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I am SO EXCITED about the prize for this giveaway! We are thrilled to be giving away five (5) AUTOGRAPHED COPIES of the new Jackie Collins book The Power Trip — which is classic Jackie Collins, which means you guys are going to love it. It opens with a man getting shot whilst in flagrante delicto. How delicious is that?

Speaking of delicious:

NIGEL YOU ARE AGELESS. Coco is likewise generally flawless.

THE TASK: If you follow Jackie on Pinterest — which you should — you know that one of her favorite boards is called SMOKIN’ HOT and it’s just pictures of hot dudes. It’s awesome, and it will make you happy. In honor of those hot dudes, and the many hot dudes she’s written about, and all the hot dudes in her current book, please pretend that YOU are writing a Jackie Collins-esque novel (glamorous, sassy, action-packed fun) and describe for us the character you’d create who would eventually be played in the ABC Mini-Series Event by Nigel Barker as seen here.

THE RULES: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9 p.m. Pacific time on Tuesday (giving you some extra time this go around.) We’ve been having issues with people being able to comment; if you run into technical issues, please ping us on Twitter so we can get a handle on the extent of the problem. Thank you!

THE PRIZE: You never forget your first Jackie Collins book. I totally stole my mother’s copy of Hollywood Wives when I was 12, and I LEARNED THINGS from it. It’s so cold outside right now, don’t we all need a book that makes us feel like we’re reading it poolside with a fruity drink and a hot pool boy? From Amazon: “A luxurious yacht in the Sea of Cortez, a birthday cruise for one of the world’s most beautiful women and an invitation no one can refuse.   The Power Trip—take it if you dare. From Hollywood icon and mega-seller Jackie Collins comes a thrilling new novel, The Power Trip, set on a state of the art luxury yacht off the coast of Cabo San Lucas. A tropical getaway with a cast of global power-hungry elites turns sour when they find out maybe they don’t control as much of the world as they thought. In The Power Trip you will meet Aleksandr Kasianenko, a billionaire Russian oligarch, as he sets sail on The Bianca. You’ll meet his sexy supermodel girlfriend, whom The Bianca is named after, and five dynamic, powerful, and famous couples invited on the yacht’s maiden voyage: Hammond Patterson, a driven Senator, and his lovely but unhappy wife, Sierra; Cliff Baxter, a charming, never-married movie star, and his ex-waitress girlfriend, Lori; Taye Sherwin, a famous black UK footballer and his interior designer wife, Ashley; Luca Perez, a male Latin singing sensation with his older decadent English boyfriend, Jeromy; and Flynn, a maverick journalist with his Asian renegade female friend, Xuan. You will also meet Russian mobster, Sergei Zukov, a man with a grudge against Aleksandr. And Sergei’s Mexican beauty queen girlfriend, Ina, whose brother, Cruz, is a master pirate with orders to hold The Bianca and its illustrious rota of guests for ransom. The Power Trip explorers the decadent playgrounds of the super-rich . . . and leaves you hungry for more.” FIVE of you will get an autographed hard copy to read on your yacht (or elsewhere). The contest is open to US residents only. Good luck!

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  1. Leigh

    So gutted about this only being open to US residents.
    But, just for shits and giggles:

    Nigel plays the part of Blaine, a smart-talking, quick-thinking and devilishly handsome lawyer, who always has to have at least three ‘broads’ at his beck and call and drinks martinis at a time when most are still brewing their coffee. By day, that is.
    By night, he stalks the department store beauty counters, slyly applying lipstick whilst crouched behind a mannequin, slipping boxes upon boxes of false eyelashes into his trench coat. Every night at 11pm, He retreats into the bathroom of a sleazy bar, and pulls on a wig of long caramel coloured hair, squeezing into the black jumpsuit that he told his PA was for his ‘wife’. He wipes down the grimy mirror with one hand and squints at his reflection. “Flawsome”, he whispers.
    He is Tyra.

