amfAR Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else

There were a LOT of rando models at this thing. Shouldn’t they all have been home last night with a face mask on, drinking a pressed juice and preparing for the rigors of Fashion Week? That’s what I did. (Read, “I had a glass of wine and a pot of beef beef bourguignon and then watched TV while eating a cake pop.”)

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  1. Minutiae

    Emanuela de Paula’s dress is totally nip-tastic. Hence, I must fug it.

    • Ashleigh

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t appreciate a completely sheer bodice!

  2.  Snowedintoday

    I LOVE Allan Cumming. And his shiny suit.

  3. Donna J

    I’m quite sure Coco is NOT pulling that off, thus joining the ranks of everyone else.

    I love that Alan Cumming is boycotting the Sochi Olympics and saying, “No ice skating for me.” He’s sacrificing.

    • Tamarin

      The draping makes her look kind of hippy and I am pretty sure she is not =/ But her head still looks amazing. I would say she’s pulling it off from the shoulders up =)

      • Cara

        This picture isn’t super flattering, but I saw some from her Instagram and it was DIVINEEEEEE. This picture doesn’t do it, or her, justice.

  4.  lucasta

    Bonus Alan Cumming!!!

  5.  Anna

    Maybe a little OT, but wouldn’t it be great if Alan Cumming and Tom Hiddleston played father and son in a touching historical drama? Why has this not happened yet? (Though I did see on IMDB that Alan play Loki in 2005′s forgettable Son of the Mask–it’s kismet!)

  6. cfmesq

    Fatima’s head is seriously almost the same size as her torso. These are not normal proportions. Also, her face and neck are a completely different colour from the rest of her. Surely she is prettier than this?

  7. Rita

    Maleficient for Target made me snort. I love you guys.

  8. JJPP

    Why is Coco Rocha SO AWESOME? I don’t even understand.

    • Emperor Cupcake

      Every time I see a picture of her, a happy voice inside my head cries “Coco!” like it’s my birthday and she just popped out of a cake. No idea why I love her so much, but I do.

      • Caroline Cuneo Kille

        LOVE her too! and now I am going to cry Coco! and pretend she’s jumped out of a cake every time I see her

  9. marylou bethune

    Kudos to anyone who would go to a thing with models- unless they are all models… Coco looks smashing as usual. The rest do too, actually, except the one in the orange “dress”= it’s hideous. Jared Leto should borrow Alan’s suit. Delish! Jared is usually the prettiest in the room and that would seal it.

  10.  Jenz

    I thought Alyssa Miller was Eva Mendez for a second. Also, that skirt is not flattering and Ihate the top.

  11. Jo

    Like Coco’s outfit but wondering why the first pic in a slideshow never gets a pithy caption?

  12.  nobody much

    Still can’t with Coco’s hair. It was so fabulous before. And I’d shop the Maleficent for Target line. But there’s definitely a lot of fug here!

  13.  Audrey Fredericks

    Thanks for the treat.

  14.  erinandpet

    Is that really Alek Wek? This woman really doesn’t look like the same.

    • Michele

      Yeah, that cannot be Alek Wek. No way.

    • Lauren

      Yeah, I can here to say the same thing. She does NOT look the way I remember her looking. I remember her looking much… better.

    • Hanna

      the ANKLES

    • Annie Mouse

      Thanks goodness I’m not the only one that questions that being Ms. Wek. If it is, holy bone structure change.

  15. LoriK

    It’s not just the hem of Jane Krakowski’s dress that’s wrong. The whole thing is sort of a mess. The bust doesn’t fit right at all and it’s pulling in really unflattering ways, especially across her hips. I think her love for the color blinded her to how bad the dress is.

    • Lori

      Two Loris agree: That thing is a hot mess. It’s lumpy and improperly fitted.

  16. HelenBackAgain

    Coco is just the best model. She is selling the hell out of that, and it isn’t even flattering on her!

    And what, she and Karolina aren’t on The Face anymore? No point watching anymore, then.

  17. Liz

    That’s what I was thinking, too. This woman looks totally different and older than 36.

  18. Liz

    Oops, this was regarding Alek Wek.

  19. ceedeegee57

    Coco’s dress… Lupita could kill that dress.
    Anytime AC shows up the Fab metre goes through the roof.
    No to Nipplegate 2…
    And the “beaded jacket over sheer top” is EXACTLY what I think those “Oh here’s a bunch of naked flesh dresses” (Victoria, Paris, etc) try to do and fail. I’m not sure I’m mad for the look, but it’s done about as well here as I’ve ever seen it.

  20. understateddiva

    Y’know, I think some of these models are almost TOO good at what they do. I mean, they’re tricking us all into thinking these dresses are good ideas. On most people (even gorgeous Hollywood stars) most of these would look crazy, but they are just selling the crap outta them.

  21. robabeau

    Angelique Deng is SO GORRRGEOUS and I really wish I liked her outfit more than I do. But, alas, Alan Cumming for best dressed. #SeriousAboutIt.

  22. formerlawyer

    I just love Coco – I loved her wedding video – the short one

  23. Sasha

    I went to college with Fatima pre-ANTM!

  24. Sajorina

    Coco Rocha for the dramatic WIN! Lindsay Ellingson’s dress is refreshingly BEAUTIFUL! And Karlie Kloss looks so cute! FAB!

  25. Sajorina

    Oh, and I love Alan Cumming… He looks GREAT!

  26. TonyG

    I love Coco Rocha’s expression. It says, “Damned, I look good. I know it, and so do you.”

  27.  luvthefuggers

    Alyssa Miller’s dress/thing/close-your-stance-please is complete and total FUG FUG FUG awful FUG

  28.  Ashley

    MALEFICENT FOR TARGET. I am dying :) Her expression is totally Maleficent too.

    Alan Cumming 4eva <3 I got him to sign my playbill after Macbeth and I almost weed myself.