FINALLY! Thank you, Harry and Meghan — we all needed a little love in this highly unpleasant world. The wedding is set for Spring, 2018, and we can’t wait.


This is all the info I have so far — I’ll update this post as we get pics, and I know all the world’s reporters are typing right now as we wait for the pics from their photocall to come in! It’s 6am in Los Angeles; I am so relieved I set my alarm this morning for EARLY in case this happened, as I thought it might, but I honestly don’t even know what I am typing right now. IT’S STILL DARK OUT. Thank god I wrote this post over the weekend and just left holes for info in it, like WRITE ABOUT RING HERE (it’s diamonds, I think), and WHAT IS SHE WEARING (this white coat over something that we’re going to get to see in their interview). You can see it here while I wait for high res pics:

In his mother’s garden — that’s terribly touching. (And I know from Twitter that one of you was literally visiting KP today WHILE THIS WAS HAPPENING; you know we expect a full report!) I’m sure there will be many many more details in the hours and days to come, and we’ll update this post as needed, but obviously we needed to bring this exciting intel to Fug Nation as soon as possible! WHEE!

PS: It would also be remiss of me not to point out that, if you’re interested in the story of an American woman falling in love with and getting engaged to a British prince, our novel The Royal We may tickle your fancy, if you haven’t read it. I am just saying….I’m pretty sure we made this happen via The Secret. That’s all. (And the e-book is only $2.99 today for Cyber Monday — everywhere, not just Amazon!)

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