This all feels pretty unisex and is gonna look GREAT on a Zoom call/when you’re running errands.

In Tom’s own words, per Vogue:

Projecting into next year is the job at hand here. And what his gut told Ford to do when he got back to work this summer after months of isolation was to go with hope. “The last thing I want to see are serious clothes,” he says. “I think we need an escape. I think we want to smile. I know what’s going on in our world right now doesn’t make us want to smile. So that’s what I’ve done: hopeful clothes that make you smile.”

Vogue points out, and I agree, that there are echos of his 90s work for Gucci (which is iconic and probably some of my favorite runway shows of all time). This is a good thing. Those sassy trousers! Let’s make the return of the sassy pant happen in 2020.

[Photos: Imaxtree]