This is a perfectly nice and glittery Armani that I totally forgot existed, even as I was scrolling through her archive trying to predict what she’d wear. I am craving more flash and sizzle, but honestly, it’s probably the correct choice to come down from that crackpotty McQueen with a soft landing. Here’s how she wore it five years ago, side by side with how she wore it now:


She didn’t mess with her formula, other than to scale back to one bracelet (and a different one). It’s good! It’s fine! I will forget it again in an hour! Let’s heave the pendulum back in the other direction!


77th Venice International Film Festival, Arrivals, Italy - 09 Sep 2020

While I am not into those boots, this whole EFFECT is great and is the mood I want to project at all times. I haven’t figured out how to DO that yet without owning any of it and also without being Cate Blanchett, but… you know. I’m pondering it.

[Photos: Shutterstock]