Fuggy, Fuggy, Fuggy, FUUUUUUG

He’s just messing with us. He HAS to be messing with us. Right?

Otherwise, I’m concerned those pants mean he never grew out of messing his diaper.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Maria

    Thanks for the laugh, Fug Girls!! Now everytime I see him I’m going to think about him showing his panties!!

  2. k

    What the eff on that last one. What. The. Eff.

  3. Annie S.

    First of all, I love your kids for their excellent contributions to your fug commentary.

    Second, THIS IS NOT HOW YOU WIN YOUR EX-GIRLFRIEND BACK, BIEBER. This is, not coincidentally, also not how a grown-ass man wears his pants. RECONSIDER, indeed.

  4. Cristina

    And teenage girls go crazy for this fella. (shakes head) Kids today…

  5. Helen

    There is nothing left to do but laugh.

    And point. And laugh.

  6. Sonya

    He sends me into such a rage! Why is this twerpy little douche so popular? He isn’t talented and he looks like an effing moron!

    • googler

      I disagree that he’s not talented. He doesn’t give me talent chills the way Adele does, but he doesn’t have a bad voice. That’s the sad part, his douchiness overshadows it all and makes us WANT to hate him and WANT to go away, even though as an artist he isn’t bad.

      • mary lou bethune

        This boy, these pants, his mediocre talent makes me despair… but I suppose his fame time will be up soon. I mean, who ever thinks of David Cassidy or the Bay City Rollers anymore. It’s just embarrassing to see his scrawny neck with his vacant look and idiotic clothes…
        John Fuglesang says that one day soon a preteen girl will hear NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA- if there’s anything that you want….
        you can guess the rest..

  7. Corrine Engelgau

    When I was a little tweeny, my mom used to really annoy me by going on and on about how the “young boys” wore their pants all droopy and crotch saggy like the Biebs. She would say “they look like they pooped in their pants. It just looks like they’re walking around with a bunch of poop in their pants.” Much like every other thing my mom said that made me grind my teeth as a 13 year old, this observation proves spot on.

    • Megs

      Exactly. Although I alternate between this, and that brief period of time when people were wearing shirts as pants.

  8. sarah

    Lainey has a perfect comment about him shamefully leaving his (young, schoolgoing) fans waiting for two hours in London.
    Re the “clothes”: little lord Gaga just keeps lowering the pants, and the bar.

    • Corrine Engelgau

      Little lord Gaga, hahahaha

      • LT1

        Rage! about that London thing–the O2 has an 11pm noise curfew, the tube stops running from North Greenwich at midnight and he came on at 10:30pm! Inexcusable.

    • PB

      Little Lord Gag-leroy. I think the Biebs has a new name. Good job, Sarah.

  9. Jenny

    Pull up your dang pants!! OMG, he just makes me feel stabby levels of rage with those stupid, stupid droopy pants. Showing his panties, hee hee!!

  10. qwertygirl

    Celebitchy points out that he wore this outside on a bet. They also point out that he ALREADY OWNED THE CLOTHES–the bet was if he would wear them OUTSIDE. I’m so over this kid it’s not even funny.

  11. Christine

    Sadly, I’d be less annoyed with him if he weren’t even wearing pants. What is this world coming to when: just wearing panties = WIN!

  12. deee

    Speechless. And hilarious. Those things look like a pair of Walmart flannel pj bottoms that he’s been wearing for three weeks straight.

  13. PB

    What’s wrong with that kid? Is he mentally challenged or something?

  14. nicolegrr

    Every parent’s instinctive first reaction to this photo was to immediately hold their breath. Because that looks like a 10-wipe job.

  15. greatwhitenorthchick

    On the bright side: In photo #5, his pants are actually hiked up!

    Save your money, kid. Invest wisely. This insanity won’t last forever.

  16. MelissaW

    OMFG, it’s a diaper! He looks like he took a dump in his pants. WHHHYYYY do people think this is attractive??? Bleah.

  17. Christine

    Well, double whammy…now my eyes hurt and, as a Canadian, he has again made me wish he wasn’t.

    • Lauren

      It disturbs me that he is a 19 year old man. He still looks like he is 12 and he dresses like a complete idiot.

  18. deee

    There there Heather. It will be okay. You’ve had a busy couple of weeks. Your bigger than this. Your bigger than Beiber’s tighty whiteys and diaper pants. You can do this! Go look at some pictures of Diane Kreuger for a while. Do you need someone to come over and watch your boys for a bit?


