Fugger: Tali Lennox

Fugs, Fabs, and Fines: Launch Party for the Fashion Rules exhibit

Apparently, there is currently an exhibit at Kensington Palace featuring dresses worn by the Queen, Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana, and as I am sure you can imagine: I want to go to there. It sounds awesome, and it’s running for two years, so maybe I will get my wish. THESE yahoos got to go yesterday, and some of them look better than others.

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Fugs and Fabs: London Fashion Week

We’re tired enough just from being in New York for nine days; I cannot IMAGINE how the people handle it who do New York AND London and the other two besides. Maybe that’s why Alexa Chung is wearing this: exhaustion. She’s blinded by fatigue. It’s the only explanation short of blackmail.

[Photos: Bauer-Griffin]


Tali Fugnox

Some days I think, “Whither Bjork?”

And then others, I realize her spirit is just a beak and an ovular handbag away.

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