Fugs and Fabs: The British Independent Film Awards

In which Elle Fanning is almost the lone bright light. Well RSVP’d, Elle.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Corriner

    Elle’s pulled-back hair is a bit too severe for the Cinderella confection…something loose might have complimented it better. And those shoes, BLECH!

  2. Rayna

    LOVE Elle’s dress. It’s kind of a walking definition of pretty.

    And actually about a third of the shoepocalypse could be reworked into a perfectly suitable pair of shoes for this. :-)

  3. Lucille Austero

    Is it just me, or does Pamela Stephenson look like she’d be lots of fun to be stuck in… I don’t want to steal the Fug Girls’ “an elevator with” so let’s say … a supermarket line-up, a laundromat, a boring party. She’s got a really great smile and it looks like a real smile, not a red carpet smile.

    • Ponytail

      I’m old enough to remember her from “Not the Nine O’clock News” so this whole ‘new’ thing of her being a therapist and being well-known for being Billy Connolly’s wife is still perplexing to me !
      God, I’m old – she hasn’t done comedy stuff in about 20 years, I think…

    • Ellyn

      From the neck up, she looks just fine, but the overloaded bracelets make her look like she has man hands (the sleeveless look isn’t doing her many favors) and the goth pirate boots seem to have escaped from a hipster diva’s concert wardrobe.

  4. MelissaW

    If you hadn’t labelled the picture I would not have guessed the last Fugger was Sienna Guillory. Her face doesn’t look good AT ALL and that has to be one of the worst outfits I’ve ever seen on a celebrity at an awards show. Yikes.

    (Also, totally love Ruth Wilson neck up – she has such a great face. Loved her in Anna Karenina)

    • Scouse Helen

      Yeah, what has happened to Sienna Guillory? She used to be the face of Boss. I can’t believe that Hugo is responsible for this abomination but the worst bit for me is the gruesome shoes.

  5. pinkcheese

    Hmmm…I think that Christine should bypass Krystal, and just send that one straight back to its true original owner: Mildred Pierce. After all, you really don’t want to mess with Joan Crawford’s stuff, do you?

  6. Adriana

    Jude Law: Barricade chic

  7. Seamyst

    “Hipster Cold Mountain.” And this is why I love you girls. <3

  8. male fan of GFY

    Certainly not a great outfit on Sienna Guillory, but at least her legs look killer in her barely noticeable sheer hose.

  9. Artemis

    From the pic, Edith Bowman looks to be heavily pregnant, so I hate to ding her for style points – but that dress is exactly the WRONG thing to flatter the baby-bump. And I say this as another heavily-pregnant woman. YIKES.

  10. Lizzy

    Love Felicity’s and Elle’s dresses. Both are so feminine and modest (in a time when see-through black lace is the norm).
    Sienna Guillory’s styling is criminal – she is so pretty, but here she looks like a clown.

  11. Stefanie

    Hipster Cold Mountain is the most absolute truth that has ever been told on GFY.

    Elle looks pretty. She makes me wish I could go back 10..err 15 years and embrace how fun it is to be girly at an age when you can pull it off. But alas, for the most part I was a sullen, tshirt, ripped jeans, and clod hopper shoe loving teenage. Needless to say, I cringe when looking through pictures of my teens.

  12. Sandra

    Elle’s dress is quite lovely in its own right. And if we’re grading on the curve, I’d say her GPA is 5.0 on a scale of 1 to 4. I did not know that the United Kingdom was experiencing such an epidemic of fugly. After all the flooding and everything, haven’t these people suffered enough?

  13. mary lou bethune

    They all look awful, except darling Fanning who would have looked better with her hair down, but what does it matter when you are a flower surrounded by frogs. Jude Law has lost all sex appeal; he looks relieved.

  14. Kit

    Most of these were *meh* although I did love Elle’s dress (though I agree with the pass on the shoes); but Jude has distinguished himself here.


    The brown hair is bad (although the new hairline is good); the outfit is like – practically the worst thing he could put on and expect to be taken seriously (saving Beiber’s saggy diaper pants). That outfit veers just this side of costume, and outside of some period piece in which he plays a footman-cum-cad, it just makes him look like.. a douche really, is the only word I can come up with. lol

  15. foo

    Elle looks good. Everyone else… not so much. I think this was The Fug Shoe Award and the pics were mislabeled.

    Aside #1- I do like the show Luther, but he will always be Stringer Bell to me too. Always yummy, regardless. Also loved him in RocknRolla. Pic of tiger-eared helmet wearing Mumbles linked below for the Stringer/Mumbles/Luther inclined.


    Aside #2- I thought Like Crazy was a well acted but unlikeable movie about two selfish assholes. I didn’t think either sex was spared.

