Well. This was QUITE A WEEK. This week’s slideshow repeats some baby pictures, just because I was out of the office for all of the Debut of Princess Squashyface — er, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana — and I want to do some squeeing and I assume you all want to look at baby pictures again and also I think now that we’ve all recovered from BABY, we can give Wills some props for not wearing giant hideous Dad Jeans; a LOT of Prince Harry, who took his leave of Australia; and a wee bit here and there from the other royals, whom I assume mostly spent the rest of the week reading about Princess Charlotte, as I did. In case you missed all the fuss, Yahoo has video of Wills and Kate popping out with the sprog; you can see Prince George giving us his royal wave at YouTube.

Here on GFY, we were chockablock with ROYAL BABIES. To wit:

Additionally: Heather and I are going to be in Chicago for the Printers Row Lit Fest, and finally we have a time and date for our event! We’ll be chatting with Beth Fenner, Editor-in-Chief of Chicago Magazine, on Saturday, June 6th, at 1pm, about The Royal We, this here blog, and whatever else you want to ask us, after which we will be signing books and chatting you up! We are VERY EXCITED to finally visit Chicago, so please come out and see us! (And it feels especially apt that we’re visiting for this book, given that Bex is a massive Cubs fan.)

And elsewhere, we have SO MUCH TO READ: