Today was a bit of an unsettling and strange day. First, starting yesterday, there were powerful rumors that Harry and Meghan would be announcing their engagement today; they did not, obviously. Perhaps they were never going to do it today, maybe they decided it would be insensitive to do so in light of the terrible tragedy that happened this morning in Egypt. (I think it’s possible they will announce on Monday, but who even knows.) Several hours later, there was an incident at the Oxford Circus tube stop in London — very close to tonight’s event — that has amounted to nothing, but which involved some very frightened shoppers and rumors of gunfire, and in light of that, there was doubt that this event would happen at all. Frankly, I think everyone is on edge — certainly, everyone here looks a bit rattled –and who can blame any of us? As you can see, however, the show did go on, and perhaps it will be soothing for all of us to look at a few pictures of Kate. Her new Jenny Packham dress is pretty.

There is, as ever, video:

[Photos:  Eddie Mulholland/PA Images/, Yui Mok/PA Images/