  2. Mark McLain

    Meet Cliff Baxter. The dashing gentleman on the outside as seen in public events and on the cover pages of every top Hollywood magazine. However, Cliff is neither dashing or a gentleman when it comes to his love making behind the closed doors. There is a reason why he is single. The previous women he has been with dare not speak of their personal liaison. Cliff’s past women think they are keeping a sensual secret to themselves. However, Cliff’s passion for the camera could expose him and them in a not so flattering light. They say one picture can tell a story. Imagine what will be told or exposed when the entire castmates comes across a series of photos.

  3. Mary

    Phillip Weston – international banker whose love for the corrupt CEO’s wife threatens to bring down his financial empire… and break his heart.

  4. Victoria

    Drake Dickerson grew up on the streets of Beverly Hills, down on his luck and begging for scraps from high-end restaurants like Spago and making a paltry living gardening for the wealthy elite. When he was sixteen, a society maven who looked twenty but was actually closer to forty noticed him peeking in her bedroom window as she was dressing for a black-tie affair. Instead of being offended, she brought him inside and taught him all about how to please a woman. After that day, he became companion and escort to all of the society ladies in Beverly Hills. They bought him fancy cars, thousand-dollar suits, and diamond cufflinks. It was a good life. Until he met HER.

  5. AndersonicTK421

    Sven Linkharder runs his international nightclubs with the ruthless determination that only the prematurely bald can; forced by a diva-boy dancer in Shanghai to take the stage himself and jazz-hand ’till dawn, Linkharder’s stamina wings him back to his London pad in time to carouse mistress Sheeba awake. Little does he suspect his jet set life and myriad success are poised for topple by the one thing Sven cannot face. When his Bucharest club is threatened with Gypsy takeover he is powerless against the daring Gypsy queen – and she knows it!

  6. cr


  7. Susan

    As the son of wealthy film producer, Tron Adams had the world at his feet living in the Hollywood Hills. However, at one of his father’s parties Tron meets Eden Blair, an attractive actress in her twenties who was forced into marrying Thomas Tracey, an older elite businessman. After meeting, passion sparks a whirlwind affair.

    Months into their affair Eden delivers Tron news that she is pregnant, and their affair must end. Heartbroken, Tron agrees but promises Eden to take care of their child. In horror Eden tells Tron no one must know, in fear of the consequences her husband would deal her.

    Nine months later, Scarlett Tracey is born, and Tron must watch from a distance as his little girl is raised by another man. Haunted by the fact that he will never raise his daughter or be with Eden, Tron moves to New York to try to begin a new life. However, tragedy strikes when Thomas’s plane goes down on the way to New York, leaving Eden alone to raise Scarlett.

    Tron returns to the Hills to comfort Eden and fight for their love as well as meet his daughter for the first time. As Tron and Eden pick up where they left off, Eden grows to love Tron more as she watches him connect with Scarlett, and begins to contemplate marriage.

    But Tron has a secret to hide, before Thomas’s plane went down he received a strange voicemail from Thomas that would rock his and Eden’s world. And eludes to an answer as to why the plane went down, but Eden looks so happy, if she knows the truth her world would be destroyed, but investigators are closing in on their investigation, will Tron tell Eden the truth or will a news alert bring their love to a crashing halt?

  8. Just me

    Adair Ferguson was not prepared for their meeting. Under the guise of “doctor’s orders,” the noted wildlife photographer was lying low and out of the public eye to recover from “exhaustion.” As he was riding his horse through his family’s estate in the Highlands of his native Scotland, he came across a lost tourist. It happened a lot. But this time was different. This time the lost tourist was a charming and lovely American woman.

    Being attracted to her was the last thing he needed. After all, he had made his living by traveling to the world’s most remote locations to capture nature’s beauty. And now, because he had angered some of the toughest drug runners in Columbia, he was a wanted man. Not by the law, mind you, but by the most powerful druglords the world had ever seen.

