Harry and Meghan drew huge crowds in Nottingham today for their first official joint outing as an engaged couple, and I don’t care how much experience you’ve had in the public eye, this had to be a little overwhelming. But Harry seems to be keeping a very watchful eye on her, and I’m keeping a very watchful eye on that bag, which is GORGEOUS (it’s by a brand called Strathberry, and it also comes in red). However: I also get why Kate really loves her clutches on walkabouts now. They look so much more discreet when you’re trotting around meeting people, and they’re way easier to hand off to your personal secretary to slip into her own, larger bag. Don’t get me wrong: I would stab your grandpa in the hand with an apple peeler for this bag for my own personal use. I love it. But it also looks sort of inconvenient to haul around when you’re shaking people’s hands, and vaguely seems like you might accidentally whack someone in the head with it. Meghan! Hasn’t Kate got to this part of your Training?

We’ve, of course, got some video:

[And thanks to Meghan’s Mirror for the quick and handy identification of purse/coat/etc this morning; as with Kate, the army of royal fashion watchers who so quickly figure out what everyone is wearing makes my job so much easier, and I appreciate them.]

[Photos: PA Images/INSTARimages.com, WENN.COM, Danny Martindale/WENN.com]