Fug by Design

Given that Erica Dasher here has a starring role on the new ABC Family show Jane By Design (which seems to be about a high school student who is moonlighting as…a designer[?], a scenario which I am sure will lead to many logistical quandaries for me to Tweet about]….

…you’d think she could afford to splash out for an entire skirt.

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  1. Sandra

    I don’t even know anymore. Obviously, I am not ABC Family’s target demographic. But would middle-schoolers choose to wear clothes designed by a person who dressed like this?

  2. TTBelle

    Her shoes look like diseased feet/hooves! No no no! Take them away!

  3. Kary

    Those shoes are an affront to feet.

  4. drPhilG

    +1 on the shoes. OMG, especially as the missing front of the dress just draws your eye right to those clod hoppers…

  5. Amoki

    Are those camo.. platform.. booties?

    W. T. F.

  6. Arianna

    Oh no, but those are the Jeffrey Campbell lita-fab cat tapestry boots! I LOVE THEM. They’re twisted and I love them, love them, love them.


    • ChristopherD

      Now that I know they have cats on them I hate them even more. Miss Piggy – please take out the trash!

    • Sajorina

      She might be getting a call from PETA!

  7. Libby

    She certainly looks embarrassed about that big ‘ol gap in her skirt. And the shoes should be burned immediately.

    What happens when she sits down – is a Paris Hilton-esque reveal? So not ABC Family.

  8. Janet

    What is with the pigentoed, knockkneed stance these ingenue-women affect? Is this supposed to be disarming and somehow charming? It. is. not.

    • Bevvie Hedstrom


      • Francesca

        Count me in on finding that self-aware, oh-so-cloying, pigeon-toed pose (also a favorite of Etsy sellers) as dreadful. Raise your hand if you think she practiced it in front of a mirror. But hey, at least she has lovely hair.

  9. Arianna

    I think that skirt is actually a DRESS. And yes. I believe they’re called “blenderlegs”.

    • Jules

      I think so too. If she would just take of that sweater maybe it wouldnt be that bad after all.

  10. TaraMisu

    Ugh, my eyes…. what are those things on her feet???? Today must be hideous clod-hopper day.

  11. nannyo

    The whole thing is a mess. this is not just a slouchy sweater the bottom band is stretched out. And, I am almost certain that is a hairband on her wrist. Major foul. She looks like she is at an event and not on her way to study for chemistry final so why is she dressed this way. Is she trying to look like she is not trying. The cat tapestry shoes give you away (and heaven’s those are dreadful).

  12. TonyG

    Kitten pictures on ankle-breaking suede shoes. Really??? Someone actually thought of this was a great idea. Maybe it’s an ode to kitty cats who, as they approach to show some affection, often step right in your path causing you to stumble.

  13. Crystal S

    Those shoes are so terrible! I can’t believe they weren’t a part of the post! They were the only thing in the picture I could look at!

  14. devopet

    Those shoes look like a vortex to hell…

  15. Anna Lawrence

    Just like Christina whatwashername in that film, whatever it was. The one where she pretended to be a designer, and baby!Josh Charles was ridiculously hot and adorable.

  16. Carol

    Those shoes are attempting to be camo … and yet, we can still see them. RUN!

  17. IR

    Those are indeed the Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s, in yet another (hideous) incarnation. Burn them, burn them.

  18. Sarie

    Oh girl.
    She is totally unsure about this too, which just makes it worse. Yup, you really wore that.

  19. Marvelous A

    Arianna, you just saved me. I can probably resist the Jeffrey Campbell catapestry LITA (I think you deserve them, though — DO IT), but if those were Realtree camo as I first imagined I was going to have to hunt them down. (See what I did there?) I might have to settle for the LITA in hunter orange suede.

  20. vandalfan

    Oh, man, I love those shoes! But I’d wear them with jeans or a killer miniskirt, not that leotard thing that looks like the cats already got to it, and a sweater from “Flashdance”. What can she be thinking?

  21. KatieKat

    The missing piece of skirt would go a long way towards covering up those heinous shoes. From where I’m sitting, they look like camouflage. But some posters said they were cats.

    That’s just fucked up. I don’t have anything more eloquent to say. Even my own personal cats agree with that assessment.

  22. mochaleet

    While I agree that the mauled skirt isn’t anything real special, anti ballerina stance awkward, and sweater shapeless and unflattering, the girl is what, 21? I actually don’t know who she is, but she seems to be having fun in her cattastic shoes. (I actually saw flowers) I say give her a break, she’s young and at the age to be a little off kilter and fabulous.

  23. Bambi Anne Dear

    God almighty. This stinks.

  24. fritanga

    Those shoes are HEINOUS. I can’t even….pffft.

    Not even her youth can excuse their existence.

  25. Sajorina

    Wasn’t that the Jenny Humphrey storyline on “Gossip Girl”? How innovative! Anyway, FUG!!!

  26. Voodles (in Sydney)

    They are making a rio off version of the acclaimed classic Don’t Tell Mom the Baby-sitters Dead? Noo!
    Funnily enough, Noo! is also my reaction to the jumper/shoescombo – jumper which I was probably wearing when I watched DTMTBSD at the movies, only mine wouldn’t have been brown, and it was the 90′s.

  27. yvetterene

    Oh God! What in the heck was she thinking? Why would she put this together like this?! I actually gasped out loud when I saw this. Those shoes…I swear these folks really want to be in the next FugMadness BAD!!!!

  28. yvetterene

    Wait a minute….are you telling me those are cat patterns on her shoes?! #DEAD!!!!

  29. Veronica

    I actually like the style of the Jeffrey Campbell boots (the cat version in particular just gets points for being hilarious), though I think they’re a bit too clunky for this outfit. I see the look she was going for with the sweater, but she definitely needs to change out that skirt (dress actually, from the look of it). I think balance is important to outfits like this. If you’re going oversized or slouchy at the top, you need to go sleeker and more fitted with the bottom.