    Adair meant to point her in the right direction, and send her on her way. He did not mean to take her to his bed. But he had. And now, he worried she would learn that although he was legitimately a photographer, that career was merely his cover as a CIA agent. He needed to get rid of her and protect his cover.

    As he watched her sleep, he felt his heart pound. A soul he thought long dead howled in pain at the thought of not getting to know more about her. So, instead of showing her the door, he got up to make her breakfast. He didn’t answer to the name “Dare” for nothing.

    End pilot episode

  9. Monica

    Nigel plays the role of a food truck cheesemonger named Richard.

    A man of profound lactose tolerance, Richard moved to the United States in 2005 to start a cheese resolution. Finding that real estate was costly and cheese was best brought directly to the people, he purchased an old (short) school bus and retrofitted it with all the accoutrements of a proper cheesemonger.

    The story opens on Marta, a young Spanish woman living in Brooklyn whose amor for queso has always destroyed her past relationships. Those novios couldn’t handle her impulse to include cheese in every dish: Inevitably, they would reveal their lack of the proper enzymes to digest dairy, and Marta would expel them from her home and drown her sorrows in tacos, grilled cheese, and mascarpone.

    Marta has opened her fridge on this fateful day to make some macaroni and cheese only to discover that, lo and behold, she is out of Gruyere! Flustered, she rushed out of the house, wearing her finest caftan and Uggs, and slams head-first into Richard’s cheese truck. He comes to her rescue, rousing her from her concussion with the scent of a smelly blue cheese, and their eyes meet. It is love, though they don’t know it yet.

    Every day for the next week, Richard parks his cheese truck outside Marta’s casa, allowing her taste his camembert, his herb-encrusted goat cheese, and yes, even his cheddar. Eventually, she invites him into her home for a glass of hot coffee on a cold winter day, and they lose track of time while bonding over some stilton and a tawny port. Richard leans in for a kiss. Sparks fly.

    But wait! Those aren’t figurative sparks! They are real sparks! Richard had accidentally turned on Marta’s curling iron while in the restroom! The bathroom is on fire! This house has no sprinklers or fire escapes! Richard and Marta are trapped inside! WHAT TO DO?

    No worries, it turns out that Richard is also a firefighter. He calls in support while he puts out the flames. He saves the day. It is beautiful. Richard and Marta fall in love that day, and coincidentally discover a new method for making queso fundido: by accidental bathroom fire.

    Of course, their love story will be plagued by additional disasters (hurricanes and bad hair days), Marta’s ex-boyfriends making surprise appearances and trying to sabotage Richard’s cheese truck business, and kittens getting stuck in trees and needing to be rescued by Richard in his capacity as a firefighter. Richard will need to be shirtless most of the time because he has a rare disease where clothes melt off his torso if he wears them too long. Marta will occasionally gain cheese weight, and Richard will only love her more because of it.


  10. Vandalfan

    Undaunted by the task and basking in the glory of his success, intrepid anthropologist Dash Dragon, freshly showered, poses with evidence of his pursuit of the legendary Bearded Handbag of the Andes.

  11. Hima

    Sorry this is not an entry in the contest, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for that link to Jackie Collins’ pintrest board. For those who haven’t clicked: it’s truly inspirational.

  12. SunnygrrlSB

    A professional wildlife photographer and host of television prime time’s uber-popular reality”Lets Get Wild with Animals” (which features unsuspecting minor celebrities posing for photographs with various irritated, semi-dangerous animals, Andres Badenhorst is a South African hearthrob living in New York, desired by celebutantes and socialites alike for his charming smile and ability to look dapper in a suit or in fatigues and a safari hat.

