Julianne is apparently super into Alexanders right now. But is it advisable? You decide.

Exhibit A: The McQueen.

I get that this is a casual dress for a casual Q&A, so there’s not much reason to work up a head of steam about it. But the way the top is designed to look like the world’s dreariest Talbot’s sweater set bums me out. Do not go full Talbots on a full McQueen budget. It’s like paying restaurant prices for a quarter-pounder.

Next up: the Wang, which is more interesting.

Julianne Moore Still Alice alexander wang

I really want to like this. I want to appreciate the Xanadu qualities of its weird stretchy-seeming shimmer, and I like the blue on the skirt, but something about the way it hangs on her around the waist isn’t that flattering. The whole middle of the dress needs to be tailored better to work, or else turned into a skirt, or even just reconceived as separates with a belt between, or… something. Do something resembling anything. And lose the shoes, for the love of God. Those DON’T go with everything, people. They just DON’T. My sinuses are too inflamed for this today. YOU’RE AGGRAVATING MY NOSTRILS, MOORE. Just TRY to sleep at night now.

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