I’m just going to plunge right into it. No sense in dragging it out.


I can respect the blend of caftan and pajama pants that’s going on here, in theory, but this was teasing a promotional appearance on The View. And while many things about The View  in general make everything in my house want to slump to the floor in a funk, it’s not a great look when that thing doing the slumping is pants.


This is much cooler, though I want to clip every little stray thread on that thing. The tag of one of my shirts shredded like that in the wash the other day, and it took me AGES to wind through the trail it left around other parts of my laundry. Vote no on strands.




I also look this good while I am just wandering around my house, waiting, pondering whether I should watch Love Island live or wait until I can skip the commercials.


This look in Lily is Louis Vuitton, and a good one, if you can force yourself not to ask if she made a paste to get the pants on or off.


That’s Valentino, and it is perfect. I LOVE it. That’s an ideal amount of orange zest.


When one has to get up early for press, potentially, it’s a GREAT idea to make it look like one never went to sleep in the first place.


That top is sewn SO tightly up by the sleeve. It comes off like an immobilizer — a fancy high-fashion sling for wounded shoulders.


Balmain is just a bad idea.


If I have to choose one of the above Sarah Paulson looks, it’s definitely the first one. But I’m not sure the oversize part of that suit works either.


Well, if she HAD to match the upholstered lanai furniture, at least she can carry it.