Casual Fuggerday: The Gaga Files

I hope her next album is called The Velveteen Taco.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Lisa

    I keep popping over here today to see if you’ve weighed in on JHough’s Halloween costume. :)

    • GFY Heather

      No, it just happened yesterday evening, right? We may get to it Monday, if we have pics. Short answer: !!!!!!!!!!!

      • julyol1972

        I will be waiting with baited breath for the Fug Girls stylings on that hot mess!

    • LoriK

      OMG what is wrong with that girl?

  2. HelenBackAgain

    I like that she’s making me think, “What the HELL?!?” again.

  3.  Orange Clouds

    No honey, just stop it. Please.

  4. joemama

    Picture #2 made me think ‘ghost gymnast’…so, yeah. What the hell?

    • G

      What else would the powder on her hands and feet be for? Obviously she was so relieved to switch from the beaked taco, tight coat, and towering heels in pic 1 to the nice light dress and bare feet in pic 2 that she couldn’t resist working off that extra energy with a little gymnastics.

  5. Tamarin

    what I don’t even.

    • Tamarin

      *meant that as “what is this I don’t even”

      • Jill

        That’s ok. In this case both of your comments are appropriate. These are all giving me a major case of WTF?

  6. Vi

    HAHAHAHA….oh, she’s good for a laugh!!!

  7. Chris P

    Out of all the people in the world, the LAST person I thought Gaga would rip off would be Emmelie DeForest.

    Is nothing sacred anymore?

    I can’t even talk about the giant purse and Moustache Confidential and the one where she’s doing a surprisingly accurate rendition of Courtney Love. It’s like…she couldn’t have gone in costume as Cezar or something?!

  8. Maria

    In re: Sly
    Why is it that the richest people never have to pay for anything?

    •  jenelope

      I read this and thought, “I think Sylvester Stallone has been a celebrity for too long.” Because it is not normal to just assume that people “are cool with it” if you don’t pay for something. I also wonder if Jennifer Flavin waited until he walked away and then paid for it herself, like I do when friends are horrible to servers and then don’t tip enough.

      • Ann

        He has TOTALLY been a celebrity for too long, although it’s possible that he’s just nuts along with his family. I can’t find the original article, but check out the follow-up article about his mother’s psychic “rumpology” readings (aka telling your future by looking at your butt crack):

  9. Jodi

    Now, I read another article about this outfit that headlined something about Gaga dressing as a Chicken McNugget. So I read the article, expecting some sort of explanation along the lines of “No, she’s not really a Chicken McNugget ,but is dressed in vintage .”

    But no, there was NO EXPLANATION of why she was dressed like a Chicken McNugget, so one has to assume that she is, indeed, a Chicken McNugget. And, she will be standing outside the McDonalds at the intersection of 694 and Brooklyn Park Blvd. , waving a sign.

    • Jodi

      That was supposed to read “vintage {some designer I’ve never heard of)” because I couldn’t even come up with the name of a designer who would be half that…. adventuresome.

  10. Rowynn

    I just refuse to be shocked/amazed/impressed/amused by her weird getups… I think she’s impressed enough with herself to make up for the lack of it in everyone else. I will say this, though.. she won’t be happy till she falls off those idiotic shoes and breaks an ankle.

  11.  eellee

    Especially not feeling the fur.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Looks faux to me. I’m okay with that.

      • Isadora

        That does NOT look faux, sorry.

      •  Steph

        This lady wore a dress of meat so she is probably fine with real fur which is just ugh.

        • HelenBackAgain

          I don’t see the connection. Wearing meat or eating it, either way, the animal’s dead, but many meat-eaters don’t wear fur.

          In any event, on closer inspection, I think Isadora and eellee are right, and it’s real, which is giving me a sad.

  12. Kris

    Am I the only one that thinks Gaga looks like Charo in that last pic?

    • Art Eclectic

      Gaga as Charo: The Uncoochied Story is a movie I’d pay to see… after 3 margaritas.

  13. Tomba

    Galliano? Or uber-cracked SWINTON? At least in the headly region???

  14.  SouthernGirlRena

    Ya know, when Amanda Bynes put silly things on her head, they locked her up.

