Fugger: Perrey Reeves

Emmy Awards Fugs and Fabs: Black and White (And Gold) and DONE All Over

Otherwise known as, “People We Can’t Talk About For Longer Than One Slide Right Now.” Which sounds more damning than it is — we’ve actually got some interesting stuff in here, including feathers and sideboob and bonus Matt Damon (again) — but they’re the stragglers in our lightbox so let’s just put this thing to bed and get on with our Best/Worst judgments, shall we?

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Fugs and Fabs: Audi And Altuzarra’s Primetime Emmy Awards Week 2013 Kick-Off Party

A) That is a LONG NAME for a party.

B) Yes, the Emmys are THIS SUNDAY.

C) I’m already kind of tired of the Modern Family folks. That’s a bad sign, right?


New York Fugshion Week: Celebs of Day 3

Oooh, we have some good stuff for you today, my pretties. And some of that stuff involves prettiness.

Nicki Minaj showed up at Herve Leger with two totally OVER THE TOP bodyguards, who seemed really to rumble with any wayward fashionista who crossed their path. One of them looked slightly like The Rock, and as ridiculous as the entire thing was, I’d like to just put it out to the universe that I would totally watch a remake of The Bodyguard starring Nicki Minaj and The Rock.

– We sat right behind Fug Fave Zosia Mamet at Rebecca Taylor and she was really charming. Also, I am completely photobombing her in this photo, and I did it on purpose, yes.

– You know who’s hot? Nigel Barker. So smooth. So suave. So handsome.

We chatted with Selma Blair at Christian Siriano, and learned many things, including that her son has a beloved Marc Jacobs doll, which is very cute indeed.

Ashley from Revenge was at Monique Lhuiller, and we did NOT as her why her character was the worst PR person in the universe. LOADS of other people were there, too, including Maggie Grace, to whom we spoke at length about SWORDS.


The Fugst

Oh sweet crackdom, y’all. It sure looks like this is a dress.

If all you have is an idea for a cute skirt, THEN ONLY MAKE A SKIRT. OTHERWISE, PEOPLE GET HURT.

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Golden Globes Fugs and Fabs: White Gowns

If you’re in the market for a wedding dress…. please don’t pick this one unless you want people to look around for the shotgun.

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