Happy Labor Day weekend to my fellow Americans. This summer has been…something else. Enjoy the last bits of it in good health, and we’ll be back to a normal posting schedule on Tuesday. (Duchess Kate has an event scheduled on Monday, which I plan to try to cover then, so pop back and see us if you get bored over the long weekend.)

Two other notes: If you’re having issues with the site lately, clear your cache. That should resolve any lingering issues.

Second: We have a long post that ran on Monday about the best ways to help victims of Hurricane Harvey; please check it out if you haven’t done so.

And onto the links:

I’M CHUCK BASS. You’ll want to read Vanity Fair’s salute to Gossip Girl, ten years later. (Those ten years went quickly.) (I miss Blair Waldorf a lot.)

Lainey brings us the Intern George update.

At Atlas Obscura: The Women Who Rode Miles on Horseback to Deliver Library Books

Revelist, with news you can use: We tried the top sticky bras to find the best one — here’s the winner.

The Cut’s coverage of Afropunk is great.

At Smithsonian: A Brief History of Book Burning.

Pajiba’s coverage of Tulip Fever is excellent (and full of spoilers, if you care): “Tulip Fever isn’t awful, but it is bad, and the ways in which it’s bad are actually pretty interesting. Put simply: I believe Tom Stoppard is playing a prank on us. ‘The year’s sexiest thriller’ isn’t sexy or a thriller, but God damn is it weird.”

This is cool, via Hyperallergic: Get a Call from a New York City Statue

Yara Shahidi talked to Vulture about her ten favorite books. She is a very smart young woman.

Also at Vulture, this is a bit less high-brow, but very amusing: Is This Game of Thrones Character Supposed to Be Hot? A Quiz

Celebitchy reports that Kendall Jenner will be named the ‘Fashion Icon of the Decade’ at NYFW. Uh….what?

Look at all these giant earrings! [Town & Country]

Refinery29 looks at The Meaning Behind Red Shoes & Why You Need Them. “But beyond The Wizard of Oz, something about a woman who wears red shoes automatically sends a message of power and independence to the world. Historically, red shoes have been the exclusive domain of bold individuals in positions of power.”

Racked brings us a fascinating piece about sorority fashion: The Sisterhood of the Exact Same Pants. “Sororities have fielded criticism of leaked recruitment dress code guidelines in recent years. Jezebel memorably called those of the Alpha Chi Omega chapter at the University of Southern California ‘batshit.‘ The guidelines included lines like, ‘If you are not wearing the required makeup, I will stop you and apply it myself’ and ‘Your hair needs to be one normal color. No crazy ombre, no color you wouldn’t see in nature.’ If you’re thinking, well, this is one unhinged recruitment chair; surely, they’re not all like this, you’re right. They’re not all like this, but they’re perhaps more common than you’d think.” (I was not in a sorority, but I find them anthropologically fascinating.)

Gwyneth Paltrow’s interview on the Girlboss podcast was honestly pretty interesting. (She admits, among other things, that she f’ed up her relationship with Brad Pitt. Girl, who hasn’t?)

If you missed it, we covered some of the worst of the summer’s movie posters. THEY WERE BAD.

Also here at GFY, the best looks of summer; the worst looks of summer.

Wanna revisit the Met Gala of 2007, a post we meant to write in May and didn’t? WHY NOT?