How apt — for us Americans, anyway — that this news broke on Labor Day: Kensington Palace has just announced that Wills and Kate are expecting a third baby (she cancelled today’s events due to barfing, but my guess is that she will drag herself out of bed to take Prince George to school on Thursday, if she can, so we’ll be able to scrutinize her soon enough; after all, we did just see her on Wednesday)! What exciting news! And how very traditional of them to announce her pregnancy after their big trip, because these two have never been able to leave the country without getting pregnant as soon as possible afterward. (I’m not sure if I think she was pregnant during the trip, though, since she drank so much beer…or did she? Maybe she just held the beer to her mouth, like a real sneaky pregnant lady. The palace never announces the due date until later, but we’ll be able to figure it out soon enough.) All in all: YAY FOR BABIES  — and I wonder how Cheeks McGees I and II are gonna take it. My prediction: Charlotte is going to have some extremely exacting questions about the precise logistics of how any of this is possible.