Don’t get excited! This is all theoretical; we have not sold movie or TV rights or rights of any sort of The Royal We (which, while I’m here I will note makes a great Mother’s Day gift for all the Moms or Mom-like people in your life). But we have had a variety of conversations in a variety of threads here on GFY and on Twitter about which actors we envision in the roles of Nick and Bex, Freddie, and Lacey, Bea and Clive and Gemma and Cilla and Gaz (Gaz is, to me and Heather, Ed Sheeran in his acting debut; he will also clearly pen the song that plays over the closing credits), and y’all recently noted a desire for a thread specifically to discuss this, so HERE YOU ARE.  (No spoilers, please, in case people are still reading the book/haven’t picked it up yet.)

Bring me your hot young British actors. Bring them all to me!