      • camille

        Kumail Nanjiani has kissy lips. Like he’s always puckered up. This is not a complaint.

    • greatwhitenorthchick

      I agree about Keaton’s double-breasted jacket. I like everything about this casual look….but the jacket. It’s too much look for him and is boxy (rather than foxy). A rare misstep. Otherwise, he’s sharp.

  18. Little Bow Wow

    Paul Dano always looks the same in photographs (as does Zoe Kazan), and that look (from him) is weird. He looks weird. Just. weird.

  19. Maggie

    I just love when movie star guys date girls that seem to be more than just generically starlet attractive. It’s so rare. Zoe and Alexis look like they have interesting taste.

    •  Jeannine

      Right? Jason Segel just became 1000x more interesting. His lady looks fab!

      • janiekettles

        I’ve always liked him, actually, but she looks terrific, and, yes, ups his game considerably.

  20. Visa Diva

    Oh hey, Idris, looking good.

    The rest of you are fine too.

  21. Chantel

    PD and ZK look so cute! I also love Zoe’s shoes, and as Emster said above, PD has the exact personality to carry off the brown suit.
    Mm, Kumail Nanjiani. Wow, he’s bringing it.

    • Chantel

      Oh, I forgot to mention my homeboy, Rami Malek who’s taking risks and looking swell in red. Giving him a bit of side eye wrt the pose though.

  22.  Noodle

    Rami Malek is not my cup of tea, but I LOVE his suit!

    Anthony Mackie IS my cup of tea, and I also love HIS suit!

  23. Lisa

    You all can fight over Idris, I will take Anthony Mackie, all day, every day.

  24.  Another Jessica

    Kumail had a great part hosting where he had to take a minute to regroup because he was “lost in Idris Elba’s eyes.” Love Kumail, love Idris.

  25. Third March Sister

    Idris. Elba. IDRIS. ELBA.

    That is all.

  26. Chicklet

    I’m just going to take this opportunity to ramble again about how great Paul Dano was in Love & Mercy and how much I liked that movie in general. Like, Elizabeth Banks should have been nominated for Best Actress instead of Jennifer Lawrence. GAH.

    (To stay vaguely on topic, IIIIIDRIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSS.)

  27.  laulau

    I had a hair cut similar to Jason’s girlfriend at one point and it was a terrible mistake (of alllll my bad hair choices, that one stands out). it is so hard and expensive to maintain and so frustrating to grow out. I spent a good while with ‘I’m growing out a mistake’ hair.

    •  Sarah L.

      Paget Brewster also had Alexis’ haircut in Friends.

      •  laulau

        It was right around that time.
        I wonder if Paget had my creative flair for headbands and bobbypins.

  28. The Zulk

    Ah, Kumail! I used to watch him perform in the back of a restaurant here in Chicago before he and Emily moved. I wonder if anything ever became of him (jk obviously.)