Fug File: Candids

Casual Fuggerday: Salma Hayek

Well, well, well:

Celebs Leave Gucci Fashion Show During Milan Fashion Week

Apparently there IS one thing that makes Salma Hayek look vaguely goofy,  and it is a beret.

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Recent Fugs and Fabs: Taylor Swift

T. Swift! That dress…romper…culottes? Whatever it is: it is short!

Taylor Swift Stops Stops By A Studio In Hollywood

When we were talking about Rihanna being in the Singles remake that I invented the other day, Fug National Suzy Q pointed out that no Singles reboot would be complete without one of these hats that Taylor loves and that is THE TRUEST THING EVER. In fact, if you put a small-print babydoll dress on T Swizz here, you’d think she was the second coming of Bridget Fonda.

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Casual Fuggerday: The Recently Mostly Well Playeds of Reese Witherspoon

We’re working with an impressive 75% success rate.

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Fugs and Fabs: The (Mostly) Candids of Sundance

On Twitter this past week, Lena Dunham noted that she expected to see more “bazonkers snow fashion” at Sundance and I must concur! But don’t worry. There is some bazonkersness within. And there’s also coats, and men with facial hair, and Keanu Reeves. KEANU!


Casual Fuggerday: Kate Moss

Kate Moss Seen Leaving The Louis Vuitton Show In Paris

No spoilers, but judging from this, I assume Kate Moss is joining the cast of Game of Thrones.

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WTF: Steven Tyler

Can you imagine seeing this person running to catch a plane?

Steven Tyler Departing On A Flight At LAX

Because I just realized that’s exactly what every trip I’ve ever taken in my entire life has been missing.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]