Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 1, episode 4

None of these episodes has quite lived up to the pilot, in terms of keeping all those pieces moving around — and specifically forward. Everyone is bummed out; nobody is having any FUN anywhere, except for Gunnar, obviously, who had The Sex this week. But even he managed to do it with a mopey expression. Still, it’s a very well-acted show, with smart musical choices, so if it would just please let its characters get a bit more CHEERFULLY or GLEEFULLY messy then I think we’re in business. It’s exhausting when everyone cries all the time.

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  1. Liz

    The Tami thing was funny at first but now it’s, you know, kind of tired. Please let it die.

    • Liz

      God and the Lucky Spencer thing, GIRL, this show is already confusing with the men that all look the same, it is so much worse when you keep using the wrong names.

  2. Heather

    Liz, I explained before — I’m not doing it to be funny. It’s seriously just a tic, like, I can’t think of her any other way. Like how JJ will always be Lucky Spencer and Joan Collins will always be Alexis and Luke Perry will always be Dylan McKay. I’m not doing it for humor; it’s just what my brain wants to call her. Sorry if you hate it!

    • sarah

      (my brain does that too. especially with a new show when I can’t remember the character names… or the actor names. Why would I know Lucky Spencer’s real name? Or his character’s?)

    • Bucky

      I’ve somehow come around from Jason Street to George Tucker. I don’t know how that happened, but it hasn’t happened yet for Tami, and I doubt it’ll ever happen for Coach.

    • lavonspants

      I love it! Reminds me when they were in actually GOOD shows (Tami) or played actually LIKABLE characters (Lucky, till he douched out). In addition to those 2, I can’t help referring to Tami’s husband as “Not-Coach” and I can’t not call Hayden P “Hayden Pantywaist.” Finally, if your name is Powers Booth, you can’t be called anything else. POWERS BOOTH!

      “Grr-ousal.” Day? Consider yourself made.

  3. Jenny

    Agreed that this episode felt like a rehash. Hopefully now that we’re headed into sweeps, things will pick up…and so will the ratings.

  4. Brenna

    Good Lord, I think I just laughed for about 5 minutes straight at “Grr-ousal.” I love these fug-caps; they’re better than watching the actual show.

    • TaraMisu

      I know! I’m pretty sure I snorted in my cubicle :D

      When I was watching this show, I kept thinking “oohhhh this will be in the recap” LOL

  5. amys

    “Teddy comes inside and decides he and Deacon need to see, so to speak, whose footlong is on the $5 menu and whose is full price.”

    Well played, Heather.

  6. Sandra

    Okay, I know I’m setting off a firestorm here, but I am the captain of Team Ketchup-on-Mac’n'Cheese Is The Grossest Thing Ever Served On A Plate. I’d've run away from home if my mama had put that on the table.

    I also think that I’m kind of an awful person for wishing that Tami and Deacon would just get it on, already. I am not in the habit of cheering for unfaithfulness. I don’t actually care about any of the young’uns.

    • pinkcheese

      I’ll be your lieutenant, or vice-captain, or whatever, because *GAG* what?!?!

      • Aria

        Truly disgusting, in my opinion, and at one point, one of my relatives served some very “creative” casseroles, but NEVER anything that bad!

    • Stefanie

      No, mac and cheese with ketchup is disgusting.

      (I totally had a sex dream about Jon Hamm this morning. hehe)

    • lavonspants

      Agreed on the ‘rooting for infidelity’ issue. Between this show and “Scandal,” it’s like I don’t even know me anymore…

  7. pinkcheese

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE these fugcaps (Grr-ousal!! HA!) but this show just seems sooooo terribly tedious and depressing and, frankly, boring. I almost feel bad that Heather is having to sit through it for our amusement.

    I miss Ringer.

  8. Lyndey Brock

    I love that you call her Tami, I think it’s hilarious, tic or not. Also, I’m really pumped you mentioned that about Robin Roberts. My friends and I were talking about it when we watched and realized that she had to have taped that post-cancer announcement. I hope the cameo didn’t drain Robin too much! But if it did, I hear the carbs in pink macaroni are good for energy levels.

  9. Liane

    I was inordinately pleased to see that Paul McCrane directed this episode. I had a major soft spot for Dr. Romano, despite his jackassery. I always found his character rather heartbreaking. I also loved Paul in the original movie version of ‘Fame’ (Don’t even get me started on the time they made a ‘Fame’ reference on ‘ER’… So much love)

    With respect to the picture of Meth-mom & baby Hayden, I didn’t think it read as her being passed out from substances. I read it more as an exhausted mom falling asleep with the baby. I have a photo like that and it’s not pretty.

    • Heather

      I think that’s totally what it is — I just think when you HAVE a character who’s a meth mom, and you want to communicate that she was once a loving parent, you have to be careful how you stage the pics.

  10. Metaphors

    You might have jumped the gun in previous posts by differentiating this show from Country Strong through the observation that Nashville doesn’t have a baby bird in a box. It does, and that baby bird is Scarlett.

  11. Vandalfan

    Don’t change a thing, Heather! The odd nicknames are educational for those not up on trivia, and are a good part of the fun here, in addition to gems like this:
    “…and then Teddy comes inside and decides he and Deacon need to see, so to speak, whose footlong is on the $5 menu and whose is full price.”

    This makes angels weep.

  12. w

    Fraaaaaaaank! I screamed in utter delight when I saw Kimberly W-P, but then quietly wept when Fraaaaaaaank was not actually in the show. I am, however, glad you included Fraaaaaaaaaank in the fugcap.

  13. carrie

    I am still laughing over “Sad Pink Macaroni Clown.”

  14. Lola

    When I watched the show, it seemed really clear to me that Tami’s hubby and country club lady (I’m good at remembering character names, too!) were talking about an affair, and a long one at that. It will be interesting to see if that was a fake out.

  15. Lady

    If I may offer a correction:
    Hayden’s character didn’t say she used to steal to prove that no one could control her; she said that she used to steal to prove to herself that she could take care of herself. Which, AND MOCK ME IF YOU MUST, I found really genuine and touching. It felt like the sort of thought process that would make sense for a young girl with no responsible guardian, as though reassuring herself that she would always find a way to get by in this harsh old world….

    And Gunnar is crazy hot. I feel as thought that hasn’t been discussed enough.

  16. Beth

    Oh, I do hope you plan to keep fugging this show! There’s nothing up here for last week’s show and it’s making me nervous. Please?

  17. ML

    I gave up on the show itself but will follow the Fugcaps. The whole “This Blah Blah Teddy Character Needs A Storyline And We Want Y’all To Care About Who Powers Booth Picks For Pretend Nashville Mayor Since We Can’t Have Folks Singing For 40 Minutes Because, Really, Even MTV Stopped Doing That Years Ago” part of it kinda turned me off, y’know? But I do miss seeing Hayden Panapizza bitch it up. Seriously. She was nailing that and I enjoyed it.