    However, things really get wild when Andres falls for the strong willed manager of his bush-baby rehabilitation center, Sabine. This time, those rakish good looks won’t be enough to win his hearts’ desire Andres will have to get in touch with his altruistic roots, which might require getting dirty in the bush…

  13. schroob

    ​Inspired by his true[ish] [but not really] story… spoiled international playboy Nigel Barker has a life everyone envies. With his swarthy good looks and bedroom eyes, LearJet and yacht in Monaco, he completes the package by marrying the most vivacious woman on the Côte d’Azur. Kimmy is supermodel gorgeous, the life of the party, knows everyone who’s anyone…and as one of two heirs to a rogue Chinese shipping magnate’s fortune she’s the only one who can keep up with his profligate lifestyle. His mother, Sri Lankan beauty queen turned trophy wife turned textile business mogul, longs for grandbabies and isn’t above a bit of maternal meddling (assisted by her best gay pal Alastair) to get her way…

    ​Holed up in his Swiss chalet with a broken ankle from a skiing accident, his mother forces him to start taking up responsibilies of his father’s empire. His first job: a merger with Kimmy’s family’s company. Not that Kim has ever cracked a ledger at the corporate headquarters; all of that work falls on the shoulders of her twin sister Cristen. Crissy is quiet, serious, and driven to turn her father’s smuggling imbroglio into a legitimate empire. When Nigel doesn’t want to throw Crissy out a window, he find himself drawn to her no-nonsense beauty. The sparks fly and the snow melts, bringing Kimmy back into the picture. Is Nigel willing to give up his prodigal ways to help Crissy create a global empire, or will he be seduced back to his sinful ways with Kimmy? Or will they all be blown to smithereens by some rival smugglers out for revenge?

  14. Jules

    James Smith was a cool sort of man. A fat cat banker on wall street with a great head of hair who made millions during the day and never spent a night alone, or with the same woman. All that changed when Annalise Hall showed up- a designer and ex-supermodel, looking to take her company public. She was stunningly beautiful- of course she was- but what James didn’t expect was a disposition and wit as sharp as her six inch stilettos.

    After a business dinner turned night together, James finds himself drawn to the beautiful Annalise, but she seems to have lost interest just as quickly -moving onto a new luscious-locked man- and might be looking to another bank to deal with her company’s business. Desperate to regain Annalise’s confidence and interest, James does the only thing he can think of to win her back: shaves his head.

    Annalise is shocked, but will it be enough? Find out in The Hairy Truth.

  15. NumberSix

    Hatch Greenwood, Kiwi former rugby player, is growing bored of his life as the in-house wakeboard instructor to the illustrious (and notorious) guests of the Hotel Eccessivo Ricchezze, the premier Monte Carlo resort that caters to the obscenely wealthy without asking too many nosy questions. Enter Carmelita Antoinette O’Shaughnessy Adlersflugel Svenson Rachmaninoff, the twenty-eight-year-old thrice-widowed socialite whose intentions are as questionable as her accent. Hatch falls hard, but he can’t help but wonder what she’s hiding behind those dark glasses and voluminous caftans. When Carmelita’s extensive jewelry collection goes missing from the hotel vault, can Hatch clear his love’s name with the local police, who are sure Carmelita organized the theft herself? Will he remember that the jewels turned up missing the very day Carmelita arranged to have them all Scotchgarded (so nothing would get damaged while she went parasailing in three-carat canary diamond earrings)? Will Hatch ever find out why (and how) the gelato vendor murdered the monkey? Find out in…Riviera Ruse, Intrigue on the Cote d’Azur!

  16. JRW

    Armed with his startling good looks, ambiguous ethnicity, and fluency in 17 languages, Ram Ramos works for an underground multinational corporate conglomerate. His primary job consists of stealing industry secrets and insider information by seducing the lonely wives of the titans of commerce. Ram’s current assignment is to endear himself to Marina Carcaj, a stunning young widow and heir to a vast Mexican media empire, and plant seeds of self-doubt that will convince her to sell out to Ram’s client. As Ram begins his assignment, it quickly becomes clear that the only self-doubt being sown is his own as Marina steals his confidence and his heart. But Ram’s bosses demand he succeeds or they will eliminate Marina through more drastic means….

  17. Helen

    I love your books! I have read everyone of them so far!

  18. Tennille

    Nigel will star as himself in a romantic drama that Jackie was inspired to write when they met last summer in the Hamptons. It is the story of a mixed-race British youth who learns about love and finding happiness as he navigates his way through the world of high fashion. Nigel’s story begins with his decision to model rather than attend university. His parents raise him to be a doctor, but he can not resist the lure of the fashion world. At eighteen, his mother enters him a televised model search and he is thrust into the spotlight. Nigel becomes an international male-model and develops the tastes of one as well. There are drinks, drugs, and so many girls, including Tyra. They meet backstage at the Chanel show during Tyra’s first Paris fashion week. They become fast friends when Nigel prevents Tyra from being bitch-slapped by a reigning super-model for accidentally sitting at the wrong makeup station. They starve and party together for years and eventually their friendship blossoms into a fruitful business partnership. They develop a television show that turns young girls into unemployed models overnight. Tyra continues to seek the spotlight, even though her beauty and charm begins to wane. Nigel can’t help but pity her as she embarrasses herself weekly by forcing her entire cast and crew to participate in skits that make her seem a parody of the alluring woman she once was. Eventually, Nigel distances himself from Tyra, and determines that if he wants to find true happiness, he needs to look within. He returns to his roots, Sri Lanka, where he studies with a yogi. Over time, Nigel acquires mastery of his chakras and obtains eternal youth. He and Tyra find little to talk about these days, but they remain friends.

  19. Erika

    Being Known, an ABC Mini-Series inspired by the New York Times best-seller The Wiktor Diaries. Starring Nigel Barker and Coco Rocha.

    Daniel Wiktor (Barker) has always had an ease to his life. He grew up in the spotlight as the child of two British political powerhouses. He traveled around the world, getting a taste of various countries as his parents attempted to spread peace. Whatever he wanted, he could have. That is, until his parents fell from power due to his father’s affair and his mother’s money squandering. The Wiktor family was suddenly outcast when Daniel was 18. He pledged to gain back his fame and fortune for his family in whatever way he could, no matter what it took.

    His plan was not successful in the years to come. His family struggled with legal troubles as he searched for a way to reclaim their good name. Until the age of thirty, they lived in shame. Daniel went to school to study political science, hoping that maybe he could regain the trust of the people. Alas, his career in politics was a struggle. They moved to America in hopes of the people being more forgiving, but they were still shamed. No one wanted anything to do with the Wiktor family. That is, until he met Sonia Pomyre (Rocha), a wealthy Hollywood actress and activist. She promised him fame and fortune, as long as he was on her arm. He advised her activism and assisted her as they traveled the world, spreading words of peace just as his parents had once done. They lived in luxury. His name began to be associated with hers, as the new power-couple who wanted to help the world.

    On a trip to Northern Africa, something goes wrong. A terrorism group had heard of their arrival, as it spread all over the news. A sophisticated plan was set into place. The group kidnapped the couple and took them hundreds of miles away where no one could possibly find them. The media went into a frenzy, and the only thing they talked about was the Hollywood activists in danger. Videos and photos of them tied up surfaced on the internet. His name was known. But was the kidnapping all part of Sonia’s plan to bring them more fame? If so, will Daniel put his life in danger just to redeem his family name?

  20. Mary

    Simon St John — he of the smoldering glance and piercing crystal blue eyes — always gets what he wants, whether it’s taking over a multinational conglomerate or sweeping a supermodel off her feet. But he meets his match in the coldly beautiful Angelica Monet. Simon must use every resource in his arsenal to successfully convince her to give him a controlling stake in her cutting-edge pharmaceutical firm: whisking her to exotic locales for beachside dinner meetings, yachting around the Mediterranean while expounding on dividends to stockholders, and exploring ancient ruins in South America in search of rare plants that may cure cancer, acne, and foot pain related to wearing stilettos.

