Fugger: Laura Bell Bundy

CMA Awards Fug Carpet: Laura Bell Bundy

If you want to show your legs so much, then just COMMIT.

Don’t do this half-hearted, half-assed “my backside has a ponytail” nonsense because it does nobody any good. All that fabric could’ve been put to better use making an actual dress, not just a negligee that ate the rest of itself and is now vomiting it from her backside.

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CMTs: More Fugs and Fabs

Clare here was one of Nashville‘s only representatives at the CMTs, but with fug like that, I don’t need anyone else. Bless you, little twee May Princess who doesn’t know it turned into June.

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Tony Awards Fug Carpet: Laura Bell Bundy

Jessica recently took Noted Kook Laura Bell Bundy here to task for dressing like she’s still playing Elle Woods on Broadway.

To that I’d like to add, “dressing like a Miss USA also-ran who is ten minutes from being disqualified for a past that’s not trashy enough.”

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CMT Fug Carpet: Laura Bell Bundy

Could someone please tell Laura Bell Bundy that she’s not playing Elle Woods any more?

Because this is like what would happen if Black Swan and Legally Blonde had a baby, and trust: you DO NOT want to see the end of that movie.


ACMs Fug Carpet: Laura Bell Bundy

I’m not sure what happened here.

But I like to think it’s the final set piece in a terrible/awesome movie called WHEN FABRIC ATTACKS.


CMA Fug Carpet: Laura Bell Bundy

I swear to God, we used to have a tag called, “PUT IT AWAY,” and I really wanted to use it for this:

Yeah, you’re not understudying for the Reese Witherspoon part in a regional theatre adaptation of Water for Elephants. But surely there’s a picture of you where we’re not standing like this, showing off your BeDazzled underpants, right? RIGHT, LAURA BELL BUNDY?

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