Casual Fuggerday: Your Moment of Zen

Because I love you, Fug Nation, and I just want you to have nice things.

[Photos: PCN]

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  1. Art Eclectic

    I am also old. I’m sitting here looking at pictures of Becks thinking “What a great looking guy. Shame about the tattoos.” It’s like graffiti on statue of David.

    • julyol1972

      While I was thinking, Yummmm, Becks!!! Love the tattoos!

      Problem is, I’m also “older” :)

    •  HelenBackAgain

      It’s like graffiti on statue of David.

      I couldn’t agree more. They’re dirty-looking, and I don’t mean in a sexy way, just literally.

      • Maria L.

        Put me in the old geezer, no me gusta tattoo camp. Those cheesy tats have destroyed Beck’s hunkiness for me, but I still love to see him with H7; they are really cute together.

    • qwertygirl

      THANK GOODNESS. I was thinking, “Yeah, pity about all that ink–it ruins such a good thing.” I don’t mind some tattoos, but this, as HelenBackAgain says, just looks like dirt. He looks like a good scrubbing would make everything perfect.

    • Christine

      Hmm… Nope. I’m old and I would lick every tattoo on that man. There is nothing not HAWT about him. Just being honest! :)

      • Gwen Robinson

        I’m with you… I’m 43 and I’d be all over him and his tats… but then, I’m tatted up, too. :)

    • qwertygirl

      And this right here is what is awesome about Fug Nation. We’re about 50/50 split over “he’s so hot, why the ink?” and, “he’s so hot BECAUSE of (or AND) the ink!” and yet, we coexist peacefully. I bet if we could get Heather and Jessica to oversee the Middle East peace talks we’d get somewhere (“Now, I know we can all agree that jumpsuits are almost always a mistake, so let’s channel that energy and talk about reducing military strength.”) Am I right, fellow Fuggers?!?

    • Mary Urech Stallings

      I’m also older, love the tats. My opinion? Shame about his voice.

      • Christine

        HAHAH! Yep, totally agree with you on that one Mary! I was expecting something deep and throaty and sexy… and then I heard him speak. Wah waaah waaaaaah.

      • Shelley

        He doesn’t need to talk. *winks*

    • CC

      Graffiti on the David, indeed. But, I feel like I shouldn’t be upset about what this man looks like without his clothes — he’s not my husband after all.

      In a suit though — whew! this man is DIVINE. And, he totally made me cry when he popped in on all of those people having their picture taken in that photo booth. He may have been contractually obligated to do it, but he was incredibly sweet.

    • Kelly Smith

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      •  HelenBackAgain

        And here’s another one spamming without making the link clickable. People just don’t take pride in salesmanship anymore!

      • cilla

        Stop this nonsense, please.

  2. Kristin

    Thank you, Heather! Tatoos or not, what a hunk.

  3. Sajorina

    YES!!! You know us so well… ♥

  4. nobody much

    thanks. you have no idea how much I needed this.

  5. scone

    Also nice: pics of Becks being SUPER CUTE with Harper at a Dodgers game:

    • mary lou bethune

      Thanks- those pics were adorable. What a cute family- wish them the best.

  6. fairi5fair


  7. jean

    His face does nothing for me, but playing around with his son ….yum! His son looks a lot like Victoria in that shot.

    And I will say this. For a professional athlete, he has a a super-fit body, but it looks within the realm of possible, not something created by growth hormones or fifteen hours in the gym while living on skinless chicken and raw veggies. He looks like he MIGHT eat fish and chips sometimes.

  8. D.J.

    I’m not lesbian but never found him that attractive, I mean he’s not bad…but that’s about it… wow I’m feeling old (I’m younger than him though!) and alone on this one

    • Alicia

      I am pretty sure there is no rule that says finding one bloke unappealing makes you a lesbian. I am also not moved by this one. Or Brad Pitt.

  9. Carol

    Tattoos are gross. They really nauseate me. I don’t care how handsome or beautiful someone is otherwise, tattoos spoil everyone’s looks … they are completely downmarket.

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  12. sandy

    Ouaou! He is such a great looking guy (love the tatoos:)

    New on my French fashion blog:

    Noeuds pap’ on my jacket (Bows on my jacket)

    Bisous bisous!!!

  13. Mary Urech Stallings

    So hot, until he speaks.

  14. purplehays

    Carol, downmarket? So one would assume you are haute couture?
    Live and let live…he’s eye candy for some and not for others. Drop the snark.

  15.  TaraMisu


    I love casual fuggerday!!!

  16. arigato

    I’ve never heard him speak, so I can’t comment on his voice. Tattoos, I can give or take. However, I absolutely love how much he seems to adore his kids. Those photos of him with Harper just make me happy. I also get happy when he wears a suit. Man, can he wear a suit!