Let’s confess things. I’ll start: I missed Kim Kardashian a little during the pandemic. I know, I know. That birthday trip was egregious; for a person who otherwise sat down for a lot of the pandemic, that family did some pretty cringey things that made it to Instagram. I’m not saying I love her all of a sudden. But this woman basically embodies the question upon which this website was built — that being, “You have ALL the resources in the world, and THAT’S what you picked to wear today?!?” — and that is why I felt the lack of her entertainingly zany and cringey and yes, often downright fugtastical ensembles. She didn’t just carry the fug torch for many years; she pretty much lit and stoked the flame. So, welcome back, Kimbo. I’m only surprised you returned in such stylish fashion, climbing out of a car in an interesting-but-still-careful pose AND somehow color-coordinating with the inside of your ride?!? That is advanced science. Kim has been studying. Kim came prepared. Even if she did deliver her usual punt on footwear. Some things will never change.

[Photo: Shutterstock]