There are two points of note about this show: One, Christian’s inspiration was Cher Horowitz from Clueless and the many patterns she employed in her life (Alicia Silverstone is a regular at his shows), and b) he held it at his house in Connecticut (which looks very nice; I hope this means he’s killing it financially), where a seven-months-pregnant Coco Rocha closed things by taking an impromptu stroll into the swimming pool. She put together a deliberately goofy video about it, in which it seems like she MIGHT have regretted that choice:

Although, do we really think she’d do this without CHECKING with Christian first? Maybe when you’re Coco Rocha, and this is your only show of the season, you get to go wherever the wind and the whims and the wobbly heels carry you. At least it yielded good photos, which is honestly probably all anyone can ask for right now.

[Photos: Imaxtree, Shutterstock]