And she is here: Baby Oates Costello Peele Joon Hammerstein Recreation. And she is no more a spare than any of them are. She’s her own person, and even with the tongue-in-cheek Heir and Spare gag, we hope she doesn’t ever feel superfluous — and, indeed, the fact that she’s probably not going to have to wear any hand-me-downs ought to help (unless Sophie Wessex trucks over a bunch of Lady Louise’s things). It’s very exciting. I’d have been THRILLED if George got his own Harry, but the idea of him tugging on his little sister’s pigtails is pretty irresistible too.

Anyway, the UK custom is for healthy moms and babies to be released a bit sooner than over here, but even so, the erstwhile Kate Middleton came out about ten hours after delivering the baby — and had to do it in public, with nary a wince nor a whimper, lest her birth pain become world news. That takes some guts. Hopefully now they can all relax for a bit before the summer Christening, slated to happen before the Queen alights to Balmoral.

If you missed it, here is George’s hospital arrival, and here is Fug Nation’s Speculative Naming Post.*

[*I edited this Monday morning to include Princess Charlotte’s actual name, now that we know it. Not that Princess Oates doesn’t have a melodious ring to it- J]

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]