  21. Jill Robi

    Weston Moore lived a life of privilege–free of care or consequence. Good looking, charming and rich, Weston was destined to be a playboy, and had no plans of ever settling down.

    Until his widowed mother stepped in.

    Tired of son galavanting around with no responsibilities, and more importantly no prospects of a mate in site (and thus, no chance of her seeing a grandchild), she freezes his trust fund and puts him out on his ass. What’s a former rich playboy to do?

  22. Christopher Tierney

    Cant wait for your new book!!!!

  23. EyreApparent

    I realise I’m not playing along but Nigel Barker was by neighbour growing up. He was a couple of years older than me and use to cause myself and my friends palpitations but strolling around his house (aged 17ish) in his boxers. Hw was very nice. His sister was my friend and was equally blessed in the beauty department…..

  24. Theresa

    Brett Lombardi looked like he just stepped out of Vogue magazine. He was handsome beyond handsome. When Brett walked into a room everyone noticed,and with this quality he knew how to make millions. Brett grew up in a very small town outside of Italy.His father was a mean drunk and his mother,a beautiful angel,died in childbirth. He was placed in foster care at the age of 5 and learned at a very young age how to use his looks to win him his means. Brett discovered women at the age of 15. His first sexual encounter came from his 3rd foster Mom,Rose. Rose taught Brett how to please a woman in everyway possible. Brett came to America at the age of 21 with a very rich widow,whom he was pleasing and she gave him clothes,jewerly and a ticket to California. When Brett came to America he knew he found the land of his dreams and would use his looks to get whatever he needed.

  25. TonyG

    Tomás Legsinaire, once travelled the world as a gay-circuit party boy and knew how to get in and out…of trouble. He uses that talent today as a fixer to gay Hollywood stars, politicians and business men who need a beard, a boy toy who keeps quiet, or a forensic expert to clean up illegal partying evidence. He gets his greatest challenge when he takes on a client who is Chief of Staff, and lover, to a prominent anti-gay U.S. Senator running for President of the United States, who is being threatened with being outed by the president’s campaign manager. Tomás has a plan and it involves putting himself in a lot of compromising positions.

  26. Tina M

    I want one no I need one..Please!!!!

  27. Uriel M

    She Loled !

  28. Kerry LaCafta

    Meet Italian playboy, 24 year old Pasquale Di’Vilario; with a body to die for, born to a mother, Gilliana whose life has been run in fear by her abusive, physcopathic and maffiosa husband..Dimitri Di’Viario. The only way to protect her precious baby boy, Pasquale, from Dimitri’s terrible threats is by delivering sexual favors to crime boss, Marco Borgatto, but at what price?. What Marco doesn’t know is that Pasquale has been having a torrid love affair with Marco’s beautiful and very rich wife, Josephina Borgatto. Destined to take care of Pasquale forever..Josephina has no plans of letting her boy toy get away and showers him with anything Pasquale desires. But Pasquale has plans of his own…save his mother from the men that she has feared all her life and finally re-pay her with a life she deserves? Will Pasquale be able to hide this dangerous affair from Antonio Borgatto or will he pay a deadly price?

  29. Shannon McDowell

    Jackie Collins is fab, her writing takes me away from very bad day s helps me escape the bad days;

    Nigel Barker Looked deep in to Nevaha’s eyes; his being Deepest blue contrasting with his jet black hair.His tight olive skin strong chin ruged cheek bones.
    He lifts his hand to Nevaha’s Soft cheek, Gently lifts her face to look up at his,
    With in that one moment she new Her life as it was has ended..

    Then Nigel whispers to her. Your safe no one will ever hurt you again, No More running , no more Abuse, No MORE PAIN. no one will ever lay thier hand upon you again. I promise
    you this.

    It was then and only then had Nevaha Finally Breathed her first breathe.