  19. anna s.

    Someone in the last post said that Beebs needs to spend some quality time in an American high school, and they would cure him of this insanity post-haste. I agree with that sentiment. Purple leopard-print diapers are never a good look, dude. Please examine your life choices, VERY HARD.

    OTOH, he’s looking good as the Fug Madness frontrunner, yes?

    • Jessica

      He’s a one seed FOR SURE.

      • kissmyang

        I am dying…this would be the first male winner of Fug Madness? I hope he ends up in the Bjork catagory!

    • Corrine Engelgau

      If I had a baby I would put it in purple leopard print diapers and show you the incorrectness of your statement. Purple bedazzled leopard print diapers.

    • cebec

      I’m with you – in my book Bieber is coming into this year’s Fug Madness with the same kind of misguided over-paid teen hubris and momentum that Momsen had when she tottered in on her stripper heels a few years back…

      It seems that it remains the job of Fug Madness to be a form of cease and desist notice to the youngfolk!

      Why can’t they all be like Hailee Steinfeld?? WHHHYYYYY!?

      • Kris

        Because if Bieber tried to walk in Hailee Steinfeld’s shoes, he’d end up in the male equivalent of the biker pilgrim dress.

  20. googler

    Someone should let his handlers know they should sniff before they check with their finger.

  21. Caroline

    What bugs me more than the ridiculous clothes and gansta posturing is his perma raised-eyebrow expression. It makes him look SO freakin’ dumb. Does he realize how much he infuriates people? If so, does he deliberately flame the fire of our contempt? Is the little twerp actually f*cking with us? Is he in fact an evil (incontinent) genius?

    • Sajorina

      NO, I think he’s just dumb!

    • Kimberli House

      Caroline– That was the underlying thing that I could never pinpoint on him. He does consistently look like he’s responding with, “Huhwhuhme?”

  22. lola

    it’s called puberty. Didn’t you ever wear anything in your teens that you thought was the BOMB– so edgy, but now decades later you realize you looked like a clown. I came of age in the 80s so, you know, I can’t throw any stones…. atleast until he passes 20.

    ..but then again,. it’s like he is trying too hard to distance himself from his disneyfied image— a la Hannah Montana. Remember how things got so bad with Miley there for a while- as though we were in a hurricane of Fug. FUGGGG. But lately she’s looking better– much better and acting less Lohan. She even has a gorgeous fiance.

    • GFY Heather

      We have all made fashion mistakes, but I can say with confidence that even puberty did not turn me into this much of an idiot.

      • Helen

        Yeah. The puberty-phase clothes in the early ’80s, my teen era, were pretty bad… I’ve seen pictures! We looked silly, no doubt about it. The pleated pants, the teased hair, puffy shirts, and oh dear, the fanny packs, please forgive us for the fanny packs.


        • jean

          And we matched everyone else. It was group insanity. No boy or girl wants to imitate THIS. Think about how all the girls with the right bods (and not) tried to look like Madonna or maybe Duran Duran. But this is sad. At least Gaga looks good 25% of the time.

  23. Hima

    I will always enjoy whatever terrible look that makes you reference SVH Dear Sister.

  24. jen

    WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THESE PHOTOS??????? HOW CAN HE THINK THIS LOOKS GOOD????? Christ. On the plus side though, I am cracking up at Lord Gaga and Pichoo ship.

  25. Another Heather

    Where is Bruce Patman when you need him? Somebody get him to hit his head on a piece of furniture and snap out of it. Please.

  26. Elizabeth

    Our first ever male Fug Madness champion? Could it be?

  27. KB


  28. Stefanie

    Fug Madness. He wants it bad this year.

  29. Eliza Bennett

    GFY Heather, you are killing me. I love you. This is my favorite post of 2013.

  30. Samantha

    re: the sticker on his glasses- the company, See, did actually post on Facebook and then later delete the same photo showing biebs in this awful outfit. I think they belatedly realized it was NOT doing their brand any favors…

  31. Carrie

    Biebs is the kid everyone made fun of in high school for being so horribly out of touch with who he actually is. Except the millionaire version.

  32. Ghanimatrix

    In that first picture he is wearing pants that I have literally seen on dozens of toddler girls. Seriously every toddler girl I know has a pair of lavender leopard print pants, complete with extra room in the caboose for when they poop themselves.

