Cara debuted as Cabaret’s Sally Bowles in London on March 11, and the Reddit thread about it is full of people who were totally skeptical of the casting and then saw it and said she was really impressive. I’m very happy for her; as we’ve covered before, she really went through it and seems to be pulling herself up out of the depths. As for her post-show Prada, the reviews — from me anyway — are gonna be less supportive. It took me awhile to parse it: From a distance I thought someone just made a bad blazer that she belted, but you can see the elastic waistline there, and then Vogue described it as paper-bag-waist microshorts. I had to really stare to figure out where the leg opening was, but it’s there — it’s just not centered because of how she’s standing; you can make it out nearer to her left thigh. I didn’t love it when I thought it was a skirt, but as shorts the little pleated leg openings seem more hideous to me?!? Also, we’ve seen a bit of this thing where a jacket — or what looks like one — gets tucked into something else, turning it into a blouse. A jaclouse? A bloucket? Whatever it is, it isn’t the greatest sin of this ensemble; that honor goes to the shorts. But I still hope we kick the bloucket.

As a bonus, she had a few celebrity special guests, including Anya Taylor-Joy:

This is two unusual sightings for her: One, we don’t usually see Anya in what I would call casual-wear — she is not typically papped unless she’s fully styled and waltzing in and out of a morning show — and two, we haven’t seen much of her with her new husband, Malcolm McRae. (He is a musician, which I don’t feel like I needed to tell you, because he definitely looks the part.) He’s cute! They both look nice and totally normal, and also very chiseled. If they ever decide to have kids, they will inherit some serious bone structure.

[Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images]