First: This outing was very cute. Lots of gardening with school children, poking at bugs (which live in a wooden contraption named BUG-INGHAM PALACE, very cheeky), eating cake, whittling (I love the idea that Kate whittles things at home, while they’re watching TV), and giving speeches about how horticulture is rad.  Second, every time she wears this Barbour jacket, I decide that I ALSO want a Barbour jacket (they don’t make this exact one anymore, but this is a similar version), even though (a) I am not a person who gets to wander the countryside often or whatever, and (b) I ALREADY HAVE THE J CREW VERSION. It’s gonna be SO BAD for my budget when I’m buying things I saw on Kate, and things I’ve seen on Meghan.

Speaking of, Wills has weighed in on the wedding:

Also: It was nice of this school to give a pregnant lady a cake:

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