I was just discussing the Dior/Jennifer Lawrence thing with someone, and saying that one reason I don’t think the brand suits her is that she doesn’t fall into either of the two camps with which I associate it: Either extremely French people, like Marion Cotillard, whose very Frenchitude gives Dior’s weirder designs their best chance; and then the generally very boringly clad folks like Carey Mulligan, Felicity Jones, and Natalie Portman, all of whom go for the most straightforward garments.

And while this is hardly complex, I DO think those patterned strips flout my glib armchair analysis. I’d assumed we would see her here in another little black or white — or black and white — frock, with a flared skirt and a v-neck. Burgundy sparkles with those lively stripes, in a kicky t-shirt cut, are such a welcome change. So thank you, Natalie, for giving my assessment the finger. Sincerely. I do sometimes enjoy being wrong. SOMETIMES.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]