    • Annie E

      He’ll always be Stringer to me because, even though the first season of Luther was fantastic, the second was so, so bad.

      • foo

        Thank you! :) I only watched the 1st season of Luther recently on DVD, so glad to know the 2nd isn’t good before I spent the $ on.

  16. Kirst

    Elle’s dress would be lovely if it was all one length. I hate the mismatch between the front and the back. Christine Bottomley’s dress is doing very unkind things to her chest.

  17. PB

    Who is Christine Bottomly and how did she get the keys to the costume storage closet at the old Dynasty set?

  18. Clara

    Elle is lovely. Jude? I wonder how long it took him to get his pants tucked into his boots, you know, just right? Not impressed. But he was good as Pitch in Rise of the Guardians.

  19. ceecee

    Pier One has patio cushions made out of the same material as Sienna’s dress.

  20. Gretchen

    I don’t understand why you’d wear a dress designed to showcase your feet and then not put really pretty shoes on. Elle needs some princessy foot-bling, not the foot equivalent of flesh coloured knickers.
    I really hate the brown shoulder panels and belt on the Krystal Carrington dress – I wonder if the colour contrast is less weirdly clashing in real life though?

  21. Trace

    Elle’s dress is lovely but it kind of blends in with her skin a bit too much. Also, someone please introduce the girl to facial blotting papers.

  22. Cristina

    I have to say I quite like Christine Bottomley’s dress. Very ’40s and fab.

  23. Bottle Ginger

    Elle’s look is too too monochromatic. The dress matching her skin tone doesn’t make her look glowing, it makes her look pale. IMHO a few touches of black might have made the whole thing work, or if either the dress or her skin were a couple of shades darker.

    Love Felicity Jones’ look, simple white with the touches of red and black. I do love simplicity done right.

    And I do like the colors of Sienna Guillory’s black-white-green print, and am horrified that it has been put to such a use. What kind of woman wants to go out in an outfit that makes her look 30 pounds heavier, lacking a waist and neck, and with shoes that reduce her legs to stumps? I just don’t get it.

  24. Helen

    Well – Elle’s is the least bad, anyway. I mean it’s a pretty dress, but it’s still just a bit too grown-up for her, although at least it isn’t another crotch-high mini with a thigh slit and a bare back.

    Actually I think the dress is a little confused; the fabric is cute for a very young girl, but the cut is distinctly 20-something.

    Everything else is just awful on its own merits, before even considering the wearer. This is an enormous amount of fug for one event. And they all look like they’re dressed for different things, too!

  25. medp

    Is Ruth Wilson wearing the trouser version of Kristen Stewart’s formal shorts?

  26. SKGD

    Kardashian Khristmas Khracker !! LOL !!

  27. Sajorina

    So much FUG across the pond! I love Elle’s dress, but the styling is lacking!

  28. Bambi Anne Dear

    Hey Jude……make it better!!!!

  29. Bambi Anne Dear


  30. Tracey

    Thank you Bottle Ginger! I thought Elle looked washed out with this colour. The dress, in and of itself, is lovely, but it’s pretty much the colour of the pink in her skin and her hair tied back doesn’t help that she’s sort of blending into the dress. I really didn’t even get down to the shoes to notice if they were good enough.

    However, perhaps it’s because the FUG Girls were comparing her to the rest of the group… wow, pretty depressing at all the misses.

  31. cc

    Why are Jude’s legs so dancer pointed looking? haha girrl

  32. Esme

    Elle looks great; the Limeys on the other hand should be ashamed. I wish my last name was Bottomley.

  33. jean

    Oh Ruth. She looked better in her Jane Eyre costumes, even the horrendous wedding cake dress. And she looks SO good on Luther. This makes me sad. Very, very sad.

    Elle is a cutie here. Nice to see appropriate taste is back. Some of her recent outfits were a bit much for a mid-teen, but it appears they were just misjudgments and not a life style choice. All is forgiven with this palette cleanser.

  34. dawn

    I have a headache after looking at Sienna’s dress.
    Like Elle’s dress- but the colour is all wrong on her. She is too pale to pull this off.

  35. Akit

    Christ on a bike, that Sienna’s dress is positively abysmal. No perhaps about it!

  36. Tansydot

    Mismatched stripes are my personal bète noire – however if you look at Sienna’s transcendently unflattering dress you’ll see that the stripes are actually very carefully matched. The fabric on the skirt is reversed and the black stripe is set diagonally to the black stripe in the bodice. It’s a deliberate choice that actually draws the eye across in a horizontal line, creating the illusion of a wider waistline and completely off-setting the lengthening magic that a good vertical stripe usually creates. Over designed garment resulting in something both cheap looking and uglifying – it’s a win win, really.

  37. PinkieBling

    Elle Fanning looks exactly like Elizabeth Smart to me in that picture.

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