Y’all, this week was BUSY AND EXCITING! Obviously, we had a PLETHORA of coverage of The Engagement, which I will link below, along with several Kate Events — but this round-up is ALSO jam-packed. It’s got a Letter from George, a dog delivering flowers, EXTREMELY cute Swedish royal children, needlepoint, winter sports, a lady in a bikini, tiaras, rumored country estates, AND MORE.

In case you missed anything this week:

HARRY AND MEGHAN ARE ENGAGED. Here’s the announcement and photocall.

Here’s their VERY CHARMING interview.

Here’s further press coverage and more outfit details and mugs!

Here’s a look back at the many royal engagement photos of yore!

Here’s our Meghan Markle Style Retrospective!

French Elle Managed to Pull Off a Meghan Markle Cover this month! (Via trickery.)

Here’s our coverage of Harry and Meghan’s first royal outing, which happened today.

Kate is also still a person! She visited a school where she talked to bugs and learned to whittle! She also wore this very cute patterned dress to a museum! (Said dress is FINALLY available for purchase at Kate Spade; I feel like they must have been like, “you couldn’t have worn that NEXT week?”)

And, finally, if ever there were a time to read our novel, in which an American woman falls in love with a British prince…it’s possibly this week.

AND ELSEWHERE, many many people wrote many many things this week, and I can only hope but to bring you a smattering of the royals coverage, which has been coming fast and furious:

At Elle: What Meghan Markle’s Royal Engagement Means to 16 Black Women

At Man Repeller: Inside the Cult of Kate Middleton and Her Superfans

At Entertainment Weekly: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: 17 books to read to celebrate the royal engagement (including ours)!

At Town & Country: A Royal Photographer Tells the Story Behind Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Engagement Photos

At the New Yorker: A logistically compelling piece about what titles Meghan and Harry might get, and why.

Also at T&C: This behind the scenes video of them at their engagement interview is…really charming.

At People: Red, White and Blue Royalty! 12 Americans Who Found Love With Royals

Also at Elle: Is the Meghan Markle Effect Already Happening?

At INC, an interesting piece on Meghan’s new tax burdens (for real).

WaPo reassures us all: Enjoying Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s romance doesn’t make you a bad American

They’ve announced that Japanese Emperor Akihito is abdicating on April 30th, 2019.

And, on social media:

Max and Wax are in Sin Maarten for a few days:

This is charming even though I have NO IDEA what ANYONE is saying:

These are some bold trousers:


She is visiting Ghana at the moment:

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