This was only the third fourth time George has been photographed on British soil NOT by illicit means, I think: the first was his birth, and the second, at that Polo match where Kate brought him to see William play (and then also the Christening, which is the one I forgot, oops, and apparently I’m also not counting the official family pics… whatever; it’s a rare moment of official SPONTANEITY, is what I mean).

The little dude didn’t disappoint: He is still darling and so serious and snuggly and CHEEKS. His visit was reportedly pretty brief; I’m sure he was like, “PLEASE GIVE IT BACK MUMMY IT’S WRIGGLY WHY IS IT SO LOUD MUMMY AND WILL IT ALWAYS BE SCRUNCHY AND IT HAD BEST NOT TAKE MY TOYS MUMMY WHERE IS MY TEA.”

[Photos: Getty]