It’s not even necessarily that there’s anything wrong with this; it just feels very much like a downloadable GOOP template.

Take blond hair; leave it straight and do little else to it. Add simple white dress that’s preppy enough to play tennis in — and poorly fitted in a way that catches you by surprise even though it happens more often than you think — and finish with semi-strappy black shoes. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s starting to feel like she’s on autopilot. And yeah, that’s fine, if that’s what she wants, but when you are a brand, it’s never a great sign if you start to seem BORED of said brand. It is possible to freshen up the act without radically rewriting it, and maybe that’s what I’m hoping for here a little. If you could get your tenterhooks into Gwynnie right now, would you tell her to stick to the plan, or would you revolutionize the GOOP? Me, I’d start with a bob and a lot more color, unless she ACTUALLY wants to play tennis, in which case I will grab my racket and go full McEnroe.

[Photo: Getty]