Fugs and Fabs: Elle Women In Television Event

She is so freaking self-assured. I don’t have half that much poise, and I’m twice her age. Maybe thrice. Let’s say twice just to be nice.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Carm

    Selena Gomez wore it at a magazine launch party late last year!

  2.  Mina

    The Lowes shoes are indeed cray cray adorbs.

    I wish Mindy was carrying a clutch or a purse. She always has the cutest accessories.

  3. Alicia

    I did not recognise Jenna D-T.

  4.  Mina

    Also, Zooey is starting to bore me.

    Kiernan Shipka has to hold her head high because I heard that Lifetime VC Andrews movie she did was awful. That dress is great though: love it.

    I do love Jenna D-T’s dress: so flouncy!

    • Kat

      Flowers in the Attic was a campy good time. It definitely deserves a Fug the Fromage… since the Fug Girls have so much free time right now and all. As state in a previous post, Intern George is being very selfish with his time.

      Also, I unabashedly love Kiernan Shipka, but that dress is just no bueno.

    • Del C

      Kiernan Shipka was in Flowers in the Attic?! Did no one older tell her anything about how terrible that story is? At least she’s still super cute and being in that movie apparently didn’t ruin her or anything.

  5. Kristan

    Whoa, that might be one of the most solid first-halves of a slideshow ever.

  6. Allison

    Can we get a designer ID on Kiernan dress? My Pintrest board won’t shut up about it.

  7. Stefanie

    Mindy looks fantastic. I SO SO hope her show gets renewed.

    • Erin

      I will BURN IT DOWN if The Mindy Project doesn’t get renewed. (Hyperbole – in truth, I’ll be really disappointed and spend far too much time on Tumblr looking up Mindy/Danny gifs.) We need more than a handful of episodes to deal with the fallout of the winter finale.

  8. jen

    Mindy does look great but what’s with her legs? Is that lighting or is she fighting a case of jaundice?

  9. Julie

    What is Mindy wearing on her legs?!? It looks like mustard-colored tights. I hope it’s not, because… no.

    • sahanabanana

      I was just going to ask the same thing! Maybe it’s weirdo lighting or something, but her legs so oddly discoloured. :(

  10. Allie

    I love the Dirty Dancing reference, and I even think Emmy’s dress is kind of cute.

  11.  marie

    I saw this slideshow after reading Lainey Gossip. And all I can think of was “Quinn used to be Mrs. Taylor’s nanny?”

  12. Claire

    I do not know who Lydia Hearst is, but I want to send her a cheeseburger.

    • Kat

      She’s Patti Heart’s (famous Stockholm Syndrom Patti Heart) niece, model, and I think she writes sometimes? And it’s also rude to say that.

      • Claire

        Actually, I learned that expression – as well as ‘bobblehead’ – from this site. If she’s a model that partly explains it. All I meant was that she looks unnervingly – and rather unattractively – thin.

        • jenelope

          You may have learned those terms here, but I know that Heather and Jessica have not used phrases like “somebody give her a sandwich” in several years and have gently discouraged us from commenting on either thinness or thickness for quite a while.

    • Lizzy

      Between the angle of her body in that pose and the the funky bodice cutouts, it seems like a funhouse-mirror reflection – her torso looks 4′ long x 18″ wide. Weird!

      • swellcatt

        Lizzy, yet again I agree with you! I felt like the way she was standing her body looked like “Death Becomes Her” but her butt was on backwards. Ha ha!

  13. Kat

    And I apparently can’t type for beans. *Syndrome & *Hearst

  14. Bambi Anne Dear

    Only two out of eleven with their feet crossed. Things are looking up.

  15. ceedeegee57

    OK I’m sorry, the Prada on Kiernan Shipka does NOTHING for her. NOTHING. The dress maybe be cute, she maybe cute (but does she own a hairbrush because otherwise WHY the hair?) but I’m sorry this is the first one in a long time I think you’re totally wrong on Heather. Just NO Kiernan! A good dress that doesn’t flatter without styling is just that – a good dress, might as well be on a hanger.

  16. Laucie

    I am choosing to sorta Spoonerize Miss Slide #9 into the well-deserved sobriquet :Hiddy-a Worst.
    Also, I never feel quite comfortable with critiques (even highly favorable ones) of young ‘uns like Kiernan. As long as they are not inappropriately uncovered, I really don’t want to judge 14 year olds.

  17. formerlawyer

    What is with young Hollywood these days – no accessories?

  18. G

    The crotch on those pants is WAY worse than the waist on those pants.

  19. susie

    I thought Jenna Dewan looked *GREAT*, including her hair!

  20. malevolent andrea

    I have a picture of me with my kitten in which my hair is styled exactly like Zooey Deschanel’s. Exactly. I was six years old and it was 1969.

  21. Neil

    I think Kiernan Shipka, Emma Roberts and Jenna Dewan all look great. I even think Jenna’s hair looks good. It’s a little 80s, but I think it works.

    I have no idea who Lydia Hearst is, but judging by her last name I’d imagine she has a boatload of cash. With that in mind and considering she could probably afford any designer dress, why would she choose to wear… that?

    • Annie E

      Yes, just because Lydia Hearst is thin with a long neck doesn’t mean all dresses work on her body. Also, I don’t think the darker hair is doing her any favors.

  22. CJ

    I don’t think Emma Roberts looks that great. I like the top and the shoes, but I hate the white skirt. Hate. But she looks good for her, I guess. Really not a fan. Something about her kirks me.

    Zoey, stop dressing like an American Girl Doll. You’re 34.

    Kiernan Shipka looks great. I like that dress and her face looks awesome. That’s how do you makeup for a 14 year old. Here is a better view. http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/19dfte94wktupjpg/original.jpg

  23. carrieglitter

    Bella Thorne looks like she hacked one of those chinese paper lantern globe things and climbed inside.

    And is it just me or is that Katie Lowe dress waaaaaaaay too summery looking?

  24. Rachael

    I love Kiernan Shipka’s dress. Love it, want to wear it every day, and cradle it gently to my bosom, kind of love. I do, however, think it is a smidge big for her. I don’t want her to go, like, 3 sizes down and be all weird and stuff. But about a half size would be good. And maybe a belt? And maybe a clutch. It’s busy, and she’s young, so I don’t want a lot of overstyling going on, but a leeetle bit more, and this would be amazing, instead of just really good.

  25. gryt

    I *heart* Kiernan Shipka’s dress (#1), and the 1940′s shoes are so perfect with it. WANT.

    Emmy Rossum’s dress (#10) reminds me of those dresses that you can wear 10 different ways (of which only a couple look half decent).

  26. Kate

    Man I want to be Kiernan Shipka…

  27. Puppyloveprincess

    Is it just my lame phone image or does Kiernan look like she’s floating around without legs in that photo? Where are her legs?

  28. Puppyloveprincess

    That first image is just cropped weird as an intro photo… Croppers, please don’t make our celebs look legless! ;)

  29.  Julia

    Who is Jenna Dewan wearing?

  30.  HKS

    I love Mindy’s dress. I want Mindy’s dress. Can someone tell me what it is and how I can get it?