Emmy Awards Fug Carpet: Vanessa Lengies

This was a big one for Vanessa here — she of Stick It — who is joining the cast of Glee this fall as a character named Sugar Motta. I am trying to reserve judgment on that one, which you can imagine is very challenging for me, as I’m a crabby old crone with an active pointer finger and no fear of jamming it onto my laptop keys in a scathing order. Mostly, I hope it just turns out to be kind of a dumb name, but a perfectly good character, since that show needs a little more awesome and a little less mediocre.

I also hope having a regular TV role doesn’t interfere with Vanessa’s ability to get back to the Starship Enterprise and have her neck brace calibrated.

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Comments (21):

  1. Toni

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  2. Skylar

    OMG I nearly spit out the ice I was chewing on when I got the last line. That was really freaking funny and pretty much right on!

  3. Jasmine

    Vanessa Lengies is going to be back on TV regularly?! THAT’S SO EXCITING. I used to watch Popular Mechanics for Kids every morning before school and loved her (and Elisha Cuthbert) so much!

    I definitely don’t love her enough to support this dress… though she might not need it, since it has a built-in neck and body brace.

  4. Lina

    You know, I doubt any of us mere mortals could work this dress. Iman could, but 1) she’s in a league of her own, and 2) it still wouldn’t be flattering.

  5. Sajorina

    I have no words… Well, I have one: Ew!!!!!!!!

  6. Angela Brown

    “I’m a crabby old crone with an active pointer finger and no fear of jamming it onto my laptop keys in a scathing order.” LOVE. THIS.

  7. mary

    I’m at work, and I literally just yelled “OH. MY. GOD!” at the screen. My boss thinks I’ve lost my mind…but this is..just. EW.

  8. Mongerel

    Those are some triple bagger shoes and that person is not selling this dress, not by a long shot. But for sheer creativity…It’s intriguing. Yes, in the final analysis, I must admit I love it. The dress.

  9. Christopher D

    NO, no, no… it’s bad sci-fi slave girl, actually it’s what Heather said… I’ll shut up.

  10. vandalfan

    What the Sam Hill is going on here? A bolero top, a tablecloth tacked to it at the hips, draped with Mah Jong tiles made of tortoise shell?

  11. Edith

    I’m with Mongerel, and definitely in the minority, here – I think the dress is killer. On the right person – Iman is a great suggestion. It needs someone much taller and willowier. On Vanessa the proportions go wonky and she looks stumpy.

  12. James Gammage

    OMFG it’s looks like the dress is trying to choke the girl to death!

  13. James Gammage

    OMFG it looks like the dress is trying to choke the girl to death!

  14. kdub

    Yes, I agree with James Gammage. It looks like her bust and waist got peeved with the crappy hand they were dealt and are trying to choke some sense into her.

  15. WEH

    I hate the dress but LOVE the shoes – MUST HAVE NOW!

  16. Sajorina

    Saw her last night on “Glee’ and the girl is really talented at being untalented! She made me laugh!!!

  17. yvetterene

    I literally just cussed out loud at work when I saw this “outfit”. This is one of the most horrific things I’ve ever seen in my life. Why would someone do this to themselves?!!

  18. EllenL

    So glad to see Vanessa got a gig so quickly after the cancellation of Hawthorne! Unfortunately this abomination of a dress deserved to be cancelled right along with it. To call it hideous would be a compliment.

  19. TonyG

    I actually don’t mind this so much, but she just needs more legs to pull something like this off. This dress would look much better with someone with a naturally higher waist line.

  20. Robin

    Resounding “no” on that character being perfectly good, based on the season premiere. The dress looks beyond uncomfortable. Your dress shouldn’t threaten to perform a tracheotomy on you every time you sit or turn.

  21. Violet

    Nice shoes. Do they have them in her size? And whoever ruined a reasonable dress with all that shiny crap needs to be horsewhipped