  15. Stephanie

    I just think she looks stupid. She makes me think of the story of the Emperors New Clothes. . Like I am supposed to be fawning over her “art” and “expression” but instead I am looking around wondering what am I missing.

  16. Sabrina

    You guys, I think Stefi wants some attention. This whole Miley thing has to be really hard on her.

  17. sarah

    who assures me that this is really lady gaga? and who is lady gaga btw?
    regarding the outfit he or she looks like a mannequin dressed as a scarecrow

    • xqr

      So…uh…do you think you could criticize her fashion without being awful and transphobic? Just once I would like to read a comments thread, somewhere on the internet, that doesn’t make me sad for humanity.

  18. Lerie

    God, I can’t stand this woman. Talk about trying too hard to be “arty” and original. Too bad her generic music doesn’t stand up to the ridiculous get-ups. If it did, I might actually be a fan. She’s like the female Kanye when it comes to egos. Stupid.

  19. strah

    Her brand has become cliche. It’s like she’s a parody of herself, and it seems desperate rather than artistic or creative. She keeps pushing the same boulder up the hill and expecting us to be impressed.

  20. Callie

    What’s your damage, Stefani?

  21. Carol

    Her right foot is stepping on the hem of the yellow coat in the first pix … no surprise, as she can’t possibly see where she’s going in that taco-headpiece … no wonder she’s got her hand on her companion’s arm … she may have done a face plant otherwise.

  22. Bella

    Truly talented people do not have to resort to such ridiculous (and occasionally perverse) shenanigans.

  23. Heather

    They don’t have to, but the fact that people DO employ these shenanigans does not automatically mean they are untalented. I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus’s voice, but when you hear Gaga unplugged and you see her play an instrument, she is tremendously musically gifted. So in this case, for me, it’s a shame that someone who IS so talented feels she HAS to bury it under shenanigans.

    • joemama

      Agreed. I saw her live and she’s really, insanely talented. I am slow to cop on to liking her music anymore because of these type of antics, however. This latest incarnation of hers is insufferable to me. Whereas before her outfits seemed outrageous but fun, these seem outrageous but seriously arty farty. Just make some bitchin’ tracks I can sing and dance to and leave the performance art to someone else. Please?

  24. Julia

    Gah. Why is her head a piece of bread??

  25. nicolegrr

    I like her voice and her music, too. And ever since Miley started doing…that thing she’s doing lately, I feel a certain fondness for Gaga’s fashion choices, which are at least not solely based on behaving inappropriately towards whatever person or construction tools happen to be within her reach. She wants to wear a carpet box on her head, well, bless – at least she has a nice coat on underneath.

  26. ronnie


  27. KatB

    Will she EVER stop wearing those shoes??? In 95% of the photos I can remember over the last year or more, she is wearing those or some close variation of them. The barefoot look is an improvement.

  28. Minutiae

    Apparently she just went ahead and stripped down naked at a surprise club gig over the weekend. Had to happen eventually.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Oh my God.

      Well, that oughta put paid to people still insisting she’s really a man, anyway!

  29. Ann

    Hmm. Apparently I am alone in my corner, but I LOVE these. She’s not “slutty koala” or wearing black face – her looks are always nuts AND interesting. I would be sad if Gaga just started wearing bikinis or nice dresses or something. She’s like fashion on a futuristic mushroom trip, and I love it.

  30. ChristieLea

    Oh, Gaga, you’re back to the crazy outfits again. And all was right with the world.

  31. Jules

    Put it away, sweetie.

  32. Janie

    Does anyone else see a Cheese-head Green Bay Packer hat in that first slide? You know, for when it just gets really too cold for the outdoor stadium?

  33. Deb 

    First glance.
    I thought she had stuck a big hunk of honeycomb on her head and mashed a gold leaf chair leg in the middle for stability.

  34. Tiffany

    She had a shell umbrella/parasol in London today that was REALLY beautiful. And I liked her human statue outfit from a couple days ago too.

    I really love it when she does her thing and it looks like a lot of time and skill and thought went into it. Human mcnugget, not so much, but when you take risks you will not be successful occassionally…that is part of taking risks.

  35. HelenBackAgain

    Fashion Police had the main photo outfit featured on Friday, and, in motion, I really saw just how very much it resembles a triangle of blonde pubic hair with a gold clitoris.