I was going to apologize for downloading a photo where her lovely face is not looking its most serene, and then I realized: No. This photo is perfect. Because I think it’s capturing the exact moment where Jessica Chastain realized she could not breathe AT ALL in this otherwise perfectly cromulent frock. The sideview provides a glimpse of boobage overflow so painful that I’m not even going to share it, because I want to save your own bods from the sympathy pain — but you can tell here how much the top of her bodice is cutting into her skin. She’s probably going to have a welt.  I totally get why she wanted to wear this — the color is fabulous on her, and it’s an objectively pretty dress — but this illustrates one of the reasons that I think the current practice of loaning out sample sizes to actresses is flawed. Not all actresses are sample-sized (and shouldn’t be expected to be!) and expecting them to wear a sample does them (and their bosom) a disservice, and doesn’t display the dress in question at its best. If you’re over at Armani, don’t you want people think, “ooh, that’s gorgeous,” and not  “OW”?

[Photo by AP/REX/Shutterstock]