Obviously, this child is made of magic dust.

But sometimes it takes more than a supernatural sprinkle, and I’ll be honest, this outfit looks more like someone’s interior-design inspiration board than an actual cohesive garment. For ME, a single spaghetti strap, a napkin, some confetti, a corset that maybe used to be a sofa, and a stripy skirt mainly add up to taking two Advil and going back to bed. I don’t blame her for trying, but this science might be more advanced than even Cate Blanchett could crack. What would you do to streamline this into something worthy of our beloved Sally Draper? Or would you leave it because, like Bridget Jones, you love it just as it is?

Dear Diary:

  • I heart this outfit as much as I heart Mark Darcy. Which is a lot. GO FIRTH AND PROSPER. (28%, 961 Votes)
  • This outfit is as awkward as a massive reindeer jumper at a turkey curry buffet (29%, 1,010 Votes)
  • As lukewarm as the praise Bridget gives Kafka's Motorbike, "one of the ... top 30 books of our time... at LEAST..." (25%, 860 Votes)
  • Can we just set this aside and talk about how Jim Broadbent is the best? Because we don't discuss that enough. (18%, 610 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,441

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