First of all, I have to note that Allure’s Best of Beauty issue is always a corker. My hair salon — remember those? My grey roots say “no!” — was a longtime Allure subscriber and I was always so delighted when I’d sit down and see that it was time for me to read their Best of Beauty. Yes, I DO want to know which volumizer is best for fine hair! I AM interested in the new eye cream y’all think is the best one at the drugstore! Tell me of these products!

Second, this is a great photo, and Selena looks fab here — she did her own makeup (she has a makeup line out that the interview raves about, but which I’ve also heard from other sources is really good) — and, once you get past the obligatory background stuff in this profile, she’s also very thoughtful and basically just seems like a good egg, talking about Black Lives Matter, her bipolar diagnosis, and her experience as the child of immigrants:

She helped produce last year’s Netflix documentary Living Undocumented, a series that follows the lives of real families being torn apart by the often inhumane execution of current U.S. immigration policies. “It made me mad. I knew I related to that in so many ways. A lot of my family were immigrants, and created lives for themselves here,” Selena says. “I’m just once removed from being an [immigrant]. I’m proud of that side of who I am. But seeing what happened [to the families in the documentary], I just felt helpless — completely disgusted and frustrated — and I wanted to do something that would make people uncomfortable, that would force people to watch something that maybe they just don’t want to see, or don’t understand.”

Good for her.

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