    That last pic looks like maybe he crapped his pants and had to borrow some pants from a little girl so he can do the walk of shame to go home and get some new pants.

    I’m sensing a theme here.

  33. Rayna

    Canadians, don’t feel bad about him. You’ve sent us LOADS of awesome, talented people, for which, thanks $1M.

    That said, he does seem a bit dim to me. (haven’t heard him sing) And the pants on the ground thing is really played.

    • Jessica

      Canada, you gave us Michael J Fox AND Josh Jackson. The karmic scales are still balanced for good.

      • Claire1

        And Nathan Fillion….

        Canada has given us Nathan Fillion….. Oh Canada….I love you… I may even happily deal with Bieber….because of the Josh Jackson/Nathan Fillion love in my loi…. Heart….

      • Erika

        And Phil Hartman.

  34. Rayna

    PS And by now, you’re 19 for heaven’s sake. You can’t run this clueless kid thing much longer.

    Shame on you, you made Heather go all capsy.

    • Joemama

      I dunno…Avril Lavigne is still playing the 16 year old punky skater chick. Just because they shouldn’t doesn’t mean they can’t. Unfortunately.

  35. sarah

    i feel like those pants are an automatic fug madness win. we can all go home now, he’s broken the brackets. (except let’s still play, just for show :)

    • Charlotte

      Yes. Just as Vanessa Hudgen’s lace pants were the foundation of her Fug Madness championship, so will those purple leopard pants be for Bieber.

  36. leah

    this kid is going to have some serious regret issues when he’s all grown up

  37. Kate

    This is only half the fug. Google the pics of him with his pants around under the Bieb-butt, with the tighty whiteys as the top half of his pants.

    • AmandaD

      I’ve seen those, and still haven’t recovered. I deeply appreciate that they didn’t post the pictures of his full backside in those here. Let everyone else who hasn’t seen it stay innocent as long as possible.

  38. Mary

    I’d like to turn that spiky hat inside out, put it back on his head, and push down with all my might!!!

  39. Karen

    Lord Gaga – ha! That must be it. Or he’s flat-out aiming for the Fug Madness win. There can be no universe where any sane entity thinks any of this looks good. Not one. PULL UP YOUR PANTS, BIEBER! You look beyond stupid.

  40. a

    My 6 year old (whose friend is “in love with Justin Bieber”) saw a picture of him the other day in that stupid hat and glasses and said “THAT’S Justin Bieber?! I thought he was cuter than that!”

  41. ChristieLea

    Those wings make him look like one of the Wicked Witch of the West’s flying monkeys. If the flying monkeys pooped their pants chasing after Dorothy, that is.

  42. FashionFumbler

    The jarring discord of the plain tighty-whities underneath all that, ahem, load-bearing fabric makes the look extra craptacular.

  43. Kyle Hutchinson

    Is it Skants, i.e. a sweater/sweatshirt worn as pants? Because that’s what it looks like. I feel sad now.

  44. Krelnick

    It might be surprising to think that a 19 year old would need boom-boom room in his tights, but when you realize that he’s actually a Bill Ding block ( ), it aaaaaaaaaaall becomes clear.

  45. Vandalfan

    I think that he’s effing with us, and his handlers. This kid was raised like a pig for slaughter, and he’s been hand fed to obey whatever secret committee at Disney, filled with fifty plus year olds, who are issuing Firm Instructions on how he must live every second of his life, how to dress, speak, socialize, Tweet, post, and relax, since they own him body and soul. And he doesn’t mind the money and attention, so he’s all, “Oh yeah, guys? well, here ya go- IN SPADES.”

  46. e

    Did anyone else also notice he has watches on both wrists? What’s the point?

  47. KSCnCA

    Party City sells Justin Bieber pinatas if you really want to take a whack at him!

  48. becca

    Darth Vader’s Pa-Choo ship will be playing at Coachella this year.

  49. Anita

    Are the purple things actually pants? Looks like he’s put a sweatshirt on his legs by mistake. He makes me want to kill something.

  50. remi

    It makes you long for the early days when only his haircut was the subject of discussion…he has definetly…broadened his…appeal(?)

  51. jean

    You know, I think he deserves a retrospective so we can fully appreciate the downward trend. Hee.

  52. Lady Killer

    Can’t believe what a POSER this little clown has become. He’s acting, dressing and “thinking” he’s all bad and tough when in fact he looks like a crazy little little girl in panties and a sloppy dress. What a moron. #FAIL

  53. Elizabeth

    Heather, can we please please schedule a playdate? I’ll bring sandwiches, my 3 year old will bring his light sabre, and my 6 mo old will model Bieber’s next look.

  54. Sajorina

    Poor confused little girl! I think that she wears those pants because she’s afraid of people finding out that she’s not a he! And why is she showing off her panties without the matching bra? Shame!

  55. Maisie

    Can someone please pass a nationwide law that says exposing one’s arse even (or perhaps ESPECIALLY) when said arse is swathed in undies still constitutes indecent exposure? GAG!

  56. keekey

    I can tell I’m becoming my mother because I’m almost more annoyed by his bad posture than I am by his bad fashion.

  57. Erin B

    Someday he’ll be sorry he kept his eyebrows raised so much (says the lady with lines on her forehead).

  58. Emma

    It looks like he’s wearing a sweater as pants. He put his legs through the sleeves.

    • alc

      Exactly my thoughts! If anyone reads Regretsy, you may remember they once had a post about people wearing “skants” – where you put your legs through the sleves of a sweater/jumper and then take photos of yourself (Just google “Regretsy skants” for photos!) Surely this is what Bieber is doing in the first photo, because otherwise I cannot believe that someone designed, manufactured, or sold actual pants that look like that.

    • Jules

      The only problem is, in the first picture, I’m sure you can see the back pockets, meaning these were meant to be pants!

  59. Louisa

    My grandparents would have laughed at this and called him “Droopy Drawers.” A full and sagging diaper. Not a look most 19-year-olds would go for. I hope.

  60. Kate

    He dresses like he lost a bet.

  61. pantsonfire

    Well, one needs extra room in the seat when one is so completely up one’s own ass.

    I think he fully “beliebs” his own hype machine and has no concept of reality. I find it unspeakably obnoxious and repellent.

  62. Phil

    This seems relevant to this particular fashion choice, so I’ll just leave it here:


  63. Slogr

    I’m also thankful that you guys didn’t post the shirtless pics where you can see his whole butt in the whitey tighties – NOT attractive. Someone should tell this boy he’s not David Beckham, and if he were, he wouldn’t walk around dressed like that!

    Speaking of how he walks around, what really bugged me the first time I saw these pics (on Lainey) was that he walks around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Has anyone else noticed that the kid NEVER stands up STRAIGHT? God now I really feel like I’m turning into my mother… but seriously, I’m concerned that he will grow up to have a back condition!

    • Heidi

      Ah, you know, that’s exactly what I need now–some pics of David Beckham to cleanse my mind of these images. I think it might be the *only* thing that would work!

  64. lindsay

    his mother must be mortified.

    selena gomez, on the other hand, is snorting into her latte.

  65. Other Emily

    I’m 99% sure this is a joke. It’s too much not to be — even for Biebs. And if it is, then it is hilarious.

  66. Charlotte

    The idea of Bieber attempting to be the male Lady Gaga or Katy Perry pleases me immensely. Mostly because both those ladies could eat him for breakfast. And would. Watch out Biebs – There Can Be Only One.

  67. Bella Bjoux

    Awwww..somebody change that boy’s nappy please!! Not a good look, baby.

  68. mrbruno

    Mommy needs to change his diaper! There is REALLY something fundamentally wrong with JB…..

  69. brookemopolitan

    Regarding the last photo… I’m going to place this link right here http://i.stack.imgur.com/DXbbm.jpg

    and allow you ladies to connect the dots :D

  70. Janie

    My understanding is that the Biebs has a pretty good sense of humor about himself, and nothing I’ve seen here is any different than what I tend to see out and about on particular young gentlemen about town. (At least he still has his underwear on–some unfortunate gent in my high school in the 90s brought out the full moon to the main hall whilst trying to correct a fashion malfunction with his low-slung jeans.) However, I have never seen Proof of Panties walking around town. Biebs dresses like a high school boy. It almost seems weird that more famous gents don’t do that. I mean, do I understand it? No, and I would love some high school boy to explain it to me. But in some ways his fashion sense is more “normal” than the skirts-with-a-view that are so often on the red carpet these days.

  71. lola

    Brookemopolitan– I think that “gay advertising in prison” theory is false. It’s also not true that the fashion statement is about concealing weapons. It’s just an internet meme.

    There often isn’t any intelligent reason why kids choose to dress the way they do. It’s just a trend.