A full six months after Rita Ora debuted it in white, Solange has chosen to wear our old friend High Fashion Colostomy Bag.

I enjoy that, back in December, Rita attempted to sell it with an expression trained on the upper middle distance, pensive, like a musical theatre soloist wondering longingly to the rafters if Marius will ever look at her or only ever be into that drippy bore Cosette. Whereas Solange is looking at me like she cannot figure out where this community production of Our Town went so awry. And yet in a weird way, that blankness is selling this better than Rita’s attempted depth. What sayeth ye? Please bear in mind that I am writing this late at night, about an hour after I attempted to pay for water at 7-11 with my Banana Republic card, so… you know.

Who looks WORSE:

  • SOLANGE. FAREWELL. (Auf wiedersehen, adieu. In other words: No thanks.) (43%, 1,085 Votes)
  • RITA'S. No quippy Sound of Music puns here. WAIT, no there is one: Brig-rita. ZING. (57%, 1,